Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Warhammer Terrain

I was surprised tuesday afternoon to come home to find my pre-ordered set of the new Warhammer terrain had arrived. - at about $100 before shipping I was hoping this was a good as it looked in the photos- I am glad to report, it is.

First off- I am impressed by the box, it's a large box, which is good- as it means, there's a lot of stuff in it and secondly- it's a heavy duty box with a removable lid so its good for storage. good deal

The box set comes with two tubs of flock, Two hills including the very cool modular hill (below Hill on left) That solidly snaps together either side by side (what's pictured) or end to end. Combine it with another modular hill to make a mega-huge hill. I definitely will need to pick up another modular hill as the mega-hill would be great on my 4x8 table

Below is the arcane ruins sprue, there one of the base sprue and 4 of the pillar sprue giving you
plenty of options. Then there are 3 trees sets, the foliage sprue isn't pictured here (camera issues) there are three of the tree sets in here, what is extra cool is that the trees are removable from the base.

I must say this is a solid buy all the sprues are heavy duty and this is a well put together product. I am psyched to get working on this, as this set is going to deck my WFB table quite nicely. While I like building my own terrain.. (as I did on my Macragge 4x4 table )
I currently have two armies in the works and there are only so many hours in the day- so this seemed like a good idea. I have the week of July 4th off and plan on getting a couple days to myself in there in order to crank some of this out.

More army pics are coming soon, I am waiting on our new camera to show up any day now as this one here is screwed, it takes pictures ok but the LCD screen fried and doesnt work period. You can not even see what you taking pictures of until you download them on your computer totally sucks.

My 500 pts of Ultramarines is 90% done, just need to touch up and and detail the last few guys. Next up on the 40K workbench is my Assault Marine Squad. I am hoping to squeeze a game in this weekend give the full 500 a whirl with Scott from the Citizen Nick Hobby Center
Where he will surely demon summon me into oblivion. Later in the month I meet up with some local guys who used to play at the old Hobbytown over in Oak Park. (coincidently the new location for the new Games Workshop store)

I am currently crashing through my 1st 500 pts of my Empire- Hochland army in hopes of getting some games in the local events coming up at the end of the month it's going to be tight whether I make it or not.



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