Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Diehard Minatures. A Kickstarter worthy of note.

Since I was turned on to this by someone else,and since I'm a backer I would be remiss not to spread the word. Fans of old school citadel miniatures should rejoice as these figures pay homage to the classic Citadel figures from the 83-87 era.  If you're a fan of Old School Warhammer or "Oldhammer" as they say these days or of course the classic Mordheim. then this is for you!

There are options for just a solo figure all the way the whole thing for the so inclined. Now they arent the cheapest figures, being  high quality pewter and akin to "hero" models not rank and file troops for large wargames. The sweet spot is the 30 quid pledge about (46 usd) which gets 5 figures plus a bonus figure from the pledge so that's about $7.50 a figure...which is, trust me!,  a way better deal then you will normally find on ebay for comparable vintage figures of the era.

Check it out  HERE

Please give it a thought, I really want to see this hit the 10K mark so it unlocks that level of figures!
8 Days to go!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Adepticon Cart Opens- Legends of High Seas Returns

The Adepticon Cart opened at 8pm cst this evening, just over 2 hours ago..and as usual things are already selling out, I was promptly on signing up for my events which as player is all Bolt Action for me both the Doubles and The Nationals, more on Bolt Action later as I get my act together to talk about my new force.

I wanted to take time to mention my Thursday night activity which is the return of my Legends of the High Seas game, which last appeared in 2014. While you will see a very similar board to what you see here from last time around, I am expanding it a bit with a bit more play space and now 12 slots.

The game is one part miniatures game, one part drinking game, and seems to to have last time included live gambling, bribery and extortion. needless to say its 21+ and over.

Five tickets sold right off the bat so we've got seven more slots, please go over the rules about the miniature requirements before you commit , as it is a miniatures game after all. As for long out of print, rare and ebay expensive ruleset. Dont worry about that if you havent played before want to paint up a Pirate crew and get in on action , I'll be putting together a necessary rules PDF to give out as necessary long before the event.  Drink up ya scallywags , yah better start practicing only 129 days!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Family Hobby time, A Woodland Indians Diorama

Here's something new , and something I hope to post more of here. My 9 year old daughter was assigned a project in her 3rd grade Social Studies class on the Native American tribes of this area. I'm not sure who was more excited when she came home with this one, Her because she knew she would be able to come up with something cool because of my hobby, Or myself because I got to help my daughter do something like this. I told her right off the bat," I will tell you/ show what to do and I will handle the sharp cutting but you need to do this all yourself. "

She's been painting miniatures with me on and off for a good three years now, so she can and has good enough control to neatly paint 3 colors and throw a wash on..and that's all that's done here, we did some practice washes on some other figures to practice putting the right amount where, but that was it, I'm surprised how good they actually came out

The Canoe is just some cereal box cut out with the ends glued with some greenstuff on the sides, we then set it right in liquid resin and painted the bottom brown.
We had to dig thru the lead pile to find suitable figures, we had talked about getting some of Warlord's very cool plastic Woodland Indians how she was assigned this project on Thursday and it was due the following Wednesday not alot of time for ordering stuff, We ended up using all miniatures from Black Cat Bases from my Pirate box,, the Indians I think are supposed to be Pacific Islanders but painted up they'll pass,. The Explorers, are Pirate models the Donkey an old Citadel model.

The biggest hurdle were the scenic element since that was all new to her.  We are using pre existing trees from the terrain box, but everything  else had to be done from scratch. after finding a box, and carving out the pink foam we went thru gluing, sand , then painting (She learned how to use a airbrush for basecoating here as well. )  and flocking. For the background mural, I original had her draw up a background she liked but she had problems getting the scale and perspective right and it was taking way too much time and becoming frustrating for her, instead of  nixing it , I gave in and  I drew out the background mural with a heavy pencil for her and she did the color by numbers bit there.

The wigwam is half a lemon storage container covered with  rough layers of super sculpty with some bamboo sticks stuck on for supports its then painted 3 shades of brown to represent the animal skins.  We rolled  green stuff into tiny ears of corn and put in the Hirst Arts pot to go with the basket of fruit and grain sack piece that just again 3 colors and washed. The tools are various bits from the weapon box on some plastic mesh that supposed to be a net.

