Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Project List

A bunch of people have asked me lately "what have I been working on". I feel like I haven't been as productive as usual but I'm not sure that is the case its just that lot of it isn't adding to my painted model count. Since Adepticon, I done alot of terrain work, including finishing a couple of semi done buildings, doing that miniatures scenery tavern in completion and the stone bridge from Litko Aerosystems, both the latter were pretty good time sinks, and while the bridge is totally table ready I am not super happy with it so will still tinker with it. I have another Armorcast building and some more citadel trees I want to wrap up soon. Modelwise I put some more time into my Empire Army , I need a good selection at 3K painted so I've built some more Knights and Free Company and have been working on my custom Karl Franz model, I need to do some freehand on a brown stuff cape I made, deciding how/what to do is holding me up, I also need to paint 19 Greatswords, which will take awhile. My next event will be the GT in October, as I am going to miss the Games Day tourney because its within a few days of our new daughter arriving.

I am also planning on doing the team Warhammer Ancient battles Tourney next year at Adepticon so I need to get rolling on my Celt Barbarian Army, I am still waiting on my boxes from Wargames Factory to arrive but I have a command group and 4 Chariots, but I need to get some chariot bases. 1000 points in WAB is close to 100 models, so I figure I am good for 20 tournament level/ painted models a month..its going to take me 5 months, so as long as I get serious by fall I shouldn't have issue getting it done I'm slating that to be my main fall project, which leaves me the rest of the summer. As soon as I knock out some these outstanding Empire Models, I am moving over to 40K for abit as the arrival of 5th ed has peaked my interest again and I pre ordered the "gamers edition" of the new release. I don't need any more models, I just need to finish what I have which is Captain, 2 10 man tact squads, a 6 man assault squad, a 5 man devestator squad, 3 Rhinos and a Razorback. I still need to build/ paint the Dev squad, 2 rhinos and a Razorback. I am shooting for 1500 pts, not sure where what I have falls in with the new edition but I am sure its close. If I do need more models, its definitely a terminator squad. July will be 40K month for me so while I have not talked about it much in the last year, I know no shortage of players so getting games in wont be an issue. We'll see if I get the bug, it really depends on how much I like the new rules in practice.

Last but not least is my Legend of the High Seas miniatures, like the game and there a several local guys I know interested waiting on the rulebook/minis..I got my crew assemble and primed up, I need to so some painting probably squeeze that in the week I find out I am playing a game. I really interested in working on the my ship...still figuring out how want to do the sails and rigging, it's a project..when it sees the light of day depends on whether I start playing this semi regularly.

Lost in the shuffle are my Vampire Counts of which I assembled, based and primed..exactly 4 models. I did 3 conversions the Winged Vampire Lord, the older Wight King BSB, the Varghulf, and a coversion vampire/necromancer made entirely out of Empire bits who is my favorite model of the group. I've been carefully watching my friend Bill run his- figuring out what I do and dont want to do..I am still debating color schemes trying to stay away from what I see as the standard, Black, red, blue, white color scheme GW uses. I'm thinking all Black/bone or Rust/copper and bone...I need to do some test skeletons and I am waiting on these new citadel washes that I've seem work in action at the store...before I give it shot..while I might play some 1000 pt test games with VC this year I want to really up my painting level on these guys and I want to do a custom black coach..inevitably these VC are going to be my post-adepticon 2009 army, which is fine I am still having alot of fun playing Empire.



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