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Otherworld Skirmish- Burn Baby Burn, Part I

 Just in time for the New Year  I played my second game of Otherworld  Skirmish.  This time around  I decided to  push things a bit further and incorporate some higher level heroes, monsters and magic.  I am running a 200 pt (gp) game in a narrative scenario “style”.  As far as points go, its difficult with all the add ons to get dead on I am to keep them within the over threshold and within 5% of each other, In this case 206 vs 216 points (gp)

This encounter  is called “Burn, Baby , Burn” as its reminded me of RPG gaming with my brother when we were boys and used to play the worlds oldest role playing game at our local YMCA on Friday Nights, The first time we ran into this encounters primary adversary we were abruptly totally wiped out in all manner of nasty ways.  I guess we shall see how these fellows do tonight!

RULES UPDATES-  As mentioned in my last entry, I did need to get some clarification on a couple of rules and I since have, Mainly you’ll notice I was giving Charging characters an extra attack ,which was either wishful thinking or an artifact from other games I’ve played where "charging" always includes an attack. In OWS’s case, its simply movement.

If you’re not fully abreast of the rules, I’ll do my best here to be on point, a brief disclaimer I may screw some things up as I’m dealing with new rules, but bear with me, as if I do, I’ll do my best to clarify them.

THE ENCOUNTER-  I’m using my good old’ Hirst Skirmish Dungeon  a work in progress from 2010. Its great to have something like this for a game like OWS, never quite complete, ( I hope to do the full cavern section this year)  I am using the whole thing at its 3 x 2 size for a good old fashion dungeon crawl.  In order to do so, we have few rules adjustments.  

While the Dungeons “Denizens” are a “Faction” for game purposes we are setting them all up as “Wandering Monsters”  to be revealed via the Adventure Deck.  Normally in the standard Faction vs Faction play the Defending side can allocate 25% of its force as “Wandering Monsters”.  Other adjustments include  several of the Defending teams member have the “Animal” trait which, if you recall from my last game can cause said creatures to randomly act.  Since these "Animals" are defending their lairs, where just going to make them ruthlessly aggressive and ignore the potential random behavior check. Also its possible some creatures could retreat and return later in the game to be revealed again via the adventure deck, we’ll deal with that as it comes up.

SCORING- Standard VP’s will apply to both sides with a goal of eliminating the other team, the Attacking team has 4 Unique Models while the Defenders just have 1. The Attackers goal is to recover the Treasure Chest card from the deck which represents the special item they are looking for.  IF they can exit the Dungeon with the card in there hand, they’ve won regardless of score, if the game ends another way we will just compute the VP . No characters in this encounter possess the  "Treasure Hunter " ability so we will be playing the game with 8 Adventure Tokens, In case the Treasure Chest  card doesn’t come up or all members of the other team are not revealed after 8 tokens are grabbed,  I’ll draw a card from the deck each turn as they continue searching until we get our finale.

THE STORY-   Again the simple narrative,  Four wicked men, bound in service of an evil deity at last reach the apex of a long, harrowing and bloody quest.  In the Dungeons of Blackbarrow an evil creature who hold allegiance to no being and bearing hatred of all things guards an ancient artifact. Recovering the artifact will free them from their servitude, while failing to do so will surely spell their Doom.

The ATTACKERS ( a.k.a  “The Dungeoneers”)
This time around with using expanded abilities for additional gold, and we are using  profiles from the Evil Characters and Companions section.

“The Barbarian Chief”- (Legend profile Merciless Warlord)  This time around our Barbarian Chief is an Evil Warlord possessing the following abilities -Light Armor, Great Strength, Onslaught,  Shield,  Leader (1) and  Rage , we’ve also upgraded his Spear attack to 3+ , his Defense has been upgraded . He also has the special power “first strike” which allows him to Charge more than once per turn but he can  only do it once. 
59 Points

“The Wizard” – (Legend profile “ Sinister Sorceror”)   The Wizard has the most upgrades buying an extra stat point  to boost both his Defense and Magic by one point, he possess the following abilities:  Magic (2) Magic Items (1), Arcane Bolt, Scrolls and Potions (1), Shield of Force
He’s purchased a Grimoire containing the spell “Haste” and a Potion of Cure Wounds
He also knows two other spells, Phantasm and Web for a total of 3.
70 points