The biggest issue we had was pouring a 2 part epoxy resin as we spent time airbrushing  the river section to pour some clear resin for water..I didnt want her getting any where near that stuff so I did myself after she went to bed and somewhere along the way dear old dad screwed up, I either used too much hardener or the pour was just too deep for one pass...even thou I mixed it very thoroughly and it looked amazing when poured I could tell some was wrong right away as it was hardening too quickly and became so cloudly I couldnt stir the air bubbles out. in the morning it was rock hard and anything but clear, so we had to just paint it blue and go with it.

Overall despite my screw up with the water effects, this was a fun (thou long) father /daughter project and a great learning project for her, Her teacher was very impressed and easily hit all the milestones to receive full credit . She's already excited for the next one, not sure what its going to be, but maybe I'll have reason to pick up those Egyptian Hirst Molds Ive been telling myself  I dont need for years.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Operation Sting 2015- AAR

Operation Sting 2015 took place last weekend, and I am slow to get around to covering it. I'm sure if you're interested in the event you've already read others reports, but for the record here is my take.

The 7th year for the event under two different game systems and I'm glad to say I have made it to 6 of them. This is my second under its World War II moniker using Warlord games Bolt Action system. As much as I love Adepticon this is simply my favorite event, from the organization, tables, Armies, the people, the good fun. its tough to beat. If you are a Bolt Action fan you definitely want to give this tournament a go. With a sold out 24 players, a waiting list and folks visiting from as far away as North Dakota, I think Brent will be looking to expand to 30 players next year.

As for my own personal performance I walked away with nothing to show for my gaming efforts than a smile on my face for having a good time. Now I knowingly went into this year with the deck stacked against me playing with only 7 order dice, I told myself my fearsome Panther tank could pick up some of the dice slack but in a game where infantry rules and scenarios were infantry based, my tank was mainly a dual MMG platform for 355 points and that was just d-u-m-b. 

The first day I got pasted so hard,  think being in a foxhole at Bastonge and being shelled by 88's like in the classic Band of Brothers episode..it was figuratively like that for my army. Highlights (??) from my 3 games Saturday were two matches against Soviets where I had more that 10 pins on my single squads concurrently at numerous points during the game, my Panther was immobilized by Soviet bomb dogs  and in game 3 a Soviet Artillery strike took out my Panther top of the second turn and there was an IS2 on the board and I'm outnumbered 3 to 1 in man power. Both these games where total routs for my Germans ending in total brutal defeat.

Games 2 and 4 were unfortunately against my German comrades, as pairings can only be matched axis versus allies for so long when there is a big skew in the representation between Axis and Allied players, Both these games where against two of my favorite gents to play , both whom I played last year with my Brits and defeated. Turn about is fair play and despite my Panther taking out Mark's Panzer IV after like 4 rounds of shooting at , he played his slightly better number advantage well to where in the  "take the field" scenario where you need to capture the best of 5  objectives I didnt have enough models to remotely try to deny him total victory. In game 4 against Seamus he had me on the ropes running the whole game, while I did manage to squeak out the secret mission. my squads, one 
of which was pinned to hell couldnt activate after the Airstrike turn 2 and my other just taking most of his fire, ended in a game where it was only a draw because I was lucky enough to kill his team with my captured objective before it fled the board and he then failed the roll on turn 7 to capture his own objective.  Games 2 and 4 where fun games, Games 1 and 3 were exercises in futility were everything that could have went wrong did.

Game 5 was against my old pal Jeremy who once again bested me in a judges tie on best appearance with the tie breaker being the vote of our fellow players for the second year in a row. I guess my consolation prize was game 5 where literally everything went my way to an almost comical end were I had almost tabled him in a game of "Maximum Attrition", losing only a transport and my HQ. He took the game in stride like the good sport that he is.

