Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Wayside Inn

Every December or January, I seem to start some type of Hirst Arts project. This time I finally got around to building myself a proper Inn. Called "The Wayside" its in the mythical town of Blackbarrow. I gave me the chance to try to out some of the newer Hirst Arts molds, namely the Inn Molds, 57,58, the Inn floor mold 221 and the Half Timber plank molds 224,225. Currently we are playing both Otherworld Skirmish and Frostgrave, and the Inn is used with both games, I am sure if I every get into playing some Pirates again, they will find "The Wayside" quite confortable.

This project was inspired by a totally amazing Inn I saw over on the Hirst Arts forum, that much more detailed than mine here. But this is about as big as I can go and have it playable for my town.
The Inn features:  The Tavern Room, a private meeting room, a store room, a large kitchen, 2 private rooms upstairs and a large common room upstairs

Notice the combination of walls on the second story. Its half my old school building approach, using some planks over poster board with some spackle and half done with  the Timber molds on the front on two sides.  I was well into construction on the project when the Half Timber molds where released so you have combination of materials, which I found I quite liked.
 I had alot of trouble with Airbubbles on the Inn molds..usually I can bang out most of any air bubbles, even this year when I made a vibrating table out of an old scroll saw I had, I still needed to buy some sulficant and  literally had to brush it into the mold cavities on certain pieces in order to get clean casts, These molds are really great but do require a bit more work. you'll will notice some airbubbles on some of the tables, I will replace them eventually with better cast pieces.

The First floor is three separate sections, and the Roof is 3 separate sections, fitting the roofs , which are all scratch builts took some serious trial and error , fitting numerous paper templates before I started cutting plastic card.

The whole second story is one continuous "L" shaped piece, base around a solid piece of 1/4 laminate wood, that I scored with a dremel to make the floors.

My medieval village table. Blackbarrow is about 4 x 10 at this point and its my ongoing project going forward this year. It features, The Village of a dozen building ,now with The Inn and a Graveyard, Castle Blackbarrow, which looms at the head of the table, is my Pirate Castle expanded, and what I plan to finish next. Finally we have some Ruins which lead down to my Dungeon which are projects long completed well documented here.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results few things I do different and may change, I still need to add a bunch more interior details when time allows. the most complicated building I have done yet due to large scratch second story and roofing.

There is a google photo gallery showing another dozen or so pictures linked in the photo galleries section on the left sidebar, please check it out.

Materials list.

Hirst Molds  70,75,701, 260, 57,58, 220, 221, 224,225
Plaster - Hydrostone
Laminated MDF 1 sheet 1/4"
Posterboard, standard sheet 1/4"
Roofs are Plastruct Wood Shake Shingle #91655 I need 4 sheets to do the 3 roof sections
1 Cereal Box for stiff card roof backing, overhanging shingles and roof trim.

Time to start to finish..approx 60 hours.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Conan and the Lamentation of Kickstarter.

I'll admit to having a Conan fetish..It all started with the Savage Sword of Conan black and white Comics I started picking up around the late 70's , a time when the rest of my friends where all about the original Star Wars movies. I quickly started gobbling up the original (BWS) Marvel series as well so by the time I was 16 and the Conan the Barbarian the movie came out, I was freaking out as I owned literally 100's of various Comics and Books, reading all the original Howard stories I could get my hands on at the time. Flash forward 30 something years and I of course picked up Age of Conan , The Strategy Board Game, at the time published by then hungry for titles- Fantasy Flight Games.

The thing about board games is I own very few because I rarely play them. I do like playing them very much and I often revel in memory of my one and only 8 hour Twilight Imperium Session. However these heady board games are of no interest to my wife, and any gaming time I do get I am always with serious miniatures hobbyists, so despite all our love of board games, it was only on a proverbial blue moon that we actually stopped playing "X"  miniatures games and played a board game with a decent group.

Still back in November of 2014 , 16 months ago..that fact I had never actually played Age of Conan, The Strategy Board game..didnt stop me for getting in the Kickstarter that Ares Games , new owners of the games license had launched  re -publishing the game with a hefty expansion. now coined. "Age of Conan, Adventures in Hyboria."

great box  art , in fact all the art on the new cards and in game is very much to my liking classic 70's Conan.

So this expansion has arrived today, since I owned the base game, I just got the expansion and retooled original components and put up some extra for some very nice "King Conan" official coins that can be used in place of the coin counters in the game and also for whatever type gaming you like.
The expansion is packed solid with all kinds of neat stuff including miniatures that expand the core game and its play style. All of which I have zero clue of what they do or are used for -because I have never played this game, even thou Its been in my closet since probably 2010.

