Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes, I have succumbed to temptation. Despite really, really not needing to pick up another game system- I cannot deny my fondness or affection for Lord of the Rings. All those new Mordor models where calling out to me from the pages of White Dwarf and even thou I resisted the urge when the very cool Corsairs of Umbar where released a few months ago, I could not resist the Dark Lord!. I recently picked up a box of Mordor Orcs, the new plastic Troll kit and the new Mordor book last Saturday. Seriously- its more so the fact that most of GWOP ( Games Workshop, Oak Park) campaign gang also plays LotR, I am already familiar and really like the combat system via Legend of the High Seas. While I know a few guys prepping for some LotHS games, odds are I won't get to play it all that often while LotR I can always squeak in a quick game on our off weeks over at GWOP club night. Whiles the models are night and day in detail and quality from the recent Warhammer Fantasy stuff, they are very easy to assemble and paint. The biggest obstacle being scraping the flash. I actually assembled and primed 24 orcs and the troll. In addition I sprayed all the bases and even managed to paint a couple orcs to a pretty decent standard. All that in 2- four hour sittings, on Saturday and Sunday with an extra hour or so Monday night. In comparison it took me a solid 8+ hours -just to build my first box of 10 of the new VC, Skeleton Warriors. Anyway its a low model count game that plays pretty fast...I'll planning on a Cirith Ungol/ Minas Morgul force probably around 750 points max...we will see how it goes

12:30 am- so I played my first two games tonight, game one was 300 points I ran Gorbag the Orc Captain, -w/ 23 orcs,- 7 w/Sword & Shield, 8 w/ Spears, 4 w/ Bow/, 4 w/ two handed weapons, plus the Troll. I played against Moria Goblins, with a War Drum and a Goblin King. Close game, the goblin king took down my troll, While Gorbag killed off the war drummers.
In the end he failed his courage and fled before I did.
The second match was 400 points, I ran the same army plus a second (borrowed) Troll against Boromir, Arwen, Gondorian Soldiers and Elven Archers. Ouch..much different game, Boromir is a monster. The game came down to Gorbag, who somehow made all his courage checks, until he stood alone against Boromir and 5 other guys...game over.

What I learned- Orc troops can't hang against Gondor's foot soldiers, I need 6's to wound...two handed weapons on Orc's kind of suck because of the -1 to your fight (even thou the +1 to wound is great) and you roll alot more tie's than you think. Orc's with Swords & Shields or Spears are great, the 18" Bows are useless. I would much rather have 4 more guys with shields -Trolls are totally punishing, only going down to lucky captains or characters.... Time to beef up my orcs with some Mordor Uruk-hai.. I bought a blister. Anyway I am liking this game, fast, easy, fun-

Updated- 6/29

The Mordor gang is coming together pretty quick...here's the troll and Uruk-hai
I converted all my Uruk's with misc VC bits left from my first box, the parts are the perfect size. below is the group so far, there are another 4 guys on the bench drying


Scott said...

Noooooo!!! Not you too!

just kidding. I was tempted my the Mordor stuff myself. Pretty cool stuff.

The Hammer said...

Awesome, John! LOTR is a great game. I just picked up the Mordor book myself, seeing as how I don't have an evil LOTR army. Let's play a game when you get a chance. I've got a Rangers of Arnor army.


The Hammer said...

Nicely painted by the way.

On a WFB note, I'm starting a Dark Elf army, now that the new stuff is coming out. That was my first Fantasy army ever.

Plastic Legions said...

Hey Jeff!

Sure I am free all Saturday...if you can squeeze a game of LotR in let me know, its take alot less time than Warhammer,I can only do 350-400 points thou...

New Dark Elves look great...if you want a game to test that new book out let me know!

Good to hear from you, I know you are super busy.

The Hammer said...

Let me know what your schedule is for the next week. I can do 350 if you'd like and I definitely want to get some games in once the Dark Elves are ready.

Plastic Legions said...


Next week, I am off Thursday- Sunday
Wednesday night or Thursday sometime be ideal...Friday is 4th so that's out..but my Sat/Sun is also open.
350 sounds great...we can dark elves we see each other- let me know

Billy said...

If you want to win fights with guys with 2-handed weapons, group them up with a sword/shield/spearman pairing. Orcs are cheap enough that you'll still outnumber most Good (and plenty of Evil!) forces easily. and that way you've got 2 attacks without the penalty on your side to help win the fight so that great big sword has a chance to strike blows. When I was playing Isengard, I tried running a group of 4-5 Berserkers, and that stuff is just bad news. 2-handers are too pricey to not support well.


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