Sunday, May 6, 2012

LPL 6 - Round 10- Maritime Bonus Round

Round 10, The final round has begun over at the LAF for Lead Painters League Season 6.

Above is my round 9 entry "Crew of the Atramentous" which your Privateer Press fans should be familiar with. This guys squeaked out a victory over some nicely painted Dwarves.  My round 10 entry "Capture of the Griffon"  is somewhat old hat around've seen these models alot with my Legends of the High Seas stuff. I did spend some time getting a good photo to meet all the bonus criteria. Except "newly painted" which I could honestly try to claim.  I was very confident going into the last round unless I got paired up with one of the top 10 or so, or I thought..My entry is currently losing by a close margin, (but close enough to beat me in this thing) to a very ool 15 mm river scene that makes up for what its lacking in paint department in a really great idea. That's one of the things about this contest I am discovering- is that paint will not always get your thru..its combination of things not least of which is the whims of the voter on what's fresh or immediately eye catching, and unfortunately Pirates are seemingly a bit long in the tooth this round. So I could really use your vote, if you think my entry deserves it.  Overall its been a great first time LPL, I was shooting for a top 10 finish..but dont think I can pull it off without winning this last round...


Anonymous said...

Wow, very cool! This is the first time that I have seen these guys completed. I think these are the best example that you have posted for the LPL.


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