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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2, The Beacon Tower: Scenario 2 Tor Varden

Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2, The Beacon Tower: Scenario 2  Tor Varden, The Lower Level

This report is a complete playthrough.

Full layout of lower levels with all the bits for the potential 4 rooms.

Pre-game notes.
I already gave my initial thoughts on the scale down of the towers rooms  in my last post but-

Wow I still had a lot more to do here than I Initially planned. Not only did I build the modular floors and walls for all 3 rooms, I had put together a bunch of different things to fill out all four potential rooms in the scenario.  Thankfully I had all the bits and pieces I needed it just took me while to paint 20 something small bits of scatter terrain / atmosphere decoration.
 This in the end was a good thing as its better now painted up for use then sitting around in a bin on my desk.

I also put everything together for Scenario 3 which included even more pieces, while I get to reuse my floor tiles as the tower roof  , the walkway, floor hatch, bonfire, prisoner, pillars that support the covered roof , all needed to be completed. Now I am finally ready to roll dice I can do both scenario 2 and 3 back to back.

As for my Ranger and Companions, since the battle with the bridge guards, they have added a party member,  a Tor Varden soldier named Leofric who escaped the initial raid on the tower and wants to help retake it. Thorvald was badly wounded at the bridge and carries on with 7 Health. A spying vulture escaped the bridge fight and it serves as some sort of warning to the Orcs of Shadow Deep. They know we are coming.   Sigurds magic shield has 2 uses remaining,
Ranger Blackwulf has found some Fireheart Green herbs which will give him a bonus activation at some point. Lastly Blackwulf reached level 2 which gave him a stat increase, in my last report I wrote he was increasing his Shoot stat but after reading over the game again I ended up going with the Fight Stat.

Again the mission specifies Gnolls as the adversary . We’ve replaced Gnolls with Orcs as primary agents of Shadow Deep in my games , the Orcs have the exact same stats as the Gnolls presented in the mission or the RoSD bestiary.

All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) The first number always being the heroes.

There is no Target Point in this scenario

Here are Blackwulf and his men current stats are we go into the game.



After the encounter at the bridge, you and your companions were able to slip past a couple of other Orc patrols and reach Tor Varden. There were no guards posted outside, and very little indication of anyone inside. Then a muffled scream came from somewhere in the tower. It was a sign both good and ill. There is at least one man alive in Tor Varden, but you might already be too late to save him. You will need to move fast.

Special Rules

This scenario continues until all the doors have been opened, and all evil models on the table have been killed.

Before we start I need to have a hero make both a Stealth and Pick Lock roll at (TN 10)
We choose our Rogue of course as he’s +5 to both skills. Unfortunately he’s having an off day and rolls (4) and (6) so he’s spotted by enemy but does pick the lock. Regardless the team has already suffered the penalty in the first room as the Vulture escaped in the previous scenario
The Orcs ready and waiting as Gord releases the mechanism that raises the heavy portcullis opening the door to lower level of Tor Varden.

The door to the lower levels of Tor Varden

We draw a card to see what the first room is:


The Armoury. This room is lined with racks filled with weapons and armour. One
clue marker should be placed in each of the two corners opposite the door by which
the heroes entered. One Orc archer should be placed in the center of the wall
running between the two clue markers. Two Orc fighters should be placed in the
centre of the room. If the players have suffered the penalty for this room, (YES WE HAVE)
then replace the two Orc fighters with Orc sergeants.
Players have until the end of the fourth turn after they open the door to this
room, to open the door to the next room, or they suffer the penalty in that room
been killed.

Orc were alert and waiting.



Blackwulf group activates with his three comrades at the door , Gord , Skuti and Thorvald

Blackwulf immediately makes a 6 inch move and engages an Orc Sergeant
He attacks (17,8) ahh so close to being able to use his deadly strike ability. Still at +4 to the Sgts +3 he wins easily 21 to 11.. the Orc is armor 11 so its 10 damage.enough to kill a regular orc but not a sergeant!.

