Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kickstarter, The new pre order model

This caught my eye this morning, As my interests are moving away from large format wargaming to Skirmish gaming, this game caught my eye more than other Steampunk type games, due to the Horror/Holmes factor..growing up in the 70's the Hammer Films Productions horror films from the 1950's-1970's had a huge impact on me, This game seems to carry the vibe well, not to mention its inclusion of Sherlock Holmes, HG Wells, and what else I am seeing, this looks a cool game with great potential and these new Requiem figures look better than what I have seen of the previous era.
Question is; I know some of you have played it, What is the game play like? can someone give me a rundown with their experience.?

I been watching Kickstarter closely this last year, with much interest. Its new base as the pre order model for gaming manufactures is pretty interesting, its basically covering companies rear ends on new product lines by asking people to pre pay.  They feel like they are getting deal thru extras / discounts and incentives, Companys are pulling in huge cash..The question is on the delivery.
I have not read any horror stories yet about anyone not coming thru but I have notices delivery times are way off base from whats projected (based on my own KS experiences) I am somewhat waiting for the other shoe to drop where some major scandal erupts- but not yet its seems.

For Westwind this looks like a winner at over 300% of their initial goal in the first day..I must say I am interested here, not sure if I will get in or not of course Zombie Cossacks, would be ultimate sell for me. (Horror Express, 1972, a movie that scarred the pants off me when I was 10-12 or something, if you've never seen it check it out)

More at Westwind's Requiem Kickstarter HERE


Mike Howell said...

All hail preBay!

Seriously, as cool as this stuff is I need to seriously NOT look at it or I will end up buying more and more and more. I need help.

Scott said...

Hey John, I have played the game about half a dozen times, and it has a mechanism of game play very similar in style and play to the LOTR SBG / Legends of the High Sea type rules sets.

There are are of course several subtle differences but I am sure you would get to grips with it very quickly.

In campaign terms, again its very much like LotHS, but again a few differences and of course poeriod / setting differences.

Its only drawback to my mind is trying to create the urban setting, though the game can be readily played in rural settings too equally well.

The other issue, the limited range of figures, will hopefully be addressed by the kickstarter!

Give it a go, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Tim Kulinski said...


Ditto what Scott said, and here is a bit more.

EotD uses a D10 instead of a D6 mechanic which is nice and gives a wider spread than a D6. The game uses 5 - 7 figures and plays on 4'x4' boards which is very similar to the Legends games. Another thing that Legends fans will notice is that the Initiative phase, each player rolls a D10 and the higher roll goes first, on a tie it goes to the player that did not have it last turn. And if the roll is tied, you roll again and one person is odd and the other is even. Sound familiar? One thing that EotD does that I could not do with LotHS, was have modifiers for shooting. There are target modifiers and cover modifiers, these are just a few things that make EotD different from the Legends rules.

I highly recommend it and in fact I am running a Demo tomorrow night for a local shop. This is one game I plan to play this year.


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