Tuesday, January 13, 2015


In miniature/ board game related news, I have been watching for sometime the development of Monlith's new Conan miniatures/board game. Anyone that knows me more than casually, knows I am a lifelong fan of two things- Lord of the Rings and Conan, while the latter has been seriously neglected in the Miniatures department.  I have far more literature in my collection from Robert E Howard and his disciples than I do from Professor Tolkien by about ten fold.  The sculpts are what sold me on this, and unlike others on the fence over at the LAF, I'm not worried about the scale ( 32mm) here as I like then as a self contained set, Ideally I'll paint them but it really depends on the quality of the plastic, heres to hoping Monolith gets it right on the material they use., Another Reaper Bones/ Sedition Wars type polymer will be seriously disappointing and waste these epic sculpts.

We will see as I am in on the $135 Pledge, check it out here!.

Ok, back to painting my Germans!


abdul666 said...

Some greens displayed on the LAF suffer from the GW "oversized weapon" syndrome currently defacing many otherwise very good fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures (specially the 'new Conan')

eriochrome said...

Given that the King pledge has swelled to like less than a dollar per mini (not including the game parts), I think it is unlikely that you will get anything substantially better than Bones or boardgame plastics (D&D Coop etc.)

With like 8000 backers, it is unlikely that anything but a few of the models can be done in resin or metal. Hard plastic like GW is going to require to many parts to be economical. Pretty much leaves the soft plastic stuff.

Good Luck though. Hopeful it can be a little stiffer than bones to keep the weapon warp down.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

yes, too many miniatures, too many molds, for the uber high quality the photos are selling, I'm dubious but hopefully they are better than Bones.

I found a link in one of the recent updates of the manufacturer they are using that seem's to have alot of miniatures for CoolMini's boardgames (zombicide, I assume?) I have never to any of it's figs to get a handle on the quality??


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