I want to make note as well there were easily a half dozen + excellent and bad ass armies there as well, the props to my own I received with that caliber a field are very satisfying, award or not. I'm already fully in high gear for the expansion of my force and a properly sized order dice Army for Adepticon in the spring. I did manage to take a decent amount of photos and havent really gone thru them all and I know alot are redundant but check out my photo gallery in the left side bar for Operation Sting 2015 to get some eye candy on all the tables armies and games from the weekend.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Operation Sting 2015. 9th SS Panzer Division

Operation Sting, my favorite fall tournament is back for its second year as Bolt Action event (its seventh year overall as it spent 5 years as Bilbos Birthday Bash, a Lord of the Rings event.) This a continuation of my Waffen SS force from last spring I built as my Axis rivals to my British "Red Devils"

 Now rolling as sections of the 9th SS Panzer Division I added a few new units notably the Panther Ausf G , but also a new half track as a transport for a full squad plus the tow for the Flak 38. Infantry got a boost of another assault rifle but at 1000 points this list is very trim but packs a punch.

In the few games I have played with the Panther is absolutely dominating and with only 7 order dice one of which has no weapons, it better be. I'll be relying on the "Big Cat" to take out any other tanks and last long enough for my veteran infantry to do its job. The Flak 38 is the one thing that can actually shoot down incoming planes with 3 planes shot down to its credit in Adepticons team tournament early this year.

 The German checkpoint on the large base is required objective for the event , no idea how thats going to come into play yet. Overall I am really looking forward to the weekend, I am dubious about my low order dice but just looking to have good time and see my gaming pals most of whom I see twice a year.

I'll have a full write up of this event coming sometime next week, I have had much to blog about this year due to moving and work, I dont see alot changing in the months ahead as my time is super limited much more so than I had thought  I've got another Squad to do and three tanks for events at Adepticon next year, between that and playing Frostgrave with my daughters that is about all the hobby I have time for its seems.

Sorry about the blurry pics..

Sunday, August 30, 2015

We Return, But to a Frozen City-. Frostgrave.

After roughly 3 months away I hope I am back to gaming and blogging a little more  regularly.
The move was substantial and difficult. After a couple months of remodeling here, getting the old place ready for closing, and then moving  (without  movers mind you did it all myself with some family help from my brother in law and his businesses 16ft truck) was a bear.  Add to that, working and having two young kids in a beach town in the middle of summer  in my “spare” time , left me no room for anything else but sleep.  

While I say 3 months its more like 6. Other then  Adepticon and handful of Bolt Action and SAGA games this year has been a total wash for the hobby. While I have Operation Sting ( a now, Bolt Action tournament) which features nearly all my favorite Chicagoland gamer pals  coming up in about  6 weeks,  my Army for that is done minus a few weeknights of touch ups and display work.
Somewhere along the way during late night web surfing, I came along the game Frostgrave 
 Despite my years of big army gaming, I am a skirmish player at heart and a skirmish game this popular using any generic figures seemed right up my alley. A quick Amazon order later I was digging thru the rulebook and realizing this was very easy game to to play. I like the mechanics a lot better than  Songs of Blades and Heroes and with a Mordheim style campaign and interest  from my almost  9 year old daughter in full effect,  we set out to playing a game.

                First we needed a board, something small , as I am probably year away for unpacking and organizing all my Hobby stuff, things like my sprawling Hirst Dungeon seemed to cumbersome for this at the moment, so I saw my built but not painted pile of Osgilath GW  terrain sticking out of a box and said Osgilath?/ Frostgrave!. Perfect.  With some foam insulation, some Hirst left overs I had cast forever ago  and 12 or so free hours over the course of the week - we had our first section of  the Frostgrave city.  

It measures 30”x 27” so slightly large then the recommend 2 x2 for a small game

FROSTGRAVE  Report 1,  Elementalists  Versus Summoners

For our first game, my daughter went  with an Elementalist as that traditional archtype is really all shes knows, and we will call them quote , the good guys.  I wanted to try the Summoner, Specifically a Demonologist..so I was of course the “bad guys”

Elementalist Team L-R  Knight, Apprentice, Wizard, Contruct
back row: Infantyman, Crossbowman, Man At Arms, Thief.
Elementalists spells:  Elemental Ball, Bolt and Shield Animate Construct, Fast Act, Heal, Write Scroll and Bind Demon.
Summoner Team L-R: Infantryman, Demonologist, Apprentice, Barbarian
back row: Archer, Infantryman, Infantryman
Summoner Spells : Bind/Summon Demon, Possess, Grenade,  Destructive Sphere, Steal Health and Brew Potion

Note on Spells: first time thru with a campaign in mind we went for a good balance of in/out game spells I had my daughter specifically take Bind Demon as I was a Demonologist and I also had her cast Animate Construct before game so she could add the construct to her  warband.

