Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Terrain- WIP

Post-Adepticon, I needed a break from painting Empire models, (thou that didn't stop me from building a bunch more I was short) and I really wanted to dig in and finish up a bunch of terrain I've had in various stages of completion for awhile. First up is a new 4X4 table, that I finally found some time to finish by laying on some texture (sand) and getting going on the painting. It is probably 50% done at this point I need to add some brown to the front portion so its similar to back half and then start detailing the craters ..the small crater in the middle rear is my experiment on how I want to finish it up..not quite sure how I want to proceed and I am torn to whether I want to add some patches of Scorched grass around various areas...probably.

The photos make it look like there is some green in the there but it's really three shades of brown over a black base then a grey dusting. Those Arcane Ruins of mine have been done since last summer and I never use them on my big table so it's great they'll have a home. Basic idea is a ruined temple that took a pounding from a meteor shower so we end up with dead -cratered landscape.

Hopefully in the next month or so we are going to our WFB mega battle going on where this table here will connect via an 18" footbridge I am building to my 4x 8 table where I have my town set up. where going to run a 4-5K per side game, with various objectives, should be pretty great and look for a big battle report on that one. With all the tables done and 8 -10K of painted armies it should look pretty spectacular.

Second thing I've been working on is this Tavern from CNC minature Scenery. I've been eyeing there stuff for awhile and I picked a couple of there paint racks awhile back.This is going to be the center piece of my town as its by far the biggest building, bigger than the GW watchtower, I should note this things is definitely 28-30mm scale on the bigger side, it's almost borderline out of scale with all my other Armorcast buildings, but works fine, just keep it in mind if you are mixing up other terrain with this company's products.

Here it is in an early stage of building, it took me 6 hours to build the model from the kit
it's pretty complicated with probably 100 parts, tons of dry fitting and sanding, because of the punch out tab/wooden sprue method they come unassembled in, I couldn't imagine building this without a dremel with a sanding wheel to take off sprue stubs and sand a few pieces, quickly.

Below you can see I've started painting away, I used glue an very fine sand to create the stucco look that matches all my other buildings, note I also scored the door and made it look presentable with some green stuff additions. The roof is all cardboard shingles and I've already made one decided the shingles where too big, ripped it off and started over. I don't know how many hours are going to be into this thing when its finally finished, but it will be too many, as I probably have 20 hours into now, and there is alot of painting, touch ups and the roof to do.

Once this is complete, my town will have 10 finished buildings which looks really nice on the big table with all the hills and trees, I'll be sending a bunch of finished shots of this terrain over to my pal scott at his blog Citizen Nick Hobby Center, for his weekly terrain features..shouldn't be too long until I get this stuff done, until then I slave away and drool over that upcoming mega-battle!


RonSaikowski said...

The table and building look great. I know what you mean when you talk about investing alot of time into just one building.

I think it can be fun (for those who like terrain building) to spend a crazy amount of time on just one building... for me it can be like a Commander model that you lavish tons of attention on it.

Very nice work.

Bill said...

Nice looking table, and the Inn/Tavern looks really good in the pics. Your "big game" is gonna be fun.


Scott said...

I really like your 4x4 board. i need to pick up sosme of thsoe arcane ruins. They are sweet!

I'll be watching for those pictures...

Billy said...

The small table looks really hip, man... I like how you've taken a couple of very simple pieces and done something very striking with them. Nice warm yellow and brown tones on the building, too.


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