The additional  conundrum I faced is right after I bought into this, not 3 months later in February of 2015 is that from out of nowhere Monolith Games launches it own Kickstarter  for its very own Conan Miniatures games with amazing 28-32mm plastic figures!, of course I freak out and buy into that too...( after many delays due to miniatures QA and delivering so many miniatures from the factory, we are currently looking at delivery late this year, 1 year past the original est. delivery date.)

 Now the Core pledge here , which I bought into with only a select few add ons, is literally 100's of miniatures. I've been working hard to prune my collection the last year and have done a pretty good job. although I still have along way to go just to shed myself of stuff I havent touched in 5+ years! let alone the host of vintage items, I have come to terms with parting with.  SO. To get to the point of this post, despite my Conan fetish I need both of these like I need  a hole in the head. Its extremely unlikely I will ever get around to playing either of them, despite my best efforts to and even thou I would really like to. but its just doesnt seem feasible or realistic. So the reality is both of these will be going up for sale , the board game with expansion, ASAP, (thou I am keeping the Coins) and the Miniatures game when it arrives. Although there I am keeping the extra Yag Kosha and Brom based sculpts of Conan and Belit  to paint up for the shelf here.

The lamentation of Kickstarter is a powerful thing, these things all seem like great ideas at the time because you are waning nostalgic and invested in the intellectual property enough that it hooks you in like a shark in a feeding frenzy.  Then when the euphoria is long long gone, most likely 2 years later it finally arrives and you find yourself saying wow this is really cool? but so what?. In reality I have shed all of large format army games over the last 2- 3 years, Warhammer, Hail Ceasar, Flames of War. because its really only realistic that I make time to paint and play smaller skirmish type war games. There comes a certain point where you must challenge your hobbies aspirations, look yourself in the mirror and say "what the hell am I doing?"  (I find even my love for Bolt Action being tested just recently due to investment of hobby time versus the actual payoff of return in the fun department.)

In Schwarzenegger's 1982 Conan, he has what has become one of the most well remembered lines of the genres history, when asked by the Mongol General, "Conan, what is best in life?" he replies

"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women."

Conan never had to worry about Kickstarter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Adepticon 2016 Photo Dump

Adepticon 2016 has come and gone, I was there all four days but only played in the Bolt Action Nationals on Saturday and Sunday. The tournament was a personal let down for me, I wont dwell on it, other than to say I had host of things that bothered me, from my four epic "fubars" that cost me two games , to the bloody lack of space between tables, again, to the abysmal lighting, again.    To allowing a super majority of players to bring Germans and not alerting everyone in the months before the event so some could have switched Armies. As a result and I am sure others German players clueless to this German glut, played 3 of our 5 games against Germans which was not very thematic in tournament that worked hard to promote theme.  As as an example, at Operation Sting last fall the German player total was 8/25, so at least as local players we could not have expected this. It would be nice if they could split the sign ups 50/50 Axis vs Allies..many other events have done this in the past, asking you what army you are bringing when you register. ( please see below for an update on these original comments)

It was also super disappointing to see the Warlord Games staff not helping run their own "US Nationals"  event (especially the set up/ tear down and judging!) leaving the local organizer ( a friend of mine) to do about everything single handed. While they did apparently run the other Bolt Action events, they were hands off on this one, which was too bad as they were physically present but not involved , As a result the event felt under staffed to me, having to run to scoring table for a ruling or having to see armies being appearance judged while a game is being played (which is huge pet peeve of mine going back to those massive WFB tourneys they used to have) One man can only do so much.

 However It was nice to see that Warlord and Adepticon did step up with rock solid prize support this year after dropping the ball the last two.  The event was extremely well organized from a T.O. perspective it was just damaged by it not really being a marquis event but a "Specialist Game" , that term -which Adepticon actually uses-  is perfect if you equate how Games Workshop treated its own "Specialist Games" versus its Marquis games over the years, its the exact same relationship. And finally for 6th time now since 2010 I lost a maxed out "judged" Best Appearance score to the "player voted" Favorite Army tie breaker, and fondly remember the days when these both used to be separate awards.

As for the photo dump- the link is in the photo gallery side bar to left, its about 220 photos, just a heads of whats in there before you click..

Tons of Bolt Action, some of my game pics, and lots of the Armies
A few shots of the Crystal Brush heavy hitters..(Like the Orc Lord above)
A shot of my daughter standing in front of some 40K super titan with a building on its head asking me "how big do miniatures get?"
The freaking epic Warmaster game in 28mm!
A couple of shots of the Charity Raffle Armys..
Some  pics of the Fist Full of Seamen Ships and Tables.

What you wont see..