We place treasure tokens, pick table sides, set up  and Dice off,

Elementalist team in two groups of 4 on Northside of table. Summomer is 3 groups on Southside.
Optional games rules in play:  "wounded"."critical hits"  "creature spawning"


Initiative: Summoner

Wizard Phase:

Summoner: My Demonologist  moves  6  and tries to cast summon demon . I roll a “5”  fail  takes 1 damage from Spell failure
Elementalist:  My Daughters Elementalist uses group activation and moves her wizard, knight, Construct and Thief up to within sight and nearby reach of 2 Treasure tokens. The Thief with his 10.5 double move is just about on the nearest.

Apprentice Phase:

Summoner: I use a  group activation – Moving Demonologist Jr., my Barbarian and Archer  all move 9 inches. My Barbarian touches treasure  nearest token , but  I read the rules on carrying treasure and decide to leave it for now.

Elementalist: Elemental Apprentice   group act  MAA and Infantry move with here  double move. Crossbowman goes to toward ladder to other treasure token

Soldier Phase:
Summoner:  Remaining infantry moves x 2 . 9 inches.
Elementalist: All  previously moved via group activations.

Creature Phase: None.

Turn 2 begins and it gets hot and heavy right away..

Initiative: Elementalist

Wizard Phase:
Elementalist:  Activates by herself  as she wants to cast a spell first  so she cant group activate (Group activate requires movement action or sacrifice of , First.) She casts Elemental Bolt  at my Barbarian who I left totally in the open  Casting roll is a  19 to hit (oof) , it’s a crushing  +8 shooting attack.  She rolls an 16 +8 for 24!..my defense roll  is a weak 13, I am hit.   the successful 24 roll  versus  my Barbarians  horrible armor of 10 ..means I take  14 points of damage ! and my best fighter  Barbarian is immediately out of action at the start of  round 2.   The Elementalist  drops back under cover of bridge. My daughter says I like this game!

Summoner : Moves 6 casts the spell  Grenade at Knight and Construct who haven’t activated yet.
I rolls a 13! I need a 14 since it’s a spell from a Neutral School ,  I burn 1 health to empower the spell and succeed. "Grenade"  is  +3 shooting attack on both I roll Roll 18 +3 = 21 to hit   Knight rolls 15 +5 (Fight 4 +1 modifier as I moved for 20! He almost escapes but doesn’t.. I wound for 21-13 armor = 8 damage .Construct rolls 18 to defend but F+1 and +1 modifier as I moved for  20 vs 21 again 21-12= 9 damage.. Both almost escape but luck was on ourside Grenade becomes the go to spell of the game for the Summoners.

Apprentice Phase.

Elemental  Apprentice :  Group activation  runs across bridge toward other Treasure Token and hard cover.
Summoner Apprentice:  Group activation himself and Archer. No movement for either considering his nice vantage point with cover. He also casts Grenade at the now wounded  Knight and Construct and rolls a 15!  He needs a 16 due Apprentices being an additional -2 to cast , as they are Apprentices.  He also burns 1 health to empower the spell  to succeed.

Unfortunately as a shooting attack I rolls a "6" +3 for 9 and he  misses both  with higher defense rolls

The Archer then shoots at thief, whose going to get the first treasure toked of the game if not stopped
 I roll the first natural 20- a critical hit  vs Thief  15 defense total . He does stand a chance and goes down hard with 24 damage. 20+2 -10armor = 12 x 2..
We both now have 1 figure Out of action
Soldier Phase:

Elementalist: Knight and construct  retreat back under bridge. Crossbowwomen climbs ladder and reaches a treasure token

Summoner:  My 3 Infantrymen see the advantage and move on the double.. toward the Elemental Apprentice and another Treasure Token.

