Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mighty Empires III- Round 1

3/25 Games Workshop, Oak Park

The third installment of our Mighty Empires Campaign is underway. This time we've added two new players, a slew of house rules, custom tiles and a bigger map. There is no winning point total, we are just going to let it run 9 turns and see who wins.

The Armies and their Generals

Erik- Dogs of War -Mercenary General
Andre- Dwarfs- Runelord
Kenny- Ogres- Tyrant
Josh- Chaos Undivided- Exhalted Sorceror
Eric- Lizardmen- Saurus Old Blood
Joe- Lizardmen- 2nd Gen Slaan Mage
John- Empire- Empire General
Bill- Vampire Counts- Vampire Lord
Billy- High Elves- High Elven Prince
Jeff- Chaos Undivided- Chaos Lord
Anthony- Orcs and Goblins- Black Orc Warboss

Strategic Events

Dogs of War- Land Grab
Dwarfs- War Tax
Ogres- Building Boom
Chaos Undivided( Josh)- Fortune Favors the Bold
Lizardmen (eric) - All or Nothing
Lizardmen (joe)- No Guts, No Glory
Empire- Survey the Battlefield
Vampire Counts- Scouts
High Elves- Lead by Example
Chaos Undivided- Praise be to the Oracle
Orcs- Espionage

Campaign Events

Dogs of War- Fame
Dwarfs- Hidden Cache - Rune of Battle, Master Rune of Challenge
Ogres- Thy Lord Returns- Skrag the Slaughterer
Chaos Undivided (Josh)- All is well
Lizardmen (eric) - Hidden Cache- Dispel Scroll, Power Stone
Lizardmen (joe)- Corruption
Empire- Fame
Vampire Counts- Fame
High Elves- All is well
Chaos Undivided- All is well
Orcs- Corruption


All player starting with one hex have a Empire Strength of 1, and generate 25gp.
Dwarfs- 125gp (war tax+100) Lizardmen (joe)- 0 (corruption-100) Orcs- 0 (corruption-100)

(This weeks games are all 2000 points before gold upgrades)

Dogs of War VS Dwarfs
DRAW, 2 Empire points each.

Ogres VS High Elves
DRAW, 2 Empire points each.

Chaos Undivided ( Josh) VS Lizardmen (Eric)
Chaos Undivided (Josh) - Solid Victory!!!! 4 Empire Points

Lizardmen (joe) VS Orcs
DRAW, 2 Empire points each.

Empire VS Chaos Undivided
Chaos Undivided (Jeff) - Solid Victory!!!! 4 Empire Points

Vampire Counts VS High Elves
Vampire Counts- Massacre!!! 5 Empire Points

Special Characters
(each army has a access to a special character who is revealed over the course of the campaign, those in bold have joined their Empires)

Dogs of War- Lorenzo Lupo
Dwarfs- Thorgrim Grudgebearer
Ogres- Skrag the Slaughterer
Chaos Undivided (josh)- Galrauch
Lizardmen (eric) - Krog Gar
Lizardmen (joe)- Lord Kroak
Empire- Karl Franz
Vampire Counts- Mannfred Von Carstein
High Elves- Teclis
Chaos Undivided (jeff)- Archeaon
Orcs- Grimgor Ironhide

Important Rule Errata-
pg 2- Strategic Events - strike the line, ",with the exception of #12"
pg 3- Strategic Events- 9. Fortune Favors the Bold- should read
"If you are able to seize an Empty OR Enemy Hex after your battles are fought this turn,
you receive 1 bonus empire point which MUST be applied immediately to that Hex."


Josh said...

Hey John, I'm actually running Chaos Undivided (not Slaanesh) with an Exalted Sorceror as my General Lord-choice (not a Chaos Lord), with Galrauch as my special character.

John said...

No Tomb Kings? Come on. Who doesn't love a good lot of skellies...

Old Coast said...

Josh- updated!

Yeah, some Tomb Kings would be great
I know a guy working on the coolest TK army ever, bascially huge amounts of conversions and expert GS work.
It won't see the light of for awhile however.

Josh said...

Anthony's been making noises about bringing out the TK...that would be some craziness.

Bill said...

Pfft, I can't see Anthony ever putting away his O&Gs...

Also are my skellies not enough? heh

John said...

I'm in the very very very initial stages of possibly maybe at some indeterminate point getting into WFB, and I'm looking at either TK or VC as my army because... you know... undead things are neat.

Either way I look forward to reading the reports.

Bill said...

Hey would it be possible to at some point add a blog entry with all the rules for our ME III campaign up here on the blog? It might be nice to have a copy of our rules online...though I'm not sure how/if that will be infringing on GW's stuff...

Old Coast said...

yeah to save any potential drama on infringing on the IP, ( as the ME rules are basically all there)
I'd rather just send you the word file, I could probably lay it all out on my comcast webhosting space and link to it, so it wouldn't be as obvious, its still be publicaly posted thou, I'll have to think on it.

Bill said...

Cool, no sweat don't worry about it. I would hate to get you or the "club" into trouble.

No worries.

Josh said...

To make this a little clearer, could you append our Starting Tile to our names? Maybe capitals once we build them, I don't know.

Bill said...

you mean like
Vampire Counts (Bill Lim) - B,2 ?


Josh said...

Yah, just because we have two lizard players, two undivided players, two Bills, and an Erik and an Eric.

Old Coast said...

yep- I'll figure out an unbusy way to key the map and clarify on the next update. See you guys tonight-

Josh said...

Solid victory vs. Eric, but the Slann lived to fight another day!


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