Sunday, June 24, 2007

Battle Report

Here's the battle report from todays game between Scott and myself we both used 493 points in a 500 point game

Army Lists

John -Ultramarines

Squad A

Captain ( Power Weapon/ Plasma Pistol/ Iron Halo)
Sgt - Bolt Pistol/ Chainsword
8 Marines- 6 w/bolters / 1 Plasma Gun / 1 Missile Launcher

Squad B
Sgt- Bolt Pistol/ Chainsword
9 Marines 7 w/ Bolters /1 Plasma Gun /1 Missile Launcher
Rhino APC w/ smoke launchers

Scott- Thousand Sons

Squad 1

8- Chaos Marines
1- Aspiring Champion
2- Wizard/ Thrall

Squad 2

Summoned 9 Tzeentch Flamers

Chosen mission was "Cleanse" , so we seperated the board in 4 quarters. Scott won the die roll and choose the Northwest Corner of the board, I deployed 1st and set up in the Southeast corner. I choose to set up Squad B near the center edge of my quadrant with Squad B deployed outside and behind their Rhino Squad A was in the rear to the left behind some cover. since I was setup close to the center, scott had to deploy 18 inches back putting his Son in the rear of his quadrant


Turn 1- We had both moved into position, both of us getting cover from the center terrain a shot or two was exchanged between the few unit the had range and L.O.S but there were with no losses
(Turn 1)

Turn 2- Scott summons his 9 Flamers his scatter die was 9 inches to his left of his marines, putting them in more of a position to advance my second squad who sits waiting to fire as they approach. The Thousand Sons move toward my Rhino and squad B - after rolling on a two on his "slow and purposeful" move only one of his Sons has a clear shot at only one of my Ultramarines and kills him. On my turn several of my Marines move and shoot and well as the Rhino's storm bolter, I end up with 7 hits then 3 wounds but the Thousand Sons save them all. Squad A and the summoned demons are now moving into range of one another
(turn 2)

Turn 3- I have six marines of Squad B exposed and just past the nose of my rhino, Scott unloads a hail of Bolter fire and his Champs doom bolt I take alot of hits, not sure how many but it turned into enough wounds that I failed 6 saves and all Six marines are wasted, squad B is down to three men, I make my leadership test so they hold . The Flamers moves toward my second squad but only two have range, 6 heavy bolter shots later my standard bearer on point is dead. Squad A is now down 1 man. Great turn for scott I now have 8 losses to his zero. On my turn, I pull back my rhino giving my stationary covered, Missile Launcher, Sgt and last Marine L.O.S on all his Sons. The missile launcher sends a Krak missile in killing a Kson instantly. The remaining Bolter fire ( including the Rhino) manages to hit and cause two more wounds killing a Second Kson. Squad A opens up with everything they got including a frag missile at the oncoming Flamers and kill two of them as well.
(Turn 3)

Turn 4- Scott moves up with slow and purposeful getting within two inches of my last three marines in Squad, he then casts a spell that I forget the name of - but it was essentially a auto-kill flame template. He kills two of my last three marines, the remaining hail of fire from the Kson blows my last marine out of existence. Squad B is totally wiped out. except for the rhino that fires and misses.( Scott somewhere in there sacrificed his thrall for extra doom bolts from the champ, I dont recall if they extra fire hit anything or not, sacrifices the second later for the same) Again not all his demons have range so the ones that can shoot either miss or I save, Squad A takes no losses

Squad A more worried about the demons heavy bolters so again they hold and fire a frag missile and rapid fire bolters. Another Demon goes down and another takes 1 wound.

Turn 5 - Scott has the clear upper hand here but this is where its turns around for me. The Ksons dont have enough move to get around the Rhino and fire at my other squad, so they assault the Rhino battering away at it but do no damage. Scotts remaining 6 demons are now all in range and give me the full 18 shots with there heavy bolters, I take a punishing 7 wounds but amazingly save 6, only losing one man. On my turn I pull the Rhino back swinging it around horizontally so its screening my other squad entirely from the advancing Ksons to the north. The Rhinos storm bolter fires and Scott again makes his armor saves. My Ultramarines advance and charge the 6 Flamers, killing four of them- My remaining marines pile in. Scotts demons make their morale check. (Demonic Stability)

Turn 6 - Scott seeing his demons are done for, and cant fire into close combat pulls his remaining Ksons back into his quadrant so he can get scoring points. The demons do nothing in close combat and the Ultramarines kill them easily. The marines consolidate moving up and are thankfully within 12" of the falling back Thousand Sons. On my turn I unload everything I got- 3 plasma shots, 10 bolter shots ( including Rhino) and a Krak Missile into scotts guys..The Krak missed but I scored 3 plasma wounds and 2 wounds from Bolters. scott took the three plasma wounds losing 1 man and and giving 1 wound to another...scott needs to make the 2 bolter saves but rolls snake eyes...ouch!! -the 2nd Kson dies and a 3rd takes the last wound. His Squad is now less than 50% with 4 casualties and both Thralls sacrificed and is now a non scoring unit. Ultramarines hold the quadrant and prevail!
(Turn 6)

Scotts Chaos army is super tough...the Flamers where alot easier to deal with this time having Missile Launchers and being able to get them in to close combat ( last time at Art's place they wiped out my whole squad who where holed up in the second story of a building exchanging fire) If I wasnt able to block the Ksons L.O.S with the Rhino in round 5- I would have been in big trouble. Getting screening protection was a key as was getting the Ultramarines into close combat. As it stood if Scott had made just one of those last saves It would have been a draw. GG scott, I'm sure Chaos will seek revenge soon.


Brian said...

Vehicles are so much more fun in small games..

Scott said...

Sweet Battle report, John. That was really a close game. If I hadn't failed those last two saves, I'd at least have gotten a draw!

You were wise to charge my flamers. They basically fell apart after that.

I agree with Brian about vehicles. It makes me want to get my Rhinos painted up.


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