Creature Phase: None

6 of the Elementalists figures are under cover in this picture. the Elemental Apprentices postion is extremely important considering the epicness happening in the upcoming Turn 3.


Initiative : Elementalist

Wizard Phase:

Elementalist:   Activates by herself  again solo to cast Heal on the Knight rolls 11  Needs a 12 as ita an aligned school . So  burns 1 health to  and Heals the Knight for 5 points. Moves to another covered position under bridge withing range of Treasure Token where Thief fell.

Summoner:    Casts  Summon Demon again with a second attempt  rolls a 15! and then a 12 for a minor demon.. whose is planted 1 inch from him.

Apprentice Phase:

Elemental apprentice: activates.moves up thru cover of doorway and and casts "Elemental ball" at approaching infantry she rolls a lucky 15 on the casting roll and then a super lucky 19 to hit!! (oof again I am getting creamed here ) Elemental Ball is a +5 Shooting attack that hits all three.
My counter rolls defense rolls  are 10,11 and 5.. not even a chance with a 24 attack versus my infantry’s 11 armor all three go down!  Ugh  Brutal

My daughter:  I really like this game!!!!!

Summoner Apprentice:  I call a group activation  again for himself and Archer.  Again with the Grenade Spell  attacking The Elemental Summoner who just blasted my remaining troops to dust. The casting  roll is 19!.. the Shooting  Roll 18 +3  Vs  15+2 for cover as She  has cover versus my shooting 21vs 17  I still hit …21-10= 11 damage The..Elemental Apprentice is down and out of action
Take that I say!.. my daughter frowns.

I am aware we have some hot dice here and the worm is going to turn soon…I am just waiting,

My Archer moves and picks up Treasure token near fallen barbarian..
Creature check I roll a "6"….pass

Soldier Phase:

Elementalist Soldiers:
Crossbowman uses move to pick up treasure token . My daughter rolls a  creature check  of  17!- fail 
creatures spawn. She rolls a couple of Ice Spiders that come in near where her Apprentice fell she's not happy. 
Her  crossbowman takes a shot  at the demon..but misses with a 4..
Knight stays to guard wizard….but the damaged Construct moves  in range to but does not engage demon buying some time ( the construct isnt human some altough its has 3 hits left we dont use the wounded rule on it.
Infantry and MaA move and secure another Treasure token.

Summoner Soldiers…
Minor Demon moves and attacks Construct but the wounded construct wins the fight and does 3 points of damage to the Demon pushing it back

Creature Phase:  Ice spiders move double and engage Elementalist Man at Arms. forcing combat.
There are not activiations left so the turn ends.

My Infantry thinking they where going to get to go this turn before they all got blown to hell courtesy of Elemental Ball.

Demon Summoning is fun, for the moment.

Construct moving up to feed itself  to the Demon, but it won the first buying valuable time for the Elementalist.

Ice Spiders Attack.

Initiative: Elementalist.

Wizard Phase:
Elementalist:  She knows what she needs to do, First act with a clear line of sight is too try to cast  BIND DEMON needs a 14 as its an aligned school and  Rolls a 20!!!. (oh jeez I say)
.Demons Rolls a 15 to resist +4 will to a 19, nope Demon switches sides…Shes much better looking Ok the party is over for  Summoners I think.

Summoner:  looking thru my spells, I see Teleport which seems key right now.   I  need a 14 rolls..and I roll a 14…unlike just about everyother games Wizards in this game can fight well in Melee (Gandalf style) I zap across the board and move into combat with crossbowman whose holding a treasure token.

Apprentice Phase:

Elemental Apprentice: Out of Action
Summoner Apprentice:  moves 6, into across the second story of the near building.  Again we try another Grenade Spell again I need a hail mary 16…I .rolls 14!.. and burn 2 points of burns of health  to succeed.  The Demon and Construct are in Range..   to hits are 14 vs 7 +3 + 1 (11) for the Demon  18 vs  1 +2  (3) on construct
Demon takes 3 damage, The Construct is destroyed..