 ‘The Monk”- (Companion profile- “Monstrous Myrmidon”).   The Wizard faithful servant the Monk, has upgrade his Brawl attack to 3+ and has the following abilities:  Blocker, Follower, Dodge, Unarmed Adept, Critical Blow,
"Follower"  is an interesting abilities which enables him to be activated if he stays with 6 inches of Wizard which as his bodyguard seems like a proper thing to do, consider we only have 4 models we are looking at only 2 activations for the attacking side, but with the Barbarian having Leader (1) and the Monk having the Follower ability that should be all we need to activate everyone each turn.
He also has an interesting power called “will..not..stop” which allows him stick around a bit longer should he lose his last hit..fitting!
34 points

“The Assassin”- (profile “Savage Slayer”)  The Barbarian’s  Lieutenant , The Assassin has an extra base attack , the Crossbow which has again been upgraded to 3+. The Assassin has the following abilities: Concealing Cloak, Dodge, Thieves Tools (1), Move Silently, Light Armor. He also has the special power Unseen Strike, which as you can guess allows an Assassin to do what he does best!..we’ll see if it works out…
43 points

The Bad Guys, all figures by Otherworld.

The DEFENDERS  (a.k.a The Denizens of Blackbarrow, a.k.a “The Denizens”)

“The Eye Tyrant”- yes the BBEG on this encounter is the proprietary monster, all Adventurers fear . we don’t call him the the “B” word as “Hasbro” of all people owns the right to that.  For OWS the Eye Tyrant has neat mix of Special abilities and spells that cover the basics of 10 eyeball lasers,  His abilities are: Arcane Bolt, Flight, Magic (3) Magic Resistance , Sixth Sense, Shield of Force, Telekinesis, Word of Command.  He also has Three Spells. Pillar of Wrath, (Flame strike) Tempest (Slow) and Strike Fear (crushes morale, negates leadership ability limiting activations)
Other than Dragons, he’s the highest price Creature in the rulebook, we shall see how he plays
100 points

“The Troll”-  The Tyrants Henchman is an upgraded Troll, I have boosted his hits and defense and added the powerful onslaught ability. His full abilities are: Fearsome, Large, Regeneration, Vulnerable Fire (1),Smash, and Onslaught. Since the Attackers do not possess any fire attacks and Regeneration is very unreliable (1 in 6 chance) that should even things out  and he should make a tough challenge for the Dungeoneers
40 points

2 Giant Spiders-  a pair of strong adversaries make their home in Blackbarrow,  depending on when encountered they could be a real challenge as well, There Venom attack is much better than standard poison, as previously mentioned I am toning down there “animal “ ability to suit the narrative of the game.  Also I don’t think these spiders are really “large” as compared to other models in the game with the "large" ability, so lets say they are simply  “large Spiders” as opposed to “giant” with the abilities are:  Blocker, Spring, and Wall Crawler.
20 points each for another 40 points.

12 Giant Rats-  Should not be much more the nuisance to the Dungeoneers, I threw in a 12 pack of Rats to suit the feel of the game and because I have them painted up.  They can Dodge and for every three one gets mob leader (3) so even with the standard two activations per turn I am giving the Defenders most should be able get to move.
36 points

The Badder Guys, Figures Otherworld, Games Workshop and Reaper.

With all that out of the way, lets get on with the Game!



“Faced with two hallways leading off to blackness, the Dungeoneers chose the right hallway moving thru and archway, emblazoned with a grinning green devils head, they can barely discern a mysterious fountain at the end of the hall.”

With no Defenders yet on the board, I am still rolling initiative for purposes of calculating fate. Should someone show up via the Adventure Deck I’ll want fate points calculated in order to determine Activations. Activation for the Defender are going to be based on how many models are on the board as per normal.

Since The Dungeoneers can’t reach an Adventure Token in the first turn, Initative is actually irrelevant, I roll anyway 6 to 3 in the their favor, thanks Leader and Follower abilities all four models can Activate on the basic 2 activations the side receives. All models move twice down the long Hallway

“ As they approach the strange glowing fountain, the Assassin pulls a long expandable probe from his kit and moves to investigate, The Barbarian notice very faint ray  light peaking thru the stone at the alcove to his left.”

INITIATIVE Attackers 6 , Defenders 2

DUNGEONEERS-  2 Fate ( seeing I’ll be able to activate all my models these are saved for die roll bonuses should I need them) 2 Activations
ACTIVATION 1-  The Barbarian, Using the Leader (1) ability he gives an activation token to the nearby Asssassin , who will be investigating the fountain looking for traps (i.e flipping the Adventure Card)  uses activation 1 to move toward the alcove , I consider “searching for secret doors” a “special action” that can be found via an intelligence check , I rate this door a “7” and he tests rolling a “2” no luck, disappointing because if we turn over one of the defenders units here, I am going to want that door open, oh well.