Any Fantasy gaming
Any 40K gaming
Any Star Wars

Adepticon is a huge event now and an all year business for the guys that run it, and it couldnt run without the volunteers that I have a great respect for. Like any big convention, it now suffers the trappings of a big convention, you get the good with the bad, there are tons of options for gaming and a lot of stuff to see- but you can spend 4 days there and not see those old or "once a year"  friends you've made because the thing is big enough, you are not just going to run into them unless you have the time to make the time. Alot of the old Adepticon camaraderie that used to exist between players of all stripes has fallen by the wayside as a result of the conventions growth. While I do like the Hotel its super expensive and oddly isolating due to the layout. I'm going to try to make time to go to Little Wars at the end of the month which is at the old hotel that Adepticon used to be at and I want to see how it compares to charm of Adepticon in say 2011 or 12 which I think were its banner years. This was my 11th year at Adepticon, I am sure I will be back in some capacity for 2017, for what I'll just have wait and see...

(Update 4/9), Upon further investigation it seems I got some bad information, its seems that Germans only fielded 13/40 spots or 32% which isnt terrible , when I asked about this I given a 70% number which was what bothered me, However that was in the Doubles that I didnt play in,  So it seems no one "screwed this up" I was a mere victim of bad luck in the swiss pairings that is all. The problem did exist but not for me  so I want to apologize for unjust criticism here pointed at event organizers. I still hope correcting some of my valid issues, particularly keeping forces paired to Axis vs Allies in future BA events is a goal I hope all TO's can event managers can work toward, as playing your own army 3 out 5 games in WW2 Theme event, even with the above caveats  is not working for me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Otherworld Skirmish- BAIT!

This report has been overdue as I played this game a couple weeks ago , but needed to make time to cobble it all together which didn’t happen until till this week in this brief lull before Adepticon.

My latest foray in Otherworld Skirmish (OWS) is a scenario I teased after my last Dungeon Crawl  and it’s a scenario called “BAIT!” ,  its a heads up match up, featuring  two small teams. It's essentially the "straight up fight" encounter from the rulebook, with one little adjustment based on the Size of one of the creatures involved which you will see in minute. 

THE ENCOUNTER-  BAIT! Is a 150 point game, with 4 models per side, I wanted to try some of the higher point creatures,  so I picked one I had recently painted up that I thought seemed very undercosted to lead a small team against 4 Adventurers,  The premise of BAIT! Is that our Adventures here were unwittingly led to this Small Mountain Cavern in search of a quest items, but they have been duped and the cavern is teeming will all sorts of nasty creatures and a lot more dangerous than they been led to believe. 

THE BATTLEGROUND ,  I’m using my 2x2 display board  with some cork scatter terrain I made for my Mars table and then I  painted some extra  Hirst cavern pieces I had to match, the fish tank rocks have their use from time to time came out of my Pirate Terrain box. Altogether it works for me as simple cavern.

Models L-R  WotC, Otherworld, Reaper, Otherworld.


-Purple Worm   8 Speed, 5 Defense and Str 6 with Fearsome, Blocker, Smash and Monstrous Bite, I feel the Worm is under costed at only 70 points, you will as the game plays out whether my hunch was correct or not.

- Roper-  Always the nastiest buggers, two tentacle attacks as a single action that can immobilize, camouflage , invulnerable…this one also seems way undercosted at 15 points

- Rust Monster- This little guy should wreak all kinds of havoc if he ever gets the chance.

- Umber Hulk-  I looked for a good mix of Cavern Type beasts that I had painted, if you’ll note the Umber Hulk is a proprietary character owned by Hasbro so you can’t legally use the term Umber Hulk, so its not in the Otherworld rulebook nor do they make a model for it. In this case its just the Troll profile were I swapped out Regeneration for Onslaught and added its Special Ability to "Confusion"  I which I wrote down as “any model engaged must make opposed morale test or suffer "weakened" status”. 
The miniature is an early 3rd edition era model from WotC..

Overall the Defenders , by book listing are 125 points , I originally was going to drop a pair of trolls 
but having used one last game, I knew a pair here where overkill so I went with the Umber Hulk and led the point deficiency stand.  I’ll let you check out the game and be the judge if you think I am correct

SCENARIO RULES  -  Standard setup, it is a small board,  I ‘m  using all treasure cards we are starting with 9 adventure tokens. Since we have “treasure hunter (1) “ in play from the Thief. The Umber Hulk is a wandering monster and since the Worm is so huge it would be chaos on the board from the get go  so I am doing a delayed arrival   for the Worm starting on a 6+, on Turn 1, 5+ on Turn 2,  4+, 3+, etc…until it comes in by bursting up thru the center of the board.

All models are Otherworld.


The Adventurers are one Legend and his three companions…coming in at 154 points

Dante The Valiant Warrior-  Dante is just  the basic legend profile with bumps to Defense  and the following skills, Heavy Armor, Martial Training, Onslaught, Weapons Master, Courageous, Leader (1), He has a Longsword and Throwing Axe

Karl the Aspiring Acolyte.- Carl got the bump to his magic so those healing type spells go off, a boost to his defense and he ends up with  following skills Cure Wounds,  Magic (2), Scrolls and Potions (1), Follower, Heavy Armor, Clumsy . If you’ll notice due to activation needs I gave him the disadvantage of being “clumsy” so I could take follower, that way Ill be about activate at least 3 of my 4 models before any Fate comes into play, Carl also has a potion of cure wounds as the spells, Blessing and Healing Touch.

