Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Battle Report- Empire vs Wood Elves VI

5/24 Plastic Legions HQ

Our 6th Battle report and that doesn't count the games we played I didn't do battle reports for. I've played felix more than about anyone in WFB. This was a 3K and Felix does the honors with the battle report HERE
Note the objective based scoring was done to simulate the new Legendary Battles rules as we had originally planned to play a 6K per side game with 4 players this day but ended up having to reschedule so we decided we'd play anyway. Table was set up quite differently than originally intended for the big game. Even after all the games I have played against the Wood Elves they continue to surprise me, the big slug fest was between Karl Franz and the Ancient Treeman locked in a challenge, we both screwed up as I somehow spaced the Ghal Maraz didn't allow armor saves and Felix spaced his ward saves, given the aptly named "annoyance of nettlings" I was only hitting on 6's, I had him down to one wound when I got a hit a bunch of times, fail all my armor and ward saves and die. The battle would have been way different if we had both done the saves properly, but that's how we played it so it is what it is. My artillery dice were wretched I actually rolled a misfire on every piece of artillery in the 1st round, jeez its only a 1-6 chance where the hell is the law of averages when you need it?? The crazy dice I've see across the board (not just me) the last month is really weird, funny how we are so close to Mars this year (LOL!) Anyway I lost this one so I am ready for some vengeance next time for sure. Felix played it right going for scoring over kills and his damn Glade Guard shot the piss out of me once again, I need to remember to kill those guys ASAP. Pics are taken right after deployment, I need to get my final stuff for 3K painted- working on it...



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