Monday, November 26, 2018

A snow day means Frostgrave

My original section of Felstad  circa 2015, looking cold and barren, like outside my window.

As  the post Thanksgiving snow falls and we roll into Decemember I am veering off from Blackbarrow a bit ( of which I  hope to get Episode 5 in by end of the year). A couple weekends ago I decided I was going to return to Adepticon in 2019 and actually play in an event. I got registered early and signed up the Frostgrave Campaign Day event "The Great Wyrm"  I know the organizer and have played in many of his events over the years so I know what I will be in for.

This  board photographs pretty decent but this thing is rough, I started on a Saturday morning and was playing the game on the next needs a lot of foamwork, shaping and painting as well as some landscaping.

Despite only ever having played a handful of game when the game was released early, over time I had picked plastic  boxes of Cultists, Soldiers and Barbarians and have been using the figures in my various games. I also have a 3 or  so sets of Wizards from the official line so I have all I need..while I'm not sure what wizard Ill be playing yet. I'm recently modeled up a bunch of the Barbarians and started painting them this weekend. given they'll be my soldiers I am looking at playing a Witch or Sigilist ( so I can use the spells from "Forgotten Pacts") I plan to  refresh myself the rules over the Christmas holidays, but hopefully I can convince one of the few folks I know who play to get together to get some games in before the event. I do have a really cool terrain piece I can use a
display too, something I picked up years ago that Im finally going to get around to that will be a interesting couple posts as I model that up so ill save that for then'

In Frostgrave-ish news elsewhere I recently picked up its Authors newest endeavor "Rangers of Shadow Deep" a skirmish game that uses FG's mechanics with a individualized skill system based around a single character "your Ranger" and his companions.  This games ticked alot of boxes for me, as it has rules to be played "solo" or with friends in a co-op capacity and its designed Campaign style. Upon first read, it seemed to me to sort of bridges the gap between Frostgrave and Mordheim which is great place to be, The book contains the rules (obviously) a Bestiary, some intro
missions and a full fledged desperate campaign. I am going to do some play examples of the 1st couple missions as it will refresh my brain to FG mechanics and this reads like a great game Fortunately I happen to have lots of finished terrain and adversaries that are needed so all I need to do it paint my FG Soldiers and I can give this a try.

Cover of the rules, currently POD or PDF

In other news- winter is here which means I am gearing up for my yearly big "hirst arts" project. having said that I am not forgetting that I am going to finish my last 2 water cavern sections but those are already cast and dry modeled outside letting the damn resin dry..this is something I can finish in a weekend

As for a big project, meaning I start these Dec/Jan and they are usually done spring/summer.
 I have three ideas:

1. a smallish 24 x 24 dungeon that going to have some working traps and its own rules
inspired by classic D&D modules like the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and Tomb of going to be a undead  laden ,death trap that will sit under my Ziggurat /jungle layout (which you can see in past posts)

2. a classic Haunted house in the Tudor style based around the Hirst 6 inch tower, the tower is that staircase that takes you between the 4 levels (sub, main, second, attic)

3. My take on the Hirst Arts Watermill, basically that same design and size but I'll be changing the exterior to match my other building and mine will also have a sublevel.

Number 2 or 3 are going on the Blackbarrow table as such as I am limited in space to an 12 "x 10" area  The Mill footprint fits  no problem, the Haunted House, while I can fit the profile with the tower creeping into my river..I worry about the play-ability in that small a # 2 will probably be a separate  piece, left to my future imaginations on some Halloween.

I'm leaning heavily toward number one. its designed and I bought molds for it quite some time (years) ago, it uses some of the Egyptian style molds I have not worked with yet.

thats my snowday update...upward and onward.

playable interior of top left section, those walls need some work!!! LOL.


Phil Curran said...

I shall follow your progress with interest. I haven't had the opportunity to play this yet.


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