Monday, June 13, 2011

Pilots House

My original favorite terrain medium was plastic kits until I got my skills up with the Hirst stuff and there is was going back. Still it takes a great plastic kit to catch my eye and those are few and far between these days. I do however have a bunch of opened, (i.e non returnable) GW and Pegasus plastic kits gathering my recent attempts to shed all my GW fat, I found myself staring at the GW Chapel.I never got great use out of any my plastic Warhammer terrain, my Watchtower gets some use, but usually some one or another always feels slighted when you bunker up in the building or use buildings to circumvent some other bad situation. While some people call this Warhammer tactics. I find it usually boiling down to ye who uses WFB lousy building rules to their advantage first wins.

As result plastic kits like this always find much more use for dioramas, set pieces or the best use Skirmish games. Since my interest these days lies squarely with Skirmish games over the large format wargames. Doing something with this thing had found its proper time.

Coincidentally the next WFB tourney I am playing here locally has a terrain contest, and since this meets all the criteria, its going to be my entry, That was probably in the back of my mind as the thing that got me started on this but with Pirates going, my early steps with War Machine, LotR or working on my own ruleset. I am always looking for stuff in the fantasy style that could be used with various systems. It is also the perfect addition for another piece for my town board..(which is getting another 3 x 3 add on real soon)

I should also mention I was inspired by user Galland on the lead adventure forums pirate buildings, he converted this piece as normal church and built an incredible scratch Pilots house, While I decided to use it for the Pilots house. Thankfully the kit is pretty flexible. there are enough doo dads you can do alot with it..I did bore out most of the windows skulls and church and GW iconography with a dremel before putting together and using some plastic needlepoint grid for window lattice., and of course the whole thing its augmented with the Hirst fieldstone base and some interiors floor and wooden pieces. The bay window is an old armorcast piece I've had for many years and never found anything to do with...mast and rope ladder nothing more than a dowel and string. This was built very quickly and looks great sitting at the end of the dock as the Pilot house, you can use the upper floor and mast for play easily with LotHS rules. The end result is very "mordheimy" more than historical for sure..but that ok..I like the GW Fantasy IP when it comes to Mordhein quite a fact I am getting the itch to play it with all crossover it has to Pirates.


Kronos said...

I'm a big fan of cool terrain pieces and this building is great! Absolutely inspirational! :)

Scott said...

Very nice job on that building. I agree skirmish gaming lets you get the best out of your terrain!
Nice strumpet too, I must get some of those ;-)


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