Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Wayside Inn

Every December or January, I seem to start some type of Hirst Arts project. This time I finally got around to building myself a proper Inn. Called "The Wayside" its in the mythical town of Blackbarrow. I gave me the chance to try to out some of the newer Hirst Arts molds, namely the Inn Molds, 57,58, the Inn floor mold 221 and the Half Timber plank molds 224,225. Currently we are playing both Otherworld Skirmish and Frostgrave, and the Inn is used with both games, I am sure if I every get into playing some Pirates again, they will find "The Wayside" quite confortable.

This project was inspired by a totally amazing Inn I saw over on the Hirst Arts forum, that much more detailed than mine here. But this is about as big as I can go and have it playable for my town.
The Inn features:  The Tavern Room, a private meeting room, a store room, a large kitchen, 2 private rooms upstairs and a large common room upstairs

Notice the combination of walls on the second story. Its half my old school building approach, using some planks over poster board with some spackle and half done with  the Timber molds on the front on two sides.  I was well into construction on the project when the Half Timber molds where released so you have combination of materials, which I found I quite liked.
 I had alot of trouble with Airbubbles on the Inn molds..usually I can bang out most of any air bubbles, even this year when I made a vibrating table out of an old scroll saw I had, I still needed to buy some sulficant and  literally had to brush it into the mold cavities on certain pieces in order to get clean casts, These molds are really great but do require a bit more work. you'll will notice some airbubbles on some of the tables, I will replace them eventually with better cast pieces.

The First floor is three separate sections, and the Roof is 3 separate sections, fitting the roofs , which are all scratch builts took some serious trial and error , fitting numerous paper templates before I started cutting plastic card.

The whole second story is one continuous "L" shaped piece, base around a solid piece of 1/4 laminate wood, that I scored with a dremel to make the floors.

My medieval village table. Blackbarrow is about 4 x 10 at this point and its my ongoing project going forward this year. It features, The Village of a dozen building ,now with The Inn and a Graveyard, Castle Blackbarrow, which looms at the head of the table, is my Pirate Castle expanded, and what I plan to finish next. Finally we have some Ruins which lead down to my Dungeon which are projects long completed well documented here.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results few things I do different and may change, I still need to add a bunch more interior details when time allows. the most complicated building I have done yet due to large scratch second story and roofing.

There is a google photo gallery showing another dozen or so pictures linked in the photo galleries section on the left sidebar, please check it out.

Materials list.

Hirst Molds  70,75,701, 260, 57,58, 220, 221, 224,225
Plaster - Hydrostone
Laminated MDF 1 sheet 1/4"
Posterboard, standard sheet 1/4"
Roofs are Plastruct Wood Shake Shingle #91655 I need 4 sheets to do the 3 roof sections
1 Cereal Box for stiff card roof backing, overhanging shingles and roof trim.

Time to start to finish..approx 60 hours.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Inn-credible. Pardon the pun, it really is great. Reminds me of one of those great halls in stately homes. Excellent work.

Phil said...

Amazing job, love the splendid interiors...

Rodger said...

Absolutely wonderful! Great work.

Anonymous said...

John - the inn looks fantastic! Glad to see the Hirst Arts molds are still being used. Mine are still mostly collecting dust

Weekend General said...

John those look amazing! Wow!

A J said...

Nicely done. I must build an inn one of these days.

CK aka Kronos said...

Amazing work! The inn looks so great and fantastic! Very impressive! :)


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