Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hell Division and Wizard

I haven't had much time to blog of late but I finally got around to taking these quick shots last night. I have actually been painting quite bit and playing Empire of the Dead and Bolt Action.  Getting back into the nightly stride of painting can be challenging I'm a bit rusty but happy with these guys came out.

This wizard and imp from Otherworld miniatures, currently one my favorite wizards, from Otherworld my favorite fantasy miniature manufacturer to at the moment, I hope I get time to paint
their fantastic new Fantasy Adventurers line soon,

Here's my current faction I am playing for Empire of the Dead, Hell Division or the Super Natural      Division of the London Police. I currently have a crew of six, with the new Van Helsing model          filling  in for   my Police Chaplin. I dont have the Robo Dog in the list yet but hope to soon, I've   been getting  my  rear handed to me by my rival Nosferatu Faction hopefully the Chaplin will help.  I've got  3 more Bobbies and a Detective Constable ready to for paint as well                                                         

Hopefully I'll get a few more posts up before year, working on my table for the Pirates event at Adepticon and painting my Red Devils for the Bolt Action tournament.


Dan Vincent said...

Great work. We at 50mmgameroom have the same faction painted up (my offsider Steve does) and I have been using the same bases as you, which I think are fantastic. Look forward to seeing them in action!

DeanM said...

Wonderful figures! They all look great.

Scott said...

Wonderful work John, Particularly like the EotD stuff :-)

Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on both the EotD and Otherworld figures. I've painted a few of OW Adventurers and they are just lovely miniatures.

Planning to start my own EotD stuff in the New year have no Mojo at the moment just have to much todo this close to Christmas.

Loving the EotD Faction you've put together and what a great idea using Van Helsing for a Chaplin.

I think my first EotD Requiem faction I'm Going to tackle is Order of the Garter.

Sean said...

Very nice looking figures. Otherworld is very tempting for those of us that cut our teeth on AD&D.


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