Thorvald moves to following  Blackwulf making the combat 2 vs 1..Thorvald will be +5 to the Orcs +3..(14,10)  Thorvald wins 19 to 13…the hammer drops for 8 damage and the Orc Sergeant falls.

Skuti moves behind the large pillar in the room and then shoots at the second Orc Sergeant.
(14,16 ) the shot ties 16 to the shot misses

Gord makes a 6 inch move behind some crates and throws his lucky knife at the Orc Archer,
(6,12) but its not so lucky this time and bounces off the wall.


The remaining Orc Sergeant following the evil actions rules must engage Blackwulf so he does
I know have the choice of having Thorvald (who is beginning the game with only 7 health) pulled in giving a us a big +6 to +3 advantage..I deem the risk is worth it and we fight 2 vs 1
(10,12) ugh not great but we barely win 16 to 15 doing 5 damage to the Orc

Orc Archer returns fire at Gord but Gord has light cover for +2 (14, 19) ugh..the Orc is a marksman it seems at the Orc Wins 22 to 17 ouch 22 is lethal to Gord with no armor its 12 damage and he's only 10 health..I got careless here and our Rogue falls out of action,


All Companions in play have gone this turn


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates with Thorvald and Skuti

Blackwulf in a 2 vs 1 with the wounded Orc Sergeant is +6 with Thorvald Supporting. (14,3)
20 to 6 the Orc is clobbered and goes down with 9 damage.

Skuti moves to hard cover behind crates and has a clear shot at the Orc Archer (7,7)  ties at 9 the arrow just misses

Thorvald moves 6 inches and engages the Orc Archer they fight (6,15) ughh this Orc is going to be a problem  the orc wins 16, 9…that’s 5 damage to Thorvald who drops to 2 health!


The Orc Archer attacks Thorvald again is +3 to +1 (18,15) WHEW..Thorvald wins 21 to 16
The damage is 13 more than enough for Thorvalds hammer to splatter it against the wall.


The remaining companions come charging in all making double moves toward the door.


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates with Sigurd, and Leofric

Blackwulf moves to Thorvalds side and cast his Heal Spell on him giving him 5 health back

Sigurd moves to the western clue marker we roll (13)

Hidden Note. -Make a Perception Roll (TN5). If successful you find a note scrawled
by the captain of the tower, before he was killed, warning of the shadow knight that
is now in control of the tower. Your first attack that damages the shadow knight in
the next scenario does an additional 2 points of elemental magic damage.

Sigurd makes the Perception check at +0 and rolls (8)  he passes.

Leofric moves to the Door but doesn’t open it yet.


All creatures in this room have been eliminated


Skuti- moves to cover the hidden making sure he has cover himself from the pillar

Guthrum- moves to the eastern clue marker, roll (18)

Book of Astronomy. You find a book of star charts. Any figure carrying this book
receives +1 to Navigation Rolls

well not particularly useful in this mission but we will hold on to it

Thorvald- Hold position moves 0.


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates  Sigurd, Leofric and Thorvald

Leofric- Opens the Door we draw a card.


The Storage Room. This room is filled with boxes, crates, bags, and barrels. Two treasure
tokens should also be placed in the room, in the corners opposite the door from which
the heroes enter. Four Orc  fighters are in this room. One should be positioned adjacent
to each treasure token. Two more should be standing together halfway between the two
doorways (or the doorway and the stairs in the case of Room C).
If the players have suffered the penalty for this room, replace the two orc fighters
next to the treasure tokens with orc  archers, and put them in cover behind crates.
Players have until the end of the fourth turn after they open the door to this
room to open the door to the next room, or they suffer the penalty in that room.

Storeroom setup

We do NOT suffer the penalty in this room, so no Archers.

Leofric follows up with a 6 move but can quite reach any orcs

Blackwulf makes a 9 inch double move engaging the right center Orc
Thorvald also makes a 9 inch move engaging the right center orc

Sigurd makes a 9 inch double move as well moving toward Leofric but cant reach an Orc either


Right Center Orc is engaged with Blackwulf and Thorvald its +6 vs +2  (16,15 ) or 22 to 17 a win and an easy kill with Thorvalds support  with 12  damage.

