Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Skirmish Dungeon Expansion.

 While I havent had much of chance for an update in awhile, I have been working on a couple of things. I finally finished this piece which is the upper section of my Skirmish Dungeon. Working on this inspired me to the expanded original piece to double the size with a much larger water cavern section. The base here, with descending staircase is entrance to the dungeon. In in the final state
this is going to fill up most of 6 x 4 table
 Chris and I got a chance to do some more playtesting on my home brew skirmish game. These games are always pretty interesting. Without more focus objectives the just grind down into bloodbaths but the battles are always pretty memorable.
 I'm past the full design stage and into the casting process, so I hope to be posting results this month. The basic expansion and painting shouldn't take that long its all the little details for instance it took me long to build and paint the base here, than it did to build the actual model. Once you become seasoned with working with HA stuff, it goes pretty quick.

Some Fantasy skirmish action, more on this soon, its just going much more slowly than I hoped due to time between playtests..its coming along quite nicely thou, we tested the magic system this evening.
 This side tunnel leads to the original staircase entry in the dungeons 2 x 2 form , it remains as is, its just the Dungeon over all is growing 100% overall. While the upper ruin serves as the entrance.
I need to add some led lights..
Looking forward to running a ton of games on this, an epic project for sure but when you space them out over years..they arent as daunting plus any any particular time, you look back and you're half way done!, or in this case more than halfway,.

I'm way behind my self imposed schedule on my Saxons,as I have 2 Ancients armys in the que, and whole bunch of of LotR to do for fall and tons of skirmish fantasy figs to do.. We gearing up for an Antiquity Campaign second half of summer, So we'll just have to see how quickly I get this done..
time has not been my friend of late....


Anonymous said...

Brilliant work - really gritty and realistic. I'm glad there are some people that still take scenery seriously. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Nice looking terrain as always!!

Sander said...

really great looking scenery, I'm duely impressed!

Scott said...

Very nice ruin!


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