Neb the Brave Burglar- Neb adds a point to his agility, and picks up the skills Dodge and Luck (1)  his full skill set also includes.. Set Traps, Thieves Tools, Treasure Hunter.

Killian the Wild Ranger-  Killian picks a point of defense , light armor and Martial Training so he can have the better long bow, his other skills are Concealing Cloak, Eagle Eyes and Dodge.

Scoring will be by standard VP based on the core chart on page 20

And with that, on with the game!

 TURN 1.
Initiative-  Attackers 5  Defenders 1, - 2 Fate each


Get two activations and will buy one more with their fate tokens for a total of three, with the Priests “follower” ability, it will mean everyone will activate this turn

 Dante the Warrior
Action 1 moves 6” to Adventure Token
Action 2  we draw a card and its “to hit armor class wuh?” nice boon your next attach automatically hits roll damage as normal.

Karl the Acolyte
Action 1  using follower ability moves to follow Dante
Action 2- nothing

Killian the Ranger
Action 1 and 2 moves 12” to touch another Adventure Token

Neb the Burglar
Action 1 and 2 moves 12” to touch another Adventure Token


Purple Worm
Since the Worm is coming in on die roll, its totally appropriate that I can use the fate tokens to effect that roll. Since the Thief and the Ranger  are in nice spot for the Worm should it come on, I’ll take it on a 4+ with the tokens…I roll a 2!..not this turn.

The Roper

Due to its Natural Camouflage The Roper can move quite along way without being seen by the adventurers in fact the need to be within 6 inches of it, to see or shoot at it based the highest INT on the attacking team being a "3" 
Action 1-  I decide move it up two inches that’s it

The Rust Monster 

stays where it is…

Umber Hulk 

In the Wandering monster que..ready to come on when the card comes up or I want to try to force him on which isnt this turn.

End Phase  - Nothing

Initiative-  Attackers 5  Defenders 1, -

ATTACKERS  - 2 Fate   again we will use both Fate Tokens to purchase an additional activation token

Killian the Ranger
Action 1  Standing on the Adventure from last turn, we can now flip a card..”PIT TRAP” OOF, I roll for the agility test needing a 5+ and roll a 4+ down he goes into the pit….defense is equal a 4 but I of course roll a 6 to wound so he is damaged by the Pit.

Action 2, I assume he has to climb out of the Pit with a standard agility test..The Ranger ‘s agility is 3, I should  have bumped his Agility I think instead of defense..but he climbs out on 5 with the standard test having taken 1 wound. I drop a 40mm disk down to mark the pit location.

Neb The Burglar
Action 1  Neb also standing on the Adventure token from last turn decides to flip a card. Hoping for treasure it turns out to be a wandering monster!..ugh so the Umber Hulk is coming in on the defenders go
Action 2  perhaps hearing something coming Neb decides to get the hell out of dodge and climbs some rocks toward the center of board adventure token, I am counting the rocks here as a level so he needs to climb and makes the agility test with 4
I am forgetting about the Thiefs “Luck” ability so I place the token near his so I remember, I probably was close enough (6 inches) that I could have used luck to help the Ranger avoid that Pit…oh well I already moved time

Dante the Warrior,

Action 1..Knowing the Hulk is coming we start moving that way..the Priest cannot make into base contact so we are able to heal the Ranger on the Priest Turn..this could be bad..
Dante moves toward where the Hulk is going to Appear.. but can only move 6 inches because I need to activate follower to move the Priest.
Action 2 nothing

Karl the Acolyte
Action 1 activates….moves 6 inches next to Dante
Action 2  Cast Blessing… his INT is 3 so I use both dice to hope to roll a 5 on 2D6..I roll Snake eyes..argh…not good. Attacker Turn Blessing


Umber Hulk
Action 1 -
 Placing him on the board I need to put him withing 6 inches of the Adventure Token that revealed, him it plenty of juicy spots to place him so he can charge the injured Ranger.
The Ranger must morale test against the Hulks Fearsome ability…his morale is 3 so I need to roll a 4+ and roll a 5 he’s not scared…crazy but he’s not
It’s a charge so make an attack at -1  he has Rend 4+ as his only attack and that is all he really needs.
The roll is a 2 but he has onslaught so we will reroll that. And it’s a 1 so the Ranger gets a brief respite

ACTION 2…second Rend attack is a “6” no avoiding that on…Rend damage is “brutal” meaning I roll two dice and pick the best one Strength 5 Vs Def 4 meaning he needs a 3….I get a 3 and 6 The Ranger has light armor so he gets a 6+ Save….and roll a 3….if the Thief was closer I would use Luck to reroll that but he’s too far.  The Ranger Falls..being this the bottom half of Turn 2, I will not be able to save the Ranger and he will be removed from play in the turns end phase.