Soldier Phase:
Elementalist Soldiers:
The Demon moves double to intercept summoner apprentice…move x2
The Crossbowman  is holding a Treasure Token when engaged by summoner wizard in melee so -1 fight  She rolls a 3 versus My Wizards  11  I win but only do 2 damage. 
 13 vs armor 11 = 2 damage… I can push her over ledge but the fall is only 4 inches not enough to kill her and she still has the Treasure Token so I choose remain in combat . Hoping for 1 more round.

Man at Arms vs two Ice Spiders, Infantry man drops Treasure Tokens a and engages one spider making the fight making 2 1 vs 1.combats.
Man at Arms rolls a 19 vs 7 for spider…killing it..
Infantryman rolls a 5 vs spiders 15 takes 4 damage and is wounded by spider venom..
The Knight uses move to climb up the bridge to try to stop the my Wizard from killing the Crossbowman  from stealing the Treasure Token.

Summoner Soldiers:
Archer  Fires Arrow at The Demon ,  misses  and moves half speed toward board edge,,

The Demon decided it like the other Wizard better and switched sides on me..oof/
Turn 5

Initiative: Summoner (really needed that)

Wizard Phase:

Summoner:  My Wizard continues the melee against the Crossbowman rolls a 19 vs 13 or 21 vs 14 wins and 10 points of damage Crossbowman  is Out of Action I .pick up the Treasure Token as my movement..

Elementalist: Calls a group activation with the  Knight,  She moves into base with other Treasure Token (creature check 11..pass) and picks it up…
Knight moves double, 7.5 inches toward my wizard to intercept..

Apprentice Phase:

Summoner apprentice:  When you're hot your hot, I keep pushing my like with "Grenade" and thrown another hail mary at the demon..I roll another 14 and burn 2 more health to make it work.
I'm at 5 hits anymore and I am wounded and only have 1 activation and other penalties.

Shooting Roll is 15 +3 = 18 vs the Demons 17! (17 +0) …He wins barely . 18 versus 11 armor= 7 damage…kills demon!!. He moves toward chest..6 inches..

Soldier Phase:

Summoner Soldiers: Archers…fires shot at Elementalist     hits for 2 damage then
leaves board securing the Treasure Token.
Elemental Soldiers:
Knight moves to engage wizard..not close enough. Both other soldiers kill the remaining spider and pick up the Treasure Token

The multiple Teleport spells to the platform where the chest is and back toward the statue proved key to victory.

Turn 6

Initiative:: Elementalist

Wizard phase:

Elementalist: Casts Elemental Bolt at Summoner Apprentice…fails rolling a 2,… taking 2 damage.. from Spell Failure. as if that a cue moves with Treasure Token toward board edge..

Summoner:  Casts Teleport again rolls a 15…!  Moves to far board edge..see you later Mr. Knight.

Apprentice Phase:

Summoner Apprentice:. picks up Treasure Token  rolls a  Creature check! 17!!  fails and an Armored skeleton appears at the same point the Ice Spiders did…not relevant this late in the game.

Soldier Phase:

Elementalist Soldiers:
All leave the board..one Treasure Token secured..

Summoner Soldiers: All out of play or off board.

Creature Phase: Armored Skeleton moves random direction.

Turn 7

Initiative:  Summoner

Wizard Phase:

Summoner: My Wizard 
Elementalist:  Leaves the board with a Treasure Token secured. 

Game over

Summoner Apprentice only figure on board and has a Treasure Token secured. 
3 to 2 Treasure Tokens in favor of the Summoner
Remaining Treasure Tokens on board go to Victor so treasure is split  4-2 

Campaign Phase:

Summoner.  Two infantry Casualties, One full recovery, Barbarian misses next games, plenty of treasure to buy more soldiers

Elementalist: One Casualty , The Thief, who took an Arrow in the face for 24 damage.
good treasure for just two rolls.

Remaining Campaign actions, Bases, exp upgrades etc to be determined before next game.