Left Center Orc  moves and engages Leofric . I snap Sigurd into the Combat so its +5 vs +2
(6,8) or 11 to 10 the heros win but no damage

Left Orc-  moves to flank Sigurd this pulls hims out of support of Leofric so there are no extra bonuses its +3 vs +2  (17,7) Sigurd  prevails mightly 20 to 9… 9 damage to the Orc doesn’t not put it down its fights on with 1 Health

Right Orc is closest to Sigurd so he charges in this gives the Orcs +2 to the Fight or +3 to +4 (15,10) or 18 to 14 Sigurd prevails….wounding Orc with the lowest health the Left Orc with 1 health falls dead


Skuti , moves to the Doorway but has no viable targets

Guthrum – makes a double move into the room but cant reach any combatants


The are no random events in this scenario

STORAGE ROOM ( description says 4th turn after door is open which would make Turn 5 the 1st turn    in the storage meaning we have till the end of Turn 8 to get the door open to room C.
However I am playing it 4 turns after we opened the door making it end of Turn 7.)



Blackwulf group activates  Sigurd, Leofric and Thorvald

Blackwulf engages Left center Orc we have Leofric for Support..+6  vs +2  (7,4) Blackwulf wins 13 to 6..its only 2 damage to the Orc

Leofric attacks with Blackwulf support.  +5 vs +2  (7,8)  or 12 to 10 the heros win but its only 1 point of damage

Sigurd is fighting the Right Orc is +3 vs +2  (8,17) oh no the Orcs are battling back he bests Sigurd this round winning 19 to 11..Sigurd takes 7 damage!

Melee is center of room got ugly quick , here Sigurd Survives a 3 vs 1

Thorvald – moves into combat with Leofric and Sigurd hoping for the Kill now he will get a +4 bonus for 2 allied figures supporting +7 to +2.  (16,20) oof thankfully  evil creatures don’t auto win or crit on a 20…we barely squeak this out  23 to 22 but with the Hammer damage bonus its wopping 14 damage taking out the Orc.


A Lone  Right Orc stands,  it continues fighting Sigurd.. +3 vs +2 (1,7) ugh 4 to 9 the Orc wins but does no damage.


Guthrum snakes his way into the combat with Sigurd but it takes a double move so no fight.

Skuti moves twice and reaches the left most Treasure Token


The are no random events in this scenario


Blackwulf group activates  Sigurd, Thorvald and Guthrum

Guthrum fights the last Orc with Sigurd supporting (7,11)  at +5 vs =2  its 13 to 12 the Orc wins doing 2 damage to Guthrum.

Thorvald moves into combat against it’s a 3 vs 1 giving him + 7 vs + 2..ack (6,18) this super orc is possessed he fights off all three! Winning 20 to 9… that’s 8 damage to poor Thorvald who has 7 health so he goes down!

Super Orc here, returns the favor  not only surviving a 3 vs 1 but puts Thorvald out of action!

Blackwulf moves into combat now that Thorvald as fallen there is room. He has 2 allies supporting his for a +8 attack vs +2.., (14,3) finally the Ranger delivers a killing blow winning the fight 23 to 5 and 12 damage

Sigurd moves to the Treasure token by the door.


All creatures in this room have been eliminated


Skuti picks up the Treasure token and moves to cover the door

Leofric moves toward  the door, but doesn’t reach it , he wants to stay close enough to Blackwulf to activate in the next Ranger Phase.


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates  Guthrum, Skuti and Leofric

Ok Gord and Thorvald are down, Sigurd is at 7 health, Guthrum 11 , while the others are unwounded.

Leofric- moves to the door, opens it- we draw a card. Leofric moves into the room.


