Friday, August 12, 2011

Kings of War- Update

Mantic Games released its newest army list today for newsletter subscribers. The Twilight Kin,(Dark Elves) along with brief update to its "Nerve" Rule (Break Test) That gives each unit a high and low stat to roll off against instead of relying on a chart. Same principle, just tidying things up in the stat block instead of the rule book. Speaking of which the new printed rule book (picture above)will be out in September along with the new started set (Undead and Dwarfs) and all the new army list for Mantics, current eight fantasy races. Undead, Dwarfs, Abyssal Dwarfs, Elves, Twilight Kin, Goblins, Orcs and Men.

Its the last one I am most interested in but in the meantime I recently picked up 110 Mantic undead models for $63.00 .Literally a seventh!! of the price of what it cost me in eqivalent of a GW VC army, (the same models in same slots is $336!!! pre tax and shipping if applicable) I already have a decent amount of GW VC Heros I hadn't sold yet. so I now have good sized Undead Army. I must say the photos of the miniatures on Mantics site are pretty poor, the models are much better looking in person, they're smaller than GW, but match scale with all much of my current Ancient stuff, and also match most of GW LotR plastic line (so if you've got a WotR army collecting dust, you might have use for it yet)

When any Mantic gaming actually sees the table around here will probably be another month as I am seriously digging into my Saxons at moment for Hail Caesar. And I am gearing up for a full Ancients Campaign this fall. I do hope in interim Mantic release some kind of "Chaos Warrior" knock off as three of main guys I regularly game with all have WoC armies, at least one has some Elves.

At Mantic's prices you shouldn't be afraid to pick up an army and give it a try if you're tired of the WFB merry ground of outrages prices and bad rules. Reorganizing my gaming armies from being primarily GW, to a minority GW is no small task. It was not that huge of surprise to realize I can field entire very large armies for 2 other systems for the same price it would cost me to field one Games Workshop WFB army of similar size under 8th ed rules.

Since I am already weened off GW. I didnt have any itch in my wallet when I was in my local GW today picking up a pot of Devlan Mud and some modular movement trays (the only bargain GW has) I was gagging at the prices of $33 finecast blisters for single or pair of miniatures. I went home thinking what a relief that I walked out of there spending less than $20 instead of the usual $100 plus, a nice feeling in these uneasy economic times.

I've been reading quite a bit of positive talk on Mantic people are very receptive of rules, their expanding very quickly with a whole people jumping ship from GW this year alone let alone what come in the next 6-12 months. I exchanged emails with Ronnie from Mantic recently and expect another big push at Adepticon this year, with Demos and talk of a KoW tournament. Nothing concrete yet, just talk, but KoW is infinitely a more tourney friendly game that WFB currently is, thats radically apparent from just reading the ruleset. Anyway look for alot more from Mantic games on their site, blog, in the blogosphere and of course here.


Tim Kulinski said...


First up good to have you back man, hope the "vacation" time was good.

Secondly, I have been watching Mantic & KoW. Since I left WHFB way back in 6th edition, I have always wanted to get back into large fantasy games, but the cost and the rules kept me away. Being a Undead/VC player, the mantic stuff really caught my eye.

So I will be watching your blog and just may venture out to pick up some of the Undead stuff from Mantic.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

While an Evil human list would be nice, maybe the Ork list can stand in for us Chaos players. Or maybe the various historical figs can stand in for the humans. Are all 8 of the lists up in PDF form?

"I was in my local GW today picking up a pot of Devlan Mud and some modular movement trays" This is so funny - after the WAB tournament in La Crosse, I picked up the same 2 items.... the only products worth buying from GW. said...

Re: Lists

Everything but Goblins and Men is released, however only the newly released "twilight kin" is current
all other lists are being re-released mid september, with the unreleased and the new updates. 6 Current lists are all PDF and available for free on Mantics website.


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