Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dynamic Duo!

Forget Batman and Robin, these guys are the original dynamic duo after Holmes and Watson!
 Some quick pics of how my team army for the Lord of the Rings team championships at this years Adepticon is shaping up my partner Chris and I are recreating The Warg Attack scenario from "The Two Towers"  My Rohan list features these two as the 2 man wrecking crew..having faced them both before running my Orcs..I know what pain the but they are, with the new Cav rules..The Rohirim got alot better..looking forward to what they can do on the table.
 I had stunning moment of inspiration late Friday night that had me working till the wee hours of the morning this past weekend. I've changed my display Idea for my "March to Mount Doom Army"
and came with great ideal for the display..its awaiting paint..but I should be able to show the whole army off this weekend.
 I've been working on "turning up the heat" if you will on my color palette for this Army, I have long history of using muted cold earth tones at my painting core. My armies tend to come out somewhat dark in person, and I am thankful for the appreciation they get, I know they are easy to walk right by if you dont stop to look . They definitely don't scream " Hey over here, look at me!!" which ends up
at lot times being a cheap sell in the painting competition and tournaments. Warhammer players know what I am talking about.
 Anyway my Rohan is going to pop alot more than some of my past work..not in over the top way I still keep a very tight pallet, I've just gone a little hotter on the colors. (these pics are  little washed out)
More soon , 43 days till Adepticon, I am on schedule having about a dozen models still to do this month leaving the first 2 and half weeks of April to tie up loose ends and get a display together.


Scott said...

Great job on these , nicely matched together.

Sean said...

Nice figs, I like how you photographed them. Looking forward to seeing your display.


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