Hectic back and forth, hot dice and pure luck pulled it off for the Summoning team. the way the game shook out just didnt give us a deep look at Melee combat or alot of different spells as we kept relying on the same ones. I can see alot of tactical play being required here, especially with the use of cheap troops that we will make sure to take more advantage of moving ahead. Frostgrave is definitely another easy to learn , hard to master type of game, especially against skilled opponents. The D20 add another layer of randomness which I like better than D6 at this point, We look forward to playing again and my other daughter wants to play so we will see As for now Osprey Games -Frostgrave gets two thumbs up!.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Horizons

The post Adepticon period is always a period of regrouping, Figuring out what you want to do next, where your hobbytime is going to be focused and some general time off. As the last year has dictated, I dont quite have the time I used to put into the hobby and hence the blog. That's mainly because the last 5 months or so has been focused on one thing- moving. Yes, I'm moving and not just to another section of Chicagoland, I am up and relocating to the great state of Michigan at the end of this month.

While I am not going that far, just a quite town on the other side of the Lake, still close enough to visit but far enough away from the urban sprawl of Chicago, that it feels like Alaska.

I spent alot of time looking for as close to the right place we could find to accommodate the whole families needs, Obviously my hobby space was one of my priorities, as well as wife's new gardening space and my kids own personal spaces. Luckily we found a good fit, and while I dont have the square footage for gaming I do now, what I do have is better organized logistically, I now have a clean painting space, a separate gaming space and a workshop space (wood and metal shop), so it's  not all jammed into one space  which will cut down on the clutter and grime.

Right now, my current old basement is series of boxes, and while we did get a good doubles game of Bolt Action in about 3 weeks ago not much else is not packed up for the move. I accumulated a ridiculous amount of stuff in the last 8 years...so much so that when it came to packing it up, I had a lot I just had to get rid of, enough stuff that trying to sell it on ebay would be a full time job in the short term, and that was time I did not have, so I decided I was  just going to give it away!.The last time the guys were over, everyone took home a couple boxes that hopefully will be put to good use in their own collections,

Once I am set up in my digs, which will probably be close to July, I'm working on 3 projects into the next year.

The Battle of Kursk- A group of Adepticon vets are recreating the Battle of Kursk in 28mm next year, This going to be private event spearheaded by the Guns of April group. we've got 6 players a side each one running a Bolt Action Armored platoon, of either Germans or Russians..the whole game taking place on 16 x 6 table. I'm running a German platoon in the event...fortunately most of my stuff is already done for this
I just need to paint 4 tanks, but I am also going playing in Bolt Action Nationals next years..so I'll be devoting enough hobbytime to BA, that my stuff is looking top notch.

Pirates- by Popular, err well, residents of Minnesota demand that my Pirate game be back next year...it will be similar to my event from 2014...I'm finishing my Pirate Castle as my next Hirst build  and fleshing out the town with some new buildings from Cresent Root Studios , I am speculating building a round table or unique shape of some type versus the traditional long rectangle, as I want better section of space for the players as well space for some naval action. Time will tell here once I get some time in the woodshop. Whether this will be Legends of the High Seas or some other ruleset is yet to be determined. Tim K author of the High Seas book has a new generic D10 ruleset coming out that is going to be malleable to any genre. We've spoken about using this event to test some Pirate flavored rules, so if that does be the case well be providing rules in advance to players and you can bet its going to incorporate the best parts of High Seas while expanding the use of going to a D10, (where all the good games these days are going anyway). I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be a unique event and I hope to have 12 open slots for it.

28mm Sci Fi-  somewhere early this year, I got myself attracted to Mantic's Deadzone, after picking a box of figures with a coupon I had, I like the vibe and figures and they coincidentally scaled up perfectly with my Reaper Sci Fi figures, I started playing around with DZ rules on my Hirst Space Station which got expanded in the last year.(How a post on that never happened can attest to my lack of time of late)

While DZ rules are in a state of flux right now, I'm messing around with home brew based on the rules and will probably give the game a go when the V.2 rules come out early next year, until them I hope to get play some games on some terrain that I think is probably some of my best work and now over 4 years in the making and I have never played a game on it. This is a totally casual project While I am committed to playing on my Sci Fi Terrain whether I actually get around to playing DZ remains to be seen.

And thats it, that's all I am committing to for the foreseeable future..If I get a chance for some SAGA, Ill gladly jump at it but I wont commit to much more.

Looking forward to one more gaming night with the guys before I head out, then I'll be welcoming visitors or planning some Chicago visits around when some gaming is taking place.

New Digs, New Games, New Horizons.


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