Falls in Pit , climbs out , get steamed rolled by Umber Hulk..what a way to go.

Killian we hardly knew ye! (seriously I am going to miss his bow coming up)

Purple Worm

Is coming on a 5+  this turn…I roll a 2+ even with the Fate I am still a point short…oh well Next turn..

The Roper

Action 1- Slides another 2 inches
Action 2-   I was hoping he was close enough to snare the Thief but he just out of range AND the Thief cannot see him.. The Ropers Turn ends.

Rust Monster
Cant activate since I only had two activation's.

TURN 2  END PHASE  The Ranger is removed from play. Presumably ripped to shreds by the Umber Hulk.


Initiative-  Defenders 4  Attackers 3. 


Purple Worm

Time for the worm to bust out and make these guys shake in their boots!

Worms entry roll is  a 4+ now.. and I roll a 6!....the Worm comes exploding out of the ground right next to poor Neb.. Neb makes morale check and fails soiling his trousers at the sight of the Huge worm.. Neb gets a Scared token 

Its going to Spray Neb down with Poison and it needs a 4+ and rolls a 2!....

Goes in for the monstrous bite needing a 5+ and rolls a 6! the damage roll is only 2+ being Neb base defense is 3 (-1) for being Scared vs Str 6!.  And it’s a monstrous bite, meaning D3 hits..and I roll a 6 so its 3..meaning Neb gets snatched up like he was in the outhouse in Jurassic Park

However Neb has Dodge and can avoid this on an agility test and he only needs a 3!.....drum roll please…he rolls a 3 so gets himself out of the way ..whew!

Only having Two activation's, I need to activate the Umber Hulk and it needs to tie up Dante and he is only one that can threaten the worm…

The Purple Worm shows up...

Umber Hulk

Action 1 The Umber Hulk is facing away from Dante and about 7 inches action 1 is just move toward the Warrior

Action 2 is Charge Dante rolls the morale test and passes easily with a 5 he is not afraid
The Umber Hulk attacks with Rend hitting with a 5 as with the -1 for the charge its- good enough
STR 5 vs DEF 5 I roll two dice looking for 4+ and roll a pair of two’s  Dante laughs the attack off..
Fate token wont help the Umber Hulk either.. the Defenders Turn Ends


Dante the Warrior

Actions 1 and 2….two attacks on the Umber Hulk with his Longsword, He's looking for 4+
However Dante must beat the Hulks confusion ability which is an opposed Morale roll both of their morales is 4, Dante wins 3 to 2 on the Dice so the attacks continue as normal

Action 1 Well use our Adventure card "To hit Armor Class Wuh?"  to guarantee the first hit..
 I get extra dice because the Longsword is Brutal. when I roll damage,  5 and the Umber Hulk takes a wound

Action 2  Attack 2, I roll a "1" but Dante has the onslaught ability so I reroll the 1 and get a 5! 
Two hits…we need 4+ to wound I roll a 6 and 1! . wow…Dante puts the Umber Hulk  down and out in one exchange , payback.

That was some luck for sure!

Karl the Acolyte
Karl is up next…using his Follower ability, I don’t have much for his to do..engaging the worm is nuts and its too far away and Neb is alive and uninjured. Unfortunately I didnt give him away to remove any statuses before the end phase. there must be some item or spell,  that’s not coming to mind right now.

Action 1 Cast Bless, target 8-4,3 +3 =10  we add another luck token to the pool.

Action 2  moves within 6 inches of Neb.

Neb the Burglar
Neb is going to try to move. He can try remove the scared status this turn in the end phase and there is an Adventure token right next to him (remember he cant see the Roper) with any luck will win initiative and he will get the hell out of there.

Action 1 move to token
Action 2 Draw Adventure Card. “bags of gold” worth 1 VP, nice…lets hope it pays off.,


Neb is Scared but has all his hits remaining…I roll two dice and am looking for a 6, however I also have two luck so I can reroll – Roll 4,2   reroll 6,4, - Neb is no longer Scared.

Initiative-  Attackers 3.  Defenders 1   


Neb the Burglar
Neb is close enough now to see the Roper now..thankfully he gets to go first and is moving away there isn’t any safe place to be but he’ll use both actions to move away from all creatures but close enough to hopefully grab another Adventure Token.

Actions 1 and 2 Movement.