ACTIVATION 2- The Assassin, moving into contact with the Adventure Token, we reveal with our second action. The first card is drawn and it’s a Poison Trap! Similar to the door check I just spec’d its an intelligence test to trap the gas in bottle he apparently has handy or it’s a strength 6 hit (ouch) he geta bonus from the Thieves Tools (+1) but easily makes it on a “5” nice.

ACTIVATIONS 3 and 4- with the first Adventure Token out of the way, The Wizard activates, who in turn activates the Monk with his Follower ability, they back track down the hall and enter the other hall with a move x 2.

“The Assassin locates the secret door the Barbarian failed to see finding the secret catch to to release the stone slab”

Nothing happens this turn other than movement. Finding the secret door lets the Barbarian catch up to Wizard and Monk and take the point I ended up needing to use both activations here, so the Assassin could activate first without the aid of "leader", to get the door open so the Barbarian could move x2 thru the door, this meant the Monk and Wizard didnt activate this turn, which wasn’t a big deal as they are now in position to enter the large hall when the next adventure token lies, 

Secret Doors

Turn 4
“ Carefully entering the large hall,  it’s entrance flanked with ominous statues, the Dungeoneers eyes light up at sight of a gold demonic idol on a blood stained altar to the side of the chamber, however a strange noise is heard is obvious they are not alone!"

INITIATIVE  Attackers 4, Defenders 3

DUNGEONEERS,  Fate 1 , 2 Activations
ACTIVATION 1,  Barbarian Activates, using Leader (1) he give the Assassin an Activation.  Action 1. I move the Barbarian to the adventure token near the center of the room near the Altar. Action 2 , He searches allowing me to flip a card… It’s a Wandering Monster card , so the Defenders are on the board!  I roll the Pair of Spiders, So they come dropping down from ceiling one in front and one behind him.  It doesn’t look good for the team leader, but his friends get to go first this turn.

ACTIVATION 2,  The Assassin,  first action is move toward the room, where he immediately sees the Red Spider( two spiders the female has red marks, the male green) I decide he’ll fire his Crossbow, which he’s 3+ to hit, However Crossbows are “Move and Fire” which in OWS means if you move you take a penalty so that 3 + plus is now a 4+, the with no other modifiers it’s a clear shot, I roll a 4 hitting the spider! But the follow up to wound is “1”, it does no damage.

Shoots, Hits!, but doesnt wound.., definitely reminds me of WFB.

ACTIVATION 3,  The Wizard,  moves into the room having a clear sight at both Spider he decides to cast his Arcane bolt at the Green Spider., Action 1= Move, Action 2,- Arcane Bolt,  Not a spell but an Ability it’s a 12” 4+ , S4 attack which hits and wounds! The green spider with a “6” and “4” on the dice!

The Wizard and Monk enter the fray, the wounded token in the hall is Assassin activation token accidentally flipped over

ACTIVATION 4, The Monk, Unfortunately, the Monk does not have line of sight with either spider at the start of his activation, so Act I, is I move him into the archway and he has plenty of room with his 6 inch move to get into base contact with the Red Spider, its not a charge so we move to Act 2, which is his attack, I use his improved “brawl” attack which thanks to his abilities “Critical Blow” and “Unarmed Adept” let him make full strength brawl attacks (usually -1 str) AND roll two to hit picking the higher, as result he hits easily and just manages to wound with a “4”

LARGE SPIDERS,  1 Activation, 0 Fate
Now the Spiders get to go, but  the only have one activation, so it makes sense it goes to the one in Combat with the Monk, its gets two actions, its vemon attack should it hit is “brutal” meaning roll 2 dice and pick the better one.
Act I, Venom Attack is a “3” not quite good enough, Act 2 is a “6” a hit,  the Monk’s Defense is only a 3 versus Str 4 Attack , the Spider rolls 2 dice looking for a “3” and gets both!,  The Monk should be wounded however he has the Dodge skill, allowing the first attack in a turn to damage him to be negated by an Agility test. He needs a 4+ to succeed, I roll a “3” but we have 1 point of fate which I apply to the die roll and Fate says the Monk narrow avoids damage with a lucky dodge..The Defenders are not happy!


" Giant Spiders Attack!"

INITIATIVE : Attackers 2, Defenders 5 

LARGE SPIDERS, 1 Activation 2 Fate

The Spiders go first this time, which was pretty important for them, they also get 2 Fate, since there are only two models for the Defenders on the board, they would again get only 1 Activation, but Fate says both Spiders will activate, as I buy the second activation with their fate.

