Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reaper Miniatures Wins!

I've followed various kickstarters going on in the last year, but I honestly havent seen anything like this. I got in way early when its around 100K and a couple days,  currently at 1.6 Million dollars
the above shot is what you get for $100.00 Vampire Pledge. I was commenting on our forums that I was speculating it might hit 1M, no with 63 hours to go, it might hit 2M!!!...crazy.
you can follow the goings on  HERE . The average pledge is $200.00 which is pretty substantial, (Rich and I are both in on this and we've increased our pledges numerous times for new options that keep popping up) I heard mixed things about the plastic but, have also seen some positive reviews.  Look forward to this box showing up!

In other news this summer has been woefully unkind to my hobby pursuits, I havent gotten much of anything done, and I have big display to put together for this years Bilbo's Birthday Bash, an Ancients Campaign to get off the ground with almost a whole army to build, and couple of other -not small projects. Here is to September getting me some Hobby time back!.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I'm in at $200 and will need to pick and chose the extras when this KS finally closes - lots of hard choices coming up. The option to drop the reaper demon fig for more Bones is going to make it much easier to stick to the current amount.

Watching this KS has been more than entertaining. There is a certain addictive quality to watching the pledge amount increase & waiting for the next goal reveal.

CK aka Kronos said...

This Kickstarter is amazing! I'm up to 260$ right now because I want to have so many optional miniatures. At the moment that gets me 230 miniatures + everything that will be added until this awesome Kickstarter ends. Just amazing! :D


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