Dante the Warrior

Dante needs to engage the Worn and needs Karl to keep him alive while he’s fighting

Action 1. Dante needs to move into contact with the worm, he cannot charge because of terrain. And must pass a climb test and he does with the needed 4

Action 2 Charges the Purple Worm passing the Fearsome test with a 4, and attacks at -1  but this worm is Massive so that cancels out the -1 and he still needs the 4+ he rolls 3 we uses his onslaught ability to reroll and roll a 4, a hit!

I need 5+ to wound this thing DEF 5 vs my STR 4 but my attacks are Brutal so I get two dice..4,1  I use our lone fate to bump the 4 to a 5  he wounds the massive beast

Karl  the Acolyte
Action 1 try to move closer to Dante in case he has to apply any healing next turn but he has to climb to do so and Karl had the disadvantage – Clumsy. Meaning I roll 2 dice and pick the worst result,
Karl is quite lucky rolling a 6 and 4 passing on the 4 for the climb check, he move next to Dante. And is base contact with the worm too.

Action 2  Attack the worm its not a charge as I couldn’t attack last action due to LoS and climbing issues Karl needs to pass his fearsome test  and fails on 2!...oh not good  he can still make  a Normal attack with mace he needs a 5+ which drops to 4+ because of Massive  rolls a 2 and misses.


The Roper

Oh Karl if only you weren’t Scared,  Karl has unfortunately moved into Range of the Ropers Tentacles. So the Roper is Activating First hoping to remove Karl  from S
supporting The Warrior

Action 1  Special Action 2 Tentacle attacks  roll 5, 5  OOF.

Karl is now immobilized as well a scared this is very bad..

Action 2  Roper Drags Karl to his mouth so it can eat him next turn.

This went bad in a hurry.

Purple Worm

Attacks Dante

Action 1  Tail Slap to try to Stun him….it needs a 4+ but rolls a 1….

Action 2  Monstrous Bite…needs a 5+, rolls a 5+  

Str 6 vs Def 5 needs a 3 to wound, and roll a 6….Dante has a 5 + save from his heavy Armor..rolls a 2 not good enough.. I roll the d3 for wounds and it comes  2 
Dante takes 2 wounds  this is where he’d be needing Karl!!.

Turn 4 End Phase

Because Karl is immobilized he is considered out of play making the Attackers – Shaken
Karl is also effected by Scared and Immobilized statuses,  I am going to  try to remove Karls scared status first which I have to do before I can even try to remove Immobilized  I roll   andget a 2 dice and reroll 1 due to Karls Luck token however I do not get the required 6.

I now have to take the Shaken Test , I would normally need a 3 due to Dante Morale of 4, however this test is at minus-1  so I need a 4 but because Dante is Courageous I can reroll that…Roll 2! Ugh…reroll another 2!! Double uggh

Since I failed I lose D3 models….I roll a 1 here and since Neb is only one not engage he flees with his bags of gold figuring his comrades are toast…Bastard!.

Taking the gold and fleeing , leaving your comrades behind...we have all seen this before.


Initiative-  Attackers 5.  Defenders 3    1 Fate token each


Dante the Warrior

Dante need to kill this thing now or its game over.

Action 1 – attacks Purple Worm.. hit with a 6…need a 5 to wound roll 4,3 we will bump the 4 to 5 with our lone fate and the Worm take the second wound.. so far so good.

Action 2 attacks again!.. hits on 4 but doesn’t wound rolling a  4 and 1, nothing we can do about it! 

The worm has one wound left., only the luck of the dice will save him now.

Karl The Acolyte.
Karl being immobilized cannot do anything


The Roper
Action 1,  Eat hits….Karls Def  3 becomes 2 because of Scared
Roper is Str 5 needing 2+  ugh..
Roll a 5 Karl is wounded but gets a 5+ save for heavy Armor..I roll 4 
1 Wound to Karl
Action 2 Eat Karl some more 
Auto hits..roll to damage 4, save for heavy Armor..roll 4  again.

Karl is devoured.


Purple Worm

Action 1 attack Dante
Tail Slap  hits with “5” Tail is +1 User Strength so STR 7 vs DEF 5..rolls a 6 but needs a 2+
Dante’s Save is a 5+, Roll 6+ he Saves it!...

Action 2 Attack Dante with Tail again…4! Hit…, I roll a 3 to wound…the Save.comes up a 4. not good enough I am afraid, normally he be stunned and I’d have him knocked prone due to “smash” but that’s his last hit.. Dante goes down and is worm food..

Double Burp!!!!!.

