Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Diehard Minatures. A Kickstarter worthy of note.

Since I was turned on to this by someone else,and since I'm a backer I would be remiss not to spread the word. Fans of old school citadel miniatures should rejoice as these figures pay homage to the classic Citadel figures from the 83-87 era.  If you're a fan of Old School Warhammer or "Oldhammer" as they say these days or of course the classic Mordheim. then this is for you!

There are options for just a solo figure all the way the whole thing for the so inclined. Now they arent the cheapest figures, being  high quality pewter and akin to "hero" models not rank and file troops for large wargames. The sweet spot is the 30 quid pledge about (46 usd) which gets 5 figures plus a bonus figure from the pledge so that's about $7.50 a figure...which is, trust me!,  a way better deal then you will normally find on ebay for comparable vintage figures of the era.

Check it out  HERE

Please give it a thought, I really want to see this hit the 10K mark so it unlocks that level of figures!
8 Days to go!



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