Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tact Squad #2 , in progress

Here's a bunch of Space Marines assembled and ready to be primed. Here is my commander in Terminator Armor with Storm Bolter and Power Sword. He deep strikes with Assault Marines in my 1000 point army,

Regular Commander w/Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol
from Commander Box set.

Front Row: Marine Vet, Plasma Gunner, Sarge,
Back Row: Marine w/Bolter X 2, Commander w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Axe
Marines from Tactical Squad Box.

Marines with Bolters and Bayonettes

Another shot of Commander, 3 Marines with Bolter and Bayonette and a Standard Bearer with a Bolter and Banner- note, the shaft of the banner ends in a knife so its also his close combat weapon. The banner also is removable so I can switch it out...I have 3 or so I want to make before I glue on the one that comes out best.

Here is another shot Tact Squad 2's Sarge, Plasma Gunner, and Beak Helmet with Bolter and Knife, I am really liking these three models.

These guys are about ready to be primed, the commanders need a primer touch up. everybody still needs Backpacks..those go on last after I get the models primed and base coated. I still have to add things like purity seals, ammo pouches, grenades, etc to many models..and I still need to build the Marine with the Missile Launcher. Should get into priming over the next couple days.
then I will probably bang out the rest of the paint on "test rhino", before I start base coating these guys.


Anonymous said...

What, !!!! no back packs?


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