The Shaman’s Workshop. Whatever this room once was, it has been completely
transformed into a horrific workshop. The room contains some scattered furniture,
all of it covered in animal parts. In the centre of the room is a table with an inanimate
flesh golem lying on top of it. Place a Orc shaman next to the table. Place two Orc
fighters 3” away from the table, between the table and the door through which the
heroes entered. If the shaman is still alive at the end of the third turn after the door
to the room is opened, the flesh golem animates – treat it as a normal evil creature.
If the players have suffered the penalty for this room, then the Orc shaman
has cast a spell and every hero entering the room must make a Will Roll (TN10) or
suffer -2 Fight while within the room. Players have until the end of the fifth turn after they open the door to this room, to open the door to the next room, or they suffer the penalty in that room.

Shaman workshop set up

The Heroes do not suffer the penalty for this room  The flesh golem will animate during the creature phase of Turn 9.

Blackwulf – Moves to the door, and fires his bow at the Orc dead ahead he declares his “steady aim” shot for +5 since he moved it’s a hurried shot for +6 the Orc has no cover.
(20,6)  boom critical hit with the bow…I guess we didn’t need the steady aim.. winning 26 to 8 with the Crit its 31 to 8 or 20 damage…I think that’s the most damage I have done in a single attack yet. The orcs head explodes…

Blackwulf shoots his epic bow shot from here

The Orc at the top on this pic takes the 20 damage arrow
However Blackwulf is no blocking the door and I can find anything in the book about moving thru allied figures…

Guthrum and Skuti move up toward the door there is no one is sight for a bow shot.


The remaining Orc Soldier quacking engages Leofric, they fight! +3 vs +2  ( 4,14,) ugh Leofric bungles his attack losing 16 to 7 taking 4 points of Damage

The Orc Shaman jumps on the opportunity and Joins the combat making it +3 vs + 3 (11,3)
Leofric prevails  14 to 6 doing  3 damage to the Shaman.

Leofric running ahead and getting mobbed somehow he lived.
COMPANION PHASE- Sigurd secures his treasure token but cant get thru the door.


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates  Guthrum, Skuti and Sigurd

Blackwulf charges thru the door attacking the Shaman. +4 to +1  (7,3) The Ranger wins but no damage is dealt. But he pushes the Shaman back so Skuti can get a bow shot.

Skuti moves into the room and shoots an arrow at the Shaman . +2 vs +1  (16,4) Skuti hits with an 18 doing 6 damage to Shaman he is down to 3 health!

Sigurd  and Guthrum both move into the room but position and obstacles prevent them from engaging the Orcs
Skuti manages to get off his one bow shot here..


Orc  Soldier continues fighting Leofric  +3 vs +2  (13,11,) Leofric battles to win the round 16 to 13 doing 5 damage to Orc with 11 armor.

Orc Shaman also must engage Leofric.. with the support is even dice. (11,7 ) Leofric wins but no damage he (Leofric)  steps back


Leofric stepping back allows Guthrum room to engage the Orc Soldier +3 vs +2 , (10,17) ugh bad move for Guthrum he loses combat 13 to 19 and takes  8 damage , Guthrum is at 3 health!

Sigurd- has room to maneuver around the furniture and engage the Shaman +3 vs +1 , (10,4)
Sigurd wins 13 to 5 doing 2 points to Shaman he down to 1 health he needs to Survive the next Ranger phase.

Skuti- has no vaild bow target so activates but sits tight hoping for a lucky shot


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates Sigurd, Guthrum and Leofric

Blackwulf moves into combat with the Shaman , with Sigurd now supporting (+6 vs +1) (6,15)
It seems that Flesh Golem is just destined to activate. Blackwulf loses 12 to 16…to the Shaman he takes 5 damage and is Poisoned!

Sigurd tries to finish the job +5 with Support vs +1  (6,6)  Noooo, he cant do it he wins but doesn’t damage the Shaman with an 11 vs armor 11..
Leofric has to move around the Flesh Golem on the Table and cant reach either combat

Leofric trying to flank but couldnt reach...

Guthrum is fighting the Orc Soldier  +3 vs +2   (14,7)  Guthrum wins 17 to 9 with the 2 handed axe the 8 damage is enough to put the Orc down!


