Friday, October 9, 2015

Operation Sting 2015. 9th SS Panzer Division

Operation Sting, my favorite fall tournament is back for its second year as Bolt Action event (its seventh year overall as it spent 5 years as Bilbos Birthday Bash, a Lord of the Rings event.) This a continuation of my Waffen SS force from last spring I built as my Axis rivals to my British "Red Devils"

 Now rolling as sections of the 9th SS Panzer Division I added a few new units notably the Panther Ausf G , but also a new half track as a transport for a full squad plus the tow for the Flak 38. Infantry got a boost of another assault rifle but at 1000 points this list is very trim but packs a punch.

In the few games I have played with the Panther is absolutely dominating and with only 7 order dice one of which has no weapons, it better be. I'll be relying on the "Big Cat" to take out any other tanks and last long enough for my veteran infantry to do its job. The Flak 38 is the one thing that can actually shoot down incoming planes with 3 planes shot down to its credit in Adepticons team tournament early this year.

 The German checkpoint on the large base is required objective for the event , no idea how thats going to come into play yet. Overall I am really looking forward to the weekend, I am dubious about my low order dice but just looking to have good time and see my gaming pals most of whom I see twice a year.

I'll have a full write up of this event coming sometime next week, I have had much to blog about this year due to moving and work, I dont see alot changing in the months ahead as my time is super limited much more so than I had thought  I've got another Squad to do and three tanks for events at Adepticon next year, between that and playing Frostgrave with my daughters that is about all the hobby I have time for its seems.

Sorry about the blurry pics..



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