Victory Points…

By the Book 4 VP ( 3 models dead + Shaken Status)  to 1 VP (bags of gold)  in favor of the Defenders…although I think you need to award VP for adventure token captured vs still on the board.. Which in this case is a net +1 to the Defenders.. then I would give 1VP to the attackers for each creature knocked out here.  So +1 to them…
so the final score is 5 VP for Cavern of the Worm vs 2 VP for Dantes Delvers

Although Legends characters are super powerful….Dante could have easily slain the Worm with Luck or extra Fate in turn 5 with that “4” die roll., the Companions are not.., the Attacking team really needed two more good fighters here like a pair of Mercenary Henchman would have rounded this team out much better and balanced that would be for another 30 points Considering the by the book points for the Defenders were already 25 point under the Attacker Total AND I never touched the Rust Monster the whole game..that means the Worm , Roper and Umber Hulk (troll) were 55 points under costed….for my own games..I’ll probably bump the worm up to 100 points…The Roper is just nasty, I am thinking 30 points at least….The Trolls at 25 might be ok..due the fire Vulnerability but the Umber Hulk without the disadvantage, I’d move up to 30 points also

The Attackers had a bit of bad luck there with Ranger getting killed before he could do a thing…
The Cleric really didn’t get a chance to do much as far as supporting and it was also unluckly getting snatched by the Roper, with a that roll of double 5's! 
I still am feeling magic needs boost  and more variety in spell choices. I didnt really get to use any of the companions support features at all, in the feeling is after 3 games is that offense if is way more a priority to support.

We will see how they do next time against a horde of Undead in a scenario I call “Green Magic”
hopefully I'll get chance to play it sometime in April.

Rogues Gallery

UMBER HULK- Dead, Killed by Dante
PURPLE WORM. Full , its just ate Dante
ROPER, Full it just ate Karl.
KILLIAN- the Pile of bones you always find in any RPG as the unluckly guy that came before you
NEB, alive at the Inn, gold in hand.


Friday, March 25, 2016

9th Reconnaissance Battalion heads to Bolt Action Nationals! (Part II)

Adepticon is less than one week away and  I’d be remiss if I didn’t do the usual and post my current army finished and ready to for the Bolt Action National Championships next weekend.  Aaron and I actually got a test game in last weekend,  I was quite happy with how these guys played even with our game being a draw.

a whole squad of these guys are the SS Charlemagne Models who come with cast on patches, did my best to make them fit , authentic or not.
For my 9th Recon Platoon incarnation of my Hohenstaufen, I had to paint 4 new vehicles and about dozen troops plus a flamer team for this current  version of my German army. While I still have some boxes on the shelf  (mainly vehicles) that need built  at this point I can field well over 2000 points fully painted on the table.

Painting this current crop of models took me awhile and a lot of  late nights, I went a high as detail as I could via my skill set, most models have at least 2 some 3 layers of highlights. I also painted a lot of badges on the new guys something I hadn’t done before and used some individual decals on the some of the plastic models that snuck their way in. With the vehicles with the weathering and decals are a patience drill, rush it and it doesn’t look right.

Despite my Best Appearance award with my Brits in the singles last year, I have no disillusions of winning it again, I am sure it being a sponsored by Warlord Games as the  “U.S National Championship”  I’ll see a pretty diehard group, I know a couple of local multi Golden Demon winning players that are now Bolt Action players, not sure if they are playing but if so there will be some serious models on display I am sure.  I’m just looking to have some fun and win some games, because unlike WFB, I am actually a pretty decent player when I roll with a decent army.

The only hiccup in my list is can’t run my Captured Humber as an actual Humber, as Warlord has had the model out for years but has not released any rules for captured vehicles, which I think is a balance issue over an oversight. So my Humber MkIV will perform as a 6 Rad German Armored car which really means I just lose the Anti Tank gun and get another Autocannon.  I hurts me a bit as I only have one AT gun besides my Panzerfausts but its should be ok. I’m not expecting a lot of big tanks,  from any experienced players.

This is SdKfz 251/10 which mounts a Pak 36 and has the command special rule my HQ roll in this

As for Bolt Action, after this I’ll be on a break from that for awhile, There is new summer tournament in July I wont be able to attend, but I’ll be back for Operation Sting in the fall, with my Germans or possibly my British, with two squads of Gorgon Miniatures excellent British Infantry waiting to be built and both a Sherman and Cromwell tank, I definitely need to give them some attention. What ever I run it will have a new display board..I wanted to do one for this event but just didn’t have the time.

HQ getting dastardly

I’ll be at the hotel hanging out at Adepticon as of Thursday night my kids are with me so Friday we are going to play some games and hit the vendor hall, and probably some demos, I am bringing my Frostgrave board and a couple of warbands for that along as well so  I hope to find some pickup gaming space since both my Daughters and a couple friends expressed interest in playing that . So if you know me come on over and say hello, and since I am not playing anything until Saturday, I might actually get some blogging going on from the event as well, its been years since I have done that. Of course I’ll be back with full write up on my exploits the week after the event.

I love this vintage filter almost looks like it could be a real picture, almost

Kradshutzen Squad!