ACTIVATION 1, Green Spider, Action 1,  I have the Spider decide to try out his “web” ability and that becomes my first mistake of the game. I’m thinking “web” is like “web” the spell however its really the same as using a “net” from the weapons chart which uses the "entangle" weapons ability only having a 4” range and knocking a figure prone, where it can just stand up next turn,  I don’t catch this until I am doing this write up, SO as I played it:  I have the Spider cast “Web” per the Spell needing a 4+ and he gets it. Since it’s a 3 inch template…I can target the Wizard but place it so it Immobilizes both the Wizard and Monk!, “Immobilize” Is a powerful status effect in OWS that cannot be removed until the end phase, so if this battles continues past this turn it will do so without them, and it will also trigger a morale check..OUCH. 
Action 2, for its second action, Green Spider Charges the Barbarian, taking its Venom attack at -1, it needs “5”, I roll a 5, since Vemon is “brutal, I get to roll 2 dice against the Barbarian’s tough defense of 5,  needing a 5 again, I roll a 4 and 5. The Barbarian has a 5+  Save with Light Armor and Shield abilities but I roll a "2" so the Barbarian takes his first hit of the game, and I place a wounded token by him.

Rules Note:  I definitely feel Giant Spiders are very overcosted at 20 points each.  as they are listed  “Animal and Large” are really negative abilities   (absolutely in this specific encounter, Large has some positives in certain situations) The Spiders “web” attack is very weak, compared to the spell
I feel this was solid battle at 40 points as I played it. Had I played them straight out of the book, I dont see it a challenge here at all.

Big turn for this Spider, Webs 2 models and Charges the 3rd for a wound!

ACTIVATION 2, Red Spider  locked in Combat with the “Immobilized” monk, I cant find in the book anything about Melee attacks against “Immobilized” models..I assume its same as “stunned” as that is how its listed under Ranged attacks so I use that which is +2 to hit and +1 to wound,
Action I; Venom attack, I roll a “3” only needing a “2”  and only needing  a “2” for Damage and I roll twice as the venom is brutal roll a a “1”  and “3” so the Monk is also wounded and very likely will get taken out here, but for Action 2, I roll another “1” on the attack and it misses, the Monk is very lucky here.
It was highly likely the Monk was killed with the "immobilized " status, but Fate said otherwise.

Turn 5

DUNGEONEERS,  1 Activation, 1 Fate

Thanks to the Immobilized models we don’t count them for Activation purposes so instead of 2 Activations we only get one! ( Are you seeing how good the “Web” spell is here?) Fortunately by dumb luck the Assassin is exactly 6” inches from the Barbarian. I moved him with little thought during the last turn and little bit either way he’d be out of range to activate.

ACTIVATION 1 , The Barbarian, using Leader(1) by a hair is able to also Activate the Assassin, The Barbarian first Action is to attack the Spider chewing on him, He need a 3+  to hit and with “Onslaught” I can reroll but don’t need to with a “3” to wound I need a “4”  but if I burn my second action, I can use his “Great Strength” Ability and only need a 2+, I do an thankfully did as I roll a “3” which puts the Male Spider at 0 hits and Incapacitated.

ACTIVATION 2, The Assassin , again fires his Crossbow, using both Actions we take an Aimed Shot so he’ll need a 2+ , but we are firing into melee, but luckily firing into melee is not as dicey in OWS as it is in other games, If roll a “1” where I miss anyway, I am hitting someone else in the exchange in case, “The Monk’ thankfully I roll a 5 and it’s a well placed hit. Damage is the big deal here as I need a 4+, I roll a “3” but again Fate says the Monk is to be saved and we push that to 4 stealing the Spiders second hit and Incapacitating it as well.

END PHASE-  The First time I need to mention the End Phase so far this game, both Spiders are removed from play, and the Monk and Wizard are still under the effect of the “web” spell.  Status effects like “Immobilize” can be removed by rolling a D6 for remaining hit on the effected model. On a “6” the status is removed. For the Wizard with 3 hits, I roll 3 dice and he rolls a “6” and is free. For the Monk with only one hit remaining,  rolls a 2 and is still stuck!

“ The Dungeoneers, regroup after a tense battle, cutting the Monk free, the Wizard pours a thick oily concoction down his throat and he rises to his feet none the worse for wear.”

With no enemies in play and the next, closest Adventure Token more than a turn's move away, I use one action from the Barbarian as a “Special Action” to free the Monk, and Move, I then have the Wizard use the Cure Wounds Potion on the monk , (easily passing the Intelligence test to do so), and then move, The Monk and Assassin both moving twice down the dark hallway, 

 The game continues in Part 2…..

Into the unknown!


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