Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As I am sitting around waiting for my wife to have our new baby, I figure I'd post some of recent WIP shots of my Legends of the High Seas crew and their ship, which is a 10 gun brigantine cast in resin from Old Glory

Here we have the Captain, (right) his 1st mate (w/Spyglass) and a crewman Miniatures are Crusader, the mate is this promo mini that came with the book if you ordered it through the Warstore or Brigade games.

Here you can see the detail and the imperfections of such in the ship..resin casting is tough and this ship is definitely not the best cast..I have a lot of filling and sanding to do to get this this to my own personal standard..Not the most fun, Painting these guys is blast and I am going to take them to about as good a level as I can go.

I am making good use of GW's washes on these guys which speeds things up quite a bit I have about 2 dozen Pirates of various types, keeping them all close to the same scale is tough with all the different models out there, I put these guys on the tall timber bases so they'd be at the same height as some of my reaper and GW models, I am probably going to eventually paint up 30 or so Pirates..enough to crew a large ship. (bases courtesy of Back2base-ix)

Here is a longer view of the ship, it has ports for 10 cannons..I'm only going to use 8, mounting swivels guns on the bow and stern..leaving a bit more room on deck for figures, per the High Seas, I need 5 men to crew the ship and 2 men per cannon to fire it every turn...assuming I'm firing either the port or starboard separately per turn...I need a minimum of 13 men to crew this ship (which is about the max figures that can fit on it..... since in a standard scenario you squeak out more than a dozen men with standard points Ships are basically for campaigns, rather than skirmishes. I've bought a bigger ship...(a toy version of "the black pearl" I am going to convert. That one's is Spanish galleon which should comfortably hold about 30 models. A point of note if you are going to get into this game, expensive resin ships like this (about $85 shipped) seem like a good idea..but its still a ton of work. I bought the toy ship for $20 delivered and it going to take probably similar hours to finish and it's going to look better
and be more practical for boarding skirmishes...

Sailing on a sea of grass, man! I need to make some kind of nautical surface for this game, I already have the all the buildings I need for a Port Town, I'm working on a few ideas. Thanks for looking!


David said...

Nice looking pirates! You should also check out http://www.shiftinglands.com/ for some ideas, and some very cool boats!

Anonymous said...

Cool minis. Are they citadel scale (28mm?) or smaller?

The Hammer said...

where did you get the black pearl ship that you mentioned?

Plastic Legions said...

Thanks guys

David, your site is awersome, amazing terrain on there..I will definitely be giving that the in depth read.

Eryk- the promo mini (spyglass) is true 25, the crusdaders are true 28 so smaller than GW..but bigger than say foundry stuff.

Jeff- the black pearl ship I got is the radio controlled version it takes a good amount of coversion, (like ditching the electronics and cutting down the hull) but its very scale appropriate...I found it of all places at the Disney Store for $20!! ( marked down from $50., I saw guy on a forum saying he saw it in a toy store for $120.00!! LOL!

David said...

Not my site!!! Wish it was. I'm not yet anywhere close to that talented.

But it is a cool site none the less!


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