Monday, December 10, 2012

More on Escape from Goblin Town.

Seems like my "review" of the new Hobbit Starter set has generated some interest. with almost 700 views in the last few days, people are interested. Mainly thanks to a link over The Miniatures Page
Based on this I gave the review a bit editing and some clarity based on comments. so feel free to give it another read if you're so inclined.
If you recall I didn't post any pics of Radagast whom I assembled this weekend. I didn't use the included base as I wanted consistently with my other models..but he is clearly the best model in the set. The single character sprue is a great idea by GW..I wish all models where this way instead of this finecast nonsense if they were moving away from metals. For whatever reason the plastic/ detail
seems a different quality than the other sprues..that could rightly be my imagination but for whatever reason it just looks better.
I also thought Gandalf's hat was too short compared to previous sculpts so I extended it with some green stuff to where I think its right compared to my other models. I put him on a wooden plank, "goblin town" style base and he is now definitely the second best model in the set.
go wizards!..I am going to paint these guys up with an older Saurman Model I have very soon.

I am also doing some research on dwarf models, the will scale in with this Gandalf model. we all know there is no shortage of Dwarf Models out there, however finding the proper ones for Thorins company is surprisingly tough..The Old Citadel Imperial Dwarf line is perfect with the exception that the models go for like $20 each and I think they are too large, reaper has a bunch of great dwarfs..but again I a fear they are too big...I'll have to check the Bob Olley sculpts (probably my favorite old school sculptor after the Perry's) as his reapers are sometimes smaller...anyway Any ideas I be obliged.


Ray Rousell said...

I saw the figures in WD, they do look very nice, I'm very tempted myself!!!

Scott said...

Good to see your continued evaluation. My own set just arrived so am looking forward to making a start.

Also great to see this much interest. I hope it gives the game (SBG) an overall a lift and we see more players joining in the game...

Leif Eriksson said...

Hasslefree miniatures have some very nice dwarfs, which are realistically proportioned. They fit well with LotR figures size wise, but you have to judge for yourself if you think their style fits.


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