Saturday, March 8, 2008

Empire Heroes

I realized that I hadn't gotten around to posting any shots of my finished General. I also recently did another reconfiguration of my tourney army, which needed a mounted Warrior Priest. I didn't have one so I made one out of bits and brown stuff. The priest is a free company head, (shaved down to be bald) and the body is all from the knights box, while the arms are from the White Wolf Sprue, the robe/cloak is made out of Brown Stuff, first time I've worked with it and its so much easier to work with than green stuff, Brown is much harder and when flattened into a square you can actually cut shapes with a pair of scissors!. Try that with green stuff..anyway green stuff for gap filling, brown stuff for modeling it. I still got make the priest a horse as he is currently riding one belonging to my knights, but that will have to come later, I think he came out pretty good for two evenings work. Ok-back to painting.


Josh said...

Nice freehand, as always.

And also, you built and painted him in two days? Damn! I feel slow.

Old Coast said...

I built him on monday night, took awhile thou with brown stuff probably spent like 4-5 hours...painted him
in about 3 hours Wednesday with a hour of touch up the next morning before I left for work, then I did the freehand on thursday night..another couple three nights all in-

BTW in need you email for the new campaign..send it to me at
let me know how you game with Anthony goes tomorrow, good luck!

Bill said...

Looks awsome. Josh already said it but your looks slick. Your army looks very polished and complete.

Billy said...

Those look really cool, man, I like the Warrior Priest a lot. I've seen some stuff on varying the mix of the 2 parts in epoxy putty, and possibly mixing resin and hardeners between different types, you may be able to find a mix that works well for you. Ask Bill Lim about it, I know he did some of that to get a faster-drying putty when he made his Zombie Giant.

Bill said...

For my Undead Giant (eventually I'll paint him up *sigh*) I just used green stuff. Brown Stuff is defenately the way to go if you need a harder putty (good for weps, and holding edges like the folds and cloak that you have built here). I also got sick of waiting for the putty to cure a bit before it became workable so I was mixing in a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio (more blue than yellow). This had two effects.
1. Makes the putty cure a lot quicker (thus entering the "workable" state sooner.
2. Its a fair bit harder than a straight 1:1 mix of yellow and blue.

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