Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arnor Vs Angmar- BBB 2012

 Finally got my entries for this years Bilbo's Birthday Bash completed. This year the format is presenting 2 -600 point armies , One good, One Evil in 6 games over two days. I've already shown you my Arnor / Grey Company army awhile back, but here is the whole set up with Angmar half.
I chose one display for both, after racking my brain with alot of ideas that would include time I didn't have, so I've modified this years big Hirst piece I did with the box that used to house the Skirmish Dungeon (which has grown much larger than this)  All in all I didn't paint too many new models for this years Angmar entry, Buhrdur, the Witch King, some more Orc Trackers and some more old metal orcs that's about it. I'm throwing in my Shelob and my 1985 Gollum back into the paint contest this year and see how they do. Looking forward to next weekend as this always a great event. I dont have high personal expectations, in fact I haven't gotten a chance to even play my final version the Angmar Army, just going to roll some dice and have fun and look at all the awesome stuff people bring out.

Adepticon has some event changes for 2013 for LotR, the Team Tourney this year is being restructured as a partnered singles event (which was the original format) which should be pretty cool given the lower model counts with the new rules, I may even squeak out that fiefdoms army I've been talking about for years..its all modeled up and primed (more of less) I'd just have to paint it.

We were all hoping we'd see some of the Hobbit new release this month, no idea how thats going to change the game but as its now Decemeber, I'll guess we will find out soon enough.

On with the picture show, I'll have full BBB write up post event.


Scott said...

Beautifully done. Good luck in the tournie.

Allan and Carmen said...

Stunning display board and the figures look equally as great!

Glad someone still plays lotr.

Happy Gaming,


Hobby Horse said...

Lovely stuff, can you actually play the game in such a small battle area?


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