Sunday, April 15, 2012

LPL Season 6, Rnd 7. Appendix N Fantasy

Round 7 has begun over at the LAF for Lead Painters League Season 6.

Above is my round winning entry "Servants of the Spider Queen" which is also a preview of my upcoming Adepticon Army for the Lord of the Rings Championships taking place this coming Friday. With the release of the "Warbands" rules..I could reconfigure my Cirith Ungol army to feature more diverse units so my list now features Spiders, Spectres, Orc Trackers. Morgul Stalkers ,along with Orcs , Uruk Hai and of course, Shelob...I'll get out a shot of the whole package before the event.
So if took to the time to vote for Servants, Thanks!

As for round 7, my current entry is entitled Green Magic  in an ode to the worlds oldest role playing game and its "Appendix N" bibliography, of which I am a huge fan of ( more so than I ever was the game), but admittedly it was the gateway to  wargaming to me and although I have
not played it since 1st Edition, those images and style of "Old School Fantasy" are aesthetically certainly what I gravitate to with this hobby.  I do read alot of the RPG blogs because of the fantasy miniature cross over, and all the retro clones of the 1st Edition game the last 5 years or so are pretty cool. You got love to the hobbyist- self-published world taking their hobby back from the corporate stupidity of always trying to mass market everything to the lowest common denominator. This of course goes on in the miniatures hobby as well, but its cool to see in RPG world the big boys actually get their market share threatened, which doesnt really happen in the miniatures world.. ( I'll save my "Corporate Hobbies Suck" editorial for another time..)

As I look at the fiction section of my bookshelf, Tolkien, Howard, Moorcock, Vance, etc..., and continue work on my own Skirmish game (more on this soon, I know I keep saying that..but seriously)  It's certainly satisfying to see all these little aspects of your hobbies/ interests come together.

Anyway check out *Green Magic* which is in close heat this week so I need your vote- if you think its better that its competition. I am 3-3 after 6 rounds..if I want to finish in the top ten, I need win the remaining 4 rounds...a tall order.


Muskie said...

I voted for you last round. ;-)

James said...

Those came out really well. Great work.


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