Saturday, June 21, 2008

The All Nighter

June 21st -Games Workshop, Oak Park 12:00 am

In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the shop my local GW has a 45 hour event going starting at midnight Friday and running until 9pm Sunday night, the shop is open is the entire running events round the clock. With all the great prizes and swag you expect at an event like this.

Things started off with a 3K WFB tourney which I of course was a part of. There where 8 players, the armies were- Empire, Vampire Counts, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardman, Chaos Demons, and two Dwarf players. Standard RTT tourney rules with scenarios.

Being it 3K, I ran the emperor himself,- Karl Franz fresh off the painting table with his custom sculpted cape which I did some of my best freehand yet on. The cape is pretty flimsy so right I its only blue tac'd on as I don't know how well its going to hold. I put Karl on a warhorse and ran my other Lord on a Pegasus. Karl in a Block of swordsmen with a Warrior Priest and the Imperial Banner was nigh unstopped, he shrugged off about 20 wounds in my first game against Wood Elves., The unit did eventually break and was cut down however it was super close, point wise it was a Draw until we added in the bonus points for the scenario giving the Wood Elves the win.

The Emperor Karl Franz w/ Ghal Maraz

Second match was against some Dark Elves another super close game, this one was draw with only 120 point difference in my favor after scenario points where figured in. Both games I faced Elven lords on Dragons and held my own, at 3000 points the Empire is incredibly durable. I do wish we were at 2000 points however as these bigger games took time and as the sun was up well before the end of our second game. I knew I had to drop as I had to be home by 9am so my wife could go to no third game for me...bummer BUT the good news was I was totally surprised to win the first raffle of the night!, I won the 25th anniversary Wood Elf box!, which while I don't play WE it retails at $190, what a prize! and may it just come in handy...the box contains, the awesome Wood Elf Noble on the great stag, 10 Wild Riders with full command, 5 Treekin and a Great Eagle.

My Raffle Prize

Bill-and his Vampire Counts round 1, VS Dark Elves
(Bill was the favorite to win after two rounds he was the only 2-0 player)
There were alot of draws happening this evening.

The Undead polish off some Cold One Knights, round 1

Dark Elf Knights on Cold Ones..I played these guys in round 2, the Hellblaster Volleygun took care of most of them.

The late night crowd hanging about

This at about 2:30 am or so, why people were hanging about hobbying this late when they where not in the tourney, is beyond me but more power to you...I was surprised with amount of people out this late. I figured it would just be the eight of us crazy enough to stay up all night ( and boy am I paying for it today) The 40K tourney is going on right now, but I am off to bed!!.

( Campaign guys, sorry the log isn't up yet, I forgot my camera Tuesday, so only got a picture of the map last night, I will get the log posted ASAP.)


Josh said...

Sounds like you had a good time, man. Sorry I missed you at the shop, but I think we managed to get pretty full coverage of the festivities between the two of us.

Congrats on the wood elf box; that's an amazing prize.

Billy said...

The 40K tournament was much the same way, I got a loss and 2 draws... I think it might have something to do with the scenarios- in the 40K tourney at least, they were using RTT scenarios, where the bonuses for objectives are calculated for a 1500-1750 point game- a 150 point bonus does a lot less for tiebreaking in a 3000 point game. Also, Joe Farnworth picked up Best Sportsman, giving him a sweep for the weekend.

Plastic Legions said...

Nice- good for Joe!.. Out of curiosity who where the winners of the various tourneys?
I guess I will find out Tuesday if no one reports here...

Bill said...

Wow got to say that if all the players for the major tournaments were like the fantasy crowd that we had on Friday Night I would start playing in tournaments more often. Great games, great company, doin' what we all came to do....Have Fun.

I do kinda wish people were a little more prepaired (having lists for each of their opponents would be a start). However aside from that no real complaints on the weekend.

Good for Joe getting the "Best Sportsman" for both tourneys! Not an easy feat when one considers how early (late) the tournaments ran, and the tiredness associated with that.

I got 2nd overall, missing 1st place by 1 point!!! Will and I were tied until battle points (basically the extra scenerio objectives) were figured in, he had one more point than I. But you know what, I don't even care. I wasn't there to win, I was there to have a good time, and I really did, despite the tiredness the next day.

Not sure who took 3rd, in Fantasy.

Oh and John, you of course got best painted! :)

Bill said...

Will = Wood Elves player

BTW 1st place got the "new" High Elves spear head...


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