Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long Overdue Update, New Pics!

Finally I get these posted, I had a super busy time this month and trying to get a variety of hobbying done was pretty tough. I had a least a week where I didnt touch a thing this month with my daughters 1st birthday, and Thanksgiving both within a week of each other. I had been telling people I had a update coming so this is it. My Empire Army as it stands, I have 57 models painted which is just about 1/2 of the Army. This is big month for me, I need to get 12 cavalry models done this month at a minimum to stay on track to finish by early March in time for Adepticon 2008.

Other news we started a new campaign at the GW, Oak Park store. This one is bi-weekly so we have alot more time to get games in. Same crew as before,with the exception of Felix and his Wood Elves who are bogged down with real life issue ( hopefully we can get a game in soon bud!) Some new faces in this campaign, and we expanded the Mighty Empire rules a but with race specific buildings, new event strategies and actually making gold useful. I am looking forward to it. We've played the 1st round so far and my Empire lost to Bill Lim's "Army of Sylvania" really tough game. Still not sure how counter that VC army but I am working on it. I will post a new campaign log for the first two rounds either tuesday night or wednesday, with all the new rules, players, games results and the map!

Free Company, Captain who is the Battle Standard Bearer, Block of 24 swordsmen with a Warrior Priest and my Wizard.

Crossbows in the rear on the right, note one of the new fantasy building by Armorcast in the back as well as the pre made GW trees and hedges. I needed more trees for my table and although I have 3 of the new citadel wood kits, they are really time consuming, I only have one done and second base done, when I'll have time for more I don't know.

The Handgunners are on the far end in two ranks. what I have painted now is still only about 850 pts. Once my next project of finishing my knights and my General, its will over 1250. Another Armorcast building in the rear there.

I have my whole 2250 point army built, based and primed right now with the exception of a final ten Flagellants, I've actually built more stuff than I need as I keep changing things around with different armies and point totals of the Campaign. For instance I doubt any archers at all will make my final list and I have 10 built, Jeff W, gave some 6th ed Spearmen which might make an appearance soon. I need to start playing 2250 regularly at this point, and make some final decisions. I may need to make few trips out the bunker on our campaign off weeks and try my hand at some other local players.


The Hammer said...

Hey John, the army looks awesome. I can't wait to throw down against them. I've got all the models that I need for my High Elf force. I've already got half of it assembled. I'm available on 10/11 for a game, so let me know if your free. Also, I've decided to start a blog, using, the url is below. I wasn't happy with the other one.

Old Coast said...

Thanks Jeff,

I assume you mean 12/10, 12/11....
Tuesday the 11th in the evening I am at GWOP with scheduled games but I was thinking about taking a day if your free during the day
we could do it then..otherwise that monday night can work for me. If I remember correctly you aren't far from me (I am like 10 mins north of midway, in Cicero near 290)

Can you field 2K or 2250?, I am itching to try out the new Elves I hear they are TOUGH.

The Hammer said...

sorry, yeah. I meant december. i may be free on that monday night. i have class then too, but i'm not sure if my final is early or not. daytime is tough, but maybe the monday night. i'll check when the exam is a follow up.

i can field 2250 on the elves no problem. just not painted. i'm kind of eager to try them as well.

Old Coast said...

Either monday night 10th or tuesday day 11th works for me, if you want to make a tuesday night happen next tuesday 12/4 is great, that's an off week at GWOP.

The Hammer said...


Can you update the link to my blog? Thanks!!!!


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