Flesh Golem Animates!  Its rises from the table destroys it in splinter of wood and attacks Leofric! Who just happens to be standing right there..bad timing , it. +3 vs + 4 (19,13)  Leofric must be channeling some heroic impulse as he scores a brutal wound for the men of Tor Varden nearly stopping the Golem in its tracks  winning 22 to 17 its 12 damage against its armor 10. Just like that the Golem has 4 health

Flesh Golem animates and the Orc Shaman with 1 health just wont die....

Shaman engaged with Sigurd and Blackwulf attacks the wounded Sigurd.  +5 vs +1 (5,9)
Again a stalemate combat! No damage


Skuti moves hoping to finish the Golem off but just doesn’t have a shot.


The are no random events in this scenario



Blackwulf group activates Sigurd, Guthrum

Guthrum slides into the combat with the Shaman…with 2 allies supporting its +7 to + 1 (6,1) or 13 to 2 with the damage bonus its  4 damage enough to put the shaman down

Blackwulf  now can move into combat with the Flesh Golem he must make the TN8 will check (15) +4 = 19 ..Blackwulf  isn’t  bothered by the Golems “horrific appearance “ and but since he is Poisoned he cannot attack!!

Sigurd must try to finish the Job he also trys to move into combat with the Golem . he makes his Will check (6) +2 = 8 Right on the nose!  He now has  2 allies supporting for +7 vs +4  (19,7) yeah! A crushing blow…26 to 11  or 16 damage the Golems head comes off!..

Sigurd with the final killing blow on the Golem ending the scenario



Blackwulf   14 health remaining, Poisoned
Skuti- Unwounded
Guthrum- 3 Health remaining
Sigurd  5 Health remaining
Leofric  8 Health remaining
Gord  out of action- roll (11) full recovery
Thorvald  out of action (11) full recovery

The next scenario starts immediately after this as we proceed up the stairs all models regain 8 health .

I assuming in Gord and Thorvalds case with no down time between these scenarios “full recovery” just means they have survived without any additional ailments and now have 8 health since they were at “0”

So the groups condition as it heads up the tower stairs is as follows

Blackwulf, full health 19, poison cured.
Skuti full health 10
Guthrum  wounded health 11
Sigurd full health 12
Gord wounded 8 health
Thorvald wounded 8 health
Leofric full health 12


8 Orcs killed at 3 xp each  = 24 xp
5xp for the Shaman
5 xp for the Golem

34 xp total


Sigurd awarded  bonus elemental damage against Shadow Knight

Guthrum holds onto the Book of  Astronomy for the time being

Treasure Token 1- roll  (4)  Gold and Jewels  ( I take the progression point and give it to Gord.)

Treasure Token 2 roll (9) Herb of Potion roll (14)  Philter of Fairy Dust (this will come in very handy next scenario. We give this to Blackwulf swapping out his dagger slot

Final thoughts

A grindy tough fight...we had superior numbers so my never suffered the penalty other than the first room , I can see parties with much smaller number or those who forget to take advantage of the extra soldier acquired from the bridge if they roll it having a much tougher fight, the golem could have  been a lot tougher had we failed a Will Check at the end there, if gotten a decent roll vs the shaman the last room would have been dare I say… easy.

Experience wise we got the basic points you can get plus the golem. We missed some of the bigger rewards we could have rolled if we got lucky on the clue table, I was hoping for the Torture Room on that one.

I see a lot folks online running multiple Rangers with less grunts and more elite troops, while everyones mileage may vary, I think if you want to balance out the flickleness of the D20, situations like Orc grunts flanked on 3 sides fighting off your attack and put on of your men down. (turn 6, Thorvald ) You need take as many troops as your RP allows, I’d also save the Raptors and Hounds for higher levels  or if you have odd RP to burn after troops.

Up the stairs they go…..

To the tower roof!!!


Simon Quinton said...

Great battle report. It looks great.

Dr Mathias said...

Very inspirational! I got the rules about a week ago, looking forward to playing.

I have a couple dozen Hirst molds, time to start casting the fantasy ones in quantity...


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