Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Terrain Table

Here are some shots of my table for 40K, there are 3 different hills, two which provide good deployment cover or a ranged overview of the table, a center hill, and miscellaneous crater, and the crashed spaceship from the Battle of Macragge starter set. I am still working on the crashed ship and will eventually bring the color up to a battle scarred white (similar to the small piece in the bottom shot.) The tabletop itself can also use some work. I will probably glue down some fine sand in various spots and drybrush it brown to match the terrain. Regardless these are fine for playing the Macragge missions and I will continue to improve these during time I mentally need to work on something other than small figures. Current W.I.P- another tact squad, some elite units, and a Rhino APC. More soon..



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