Thursday, May 10, 2007

Works in Progress

Wow, havent gotten a ton of late due to life getting in the way. Working on my *test* Rhino APC which was bought prebuilt and primed on ebay. After not liking my first drybrushing paint attempt. I decided to strip it. Turns out it was primed with several coats of laquer spray that won't come off but flaked off in chunks. One top of the tap the 1st coat was dayglow orange. The result is that this thing is getting the heavy battlescarred treatment due to what I am working with, a extremely rough and pitted finish. It's coming along pretty well just slow. I also was experimenting with making extra armor out of plasticard using the photo of the Forge World reiforced armor as a guide as well a template someone from AWC sent me.
Somehow there is disconnect for me, as I cant get it to look right using the template it's a bit different than what I see in the FW photo. I'll have suck it up and buy some pricey Forge World armor to use as a guide. frustrating I spent two nights working on this.

Finished up a few other of my space marines and have been digging into my second tactical squad box. They are coming along real well. Not to mention I have been fooling with my WFB Empire General Boxes to..need to get my 1000pts of 40k done 1st...getting there. will post pics later.


Scott said...

Day-Glow Orange? What chapter were they going for?

Old Coast said...

I'm thinking Blood Angels unless they were going for a wacky custom chapter
like "order of the pumpkin"
flashback to Strawberry Shortcake SM's from Adepticon..LOL!


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