Viktor Grabner leads the column in his Captured British  Humber MkIV armored car

Group Shot

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hohenstaufen- 9th Reconnaissance Battalion Part I

Adepticon 2016 is right around the corner but due to some personal issues I have had to seriously scale back my participation  this year. This means  No Pirates, No Battle of Kursk , and even the Bolt Action Team Tourney is up in the air right now.  What is happening  for sure is, I will be there gaming Saturday and Sunday for the Bolt Action Nationals,  Hohenstaufen in hand.

Learning my lesson from my defeats at Operation Sting in the Fall and my success at the previous Adepticon  (where we went 2-1 in the team and I went  3-0 in the singles)  Its quite clear about what works well in Bolt Action and what doesn’t , One thing for sure that does not is a 400 point Tank hogging up all your points when most of the time is only  firing 8 MMG shots, which you can get from infantry for about 1/5 of the points…while it sure looked cool, playing it was a real bear.

Fast forward to my current list focusing on my other favorite WW2 force, Viktor Grabner’s, 9th SS Recon Battalion. Who charged across the Bridge at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden, went down in a blaze of glory and accomplished what I think Grabner  really wanted out of that mission, That we are still talking about him over 70 years later in 2016 and what a huge pair of balls the guy had.  As the story goes, After reconing the British air landings between Arnhem and Nijmegen , Graber was informed of the British capturing the northern end of the Arhmen Bridge,  His unit had been recalled for a reorganizing of forces and a correlated counter attack. However,  Grabner  wanted to take that bridge back very badly, personally.   He cooked  up a plan that by regulation only “serviceable vehicles” had to report back to HQ, so he temporarily disabled   22 of his units best vehicles and sent the rest of force  back the where they were recalled.  Grabner  stayed behind with about half his force, and the following day at dawn quickly put his vehicles back in working order and led them across the Bridge into the famous firefight, in which they suffered a 50% casualty rate, and were forced to retreat,  Grabner losing his life in the exchange.

There is a lot of information on “Grabner’s last ride”, including records of  what all the 40  vehicles present in his unit where , so that is what I drew my list from,   My 1250 point list is  made up of 5 Vehicles , Including Grabner is his Captured British Humber MkIV , and 3 Motorbikes. The entire unit is mounted in vehicles and dismounted it comes to 32 foot models.  Considering the house rules for the Nationals even like Vehicles can still fire, once troops dismount, The force is even better that when I originally came up with it.

The photo above is my Panzer II Luchs and my Kradshutzen Squad of Bikers, , The Luchs is a Recce Vehicle , as well as Grabner’s Humber,  and the Bikers are a small outflanking squad.  Then there are three transports,  a standard Hanomag 251, my SdKfz 7 I made for last year's TT and my new 251/10 Command Half track which sports a Pak 36.  I’ll plenty of pictures up probably the week before Adepticon or earlier as I am in the finishing  stages of the other vehicles now and then have 10 infantry to detail and I am good to go. So I’ll be back for more on Grabner’s Last Ride  soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

base10studios is Live!

While I actually have been working on various hobby stuff of late and still have quite a bit to do for my Bolt Action Germans for Adepticon (about 6 weeks out!) This took precedence for me. No surprise if you've followed the blog at all for the last decade now, I have a tremendous amount of "stuff" while I downsized considerably when I moved, I still have several closets of product I no longer particularly want or need and so base10studios was born.  when I say "live" in the title here, I boringly mean I started another blog (heh)

I'd be lying if I said my work situation the last couple years, has if anything, been less than ideal. It has certainly prevented me for doing alot of things I would like to do with the Hobby, But one thing I have had is success selling collectibles, both reselling things I've found that I know are worth money as well as selling my own painted models and then just things I never got around to, but bought on the whim that "I somehow thought I would".

As a result I thought I formalize the process, changed my ebay user ID to suit , started a wordpress blog to discuss things and use as front end for people who either dont want to use ebay. and then I started selling away. The first thing I am selling under the new moniker is my Warhammer collection. Specifically my huge (4000 something points at last count in 8th ed rules) Empire Army, a lot of notable pieces are already gone but there are like 25 listings happening and more coming.

I wont just be selling old miniatures here but new items I am painting just for sale in certain markets
and occasionally rules, terrain, other things of mine that I've found or just decided to let go.

I''m not doing commission painting, just think of this as venue to for selling my own work.

So please if you have any interest take a look at the first couple posts and my current ebay auctions
and please follow the blog, even if to recommend it to someone. Its not ideal that I'm using my hobby to help "pay the bills" but the time is right and I am having fun moving alot of this stuff.

Things here wont really change, other than I hope to post alot more this year, base10studios is really just about what I am selling and talking about what I am selling at thats it. No need to clutter up thing here with that.

Well, that's whats up, Ill be back soon with some shots of my German Kradschutzen Motorcycle Squad, a fiddly, total  pain in the ass, I almost bailed on a couple time but in the end they are in my Adepticon Nationals list.


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