Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Promotion

Just in case you dont follow it, and have and interest in some great figures at reasonable prices, I thought I mention that Mantic  has some great Halloween promotions going right, from German Zombies to Gravestalker boxes (Ghouls and Zombies) to the yet to be released Dark Elf figures in a promo splash release this for just this weekend. This is the kind of stuff I love to see gaming companies doing and that we dont see enough of.

So if this your thing, get some! I think I am going to pick a small Gravestalker box myself.

I have not yet has a chance to try out Mantics 2nd Ed rules but we have been talking about and its definitely coming. We have all the new lists. I am definitely looking at Mantics rules for our replacementfor WFB for large scale fantasy hopefully we will get this going real soon.

In other news be slaving on my Cirith Ungol army for the upcoming Bilbo's Birthday Bash, the largest independent Lord of the Rings tourney in the US to date. The game is experiencing a resurgence here and as I result, I wanted to step up my hobby output for this event, so not only new army, but new display, display base , etc...I hope for photos up this weekend.


Lord Azaghul said...

I actually pick up some of mantic's stuff a while ago.
2nd rule stuff is pretty solid, plays like a 'quick start' of WHFB w/o all the magic stuff. Only real complaint I have it shooting is really weak.

I also picked up an elf force from them, and was pretty surprised by the models, they we're alot more detailed then I was expecting. I've very happy with my purchase.


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