Monday, July 21, 2008

Warhammer 40K- Confessions of serial gamer

About time I say something about the new edition of 40K, since it's all everyone seems to be talking about it. I picked up the Gamers Edition on its release day as I wanted the Ammo Crate and the token and template set. I really like the new books presentation and its a nice overall package, however it hasn't done a hell of alot to motivate me to dust off my Space Marines and get them on the table. All I need to do is finally build 2 more Rhinos and a Razorback and I'll have decent 1250 sized force of Ultramarines..problem is I can't get motivated to build those last three vehicles. Why?, - It's a couple things. If you've followed all the talk for the last months about the new editon you're aware that one of the big selling points about the new ruleset was "True Line of Sight" and an effort to make the game "less abstract" This was one of the things I really disliked about 4th edition (other that getting blown off the table 1st turn) was the "invisible pillar" terrain as well as the carrying over of wounds into the squad when only one model could be seen, unfortunately they fixed the former but specifically excluded the latter, which completely negates the entire principle of "true line of sight" as far as I can tell. This will have all kinds of ramifications to many of the other cool things they added like the new only "troops" can score..(not only can only troops score but even ONE troop can score if he can hold his position). The problem with stupid abstractions like wound carry over is it allows your opponent to shoot his entire squad (or squads!) at just "ONE" exposed model and carry over enough wounds to wipe out other nine guys that are totally concealed..That just sticks in my craw..If GW had just stuck to their guns and given us "true line of sight" across the board for all the rules. I feel I would like the new rules much better and it would be a much better game.

I played a brief skirmish with the new rules as test game for a pal whose putting a scenario together for a table at the upcoming Games Day Chicago. It was IG vs Tau...I was playing the Tau just using squads of Fire Warriors to blast out bunkered down IG with a Leman Russ squatting on an objective. I had unlimited troops, the IG had a set number of guys so the scenario was basically a last stand for the IG, how long can he survive type thing..they were still working the bugs out, (where is all that cool Tau tech when I need it, I asked?) but regardless the new rules weren't really doing anything for me- granted I was using just Tau Fire Warriors, so I was just shooting away while the Russ blasted entire squads aways with the new blast weapon rules. (which make blast weapons about 10 times better, I never even bothered to shoot a frag missile before as the Krak was so much better) Anyway, no fault of the was a work in progress, it just wasn't motivating me to run and go get a 5th ed game in.

I won't be at Games Day this saturday as my second daughter is coming sometime this week, so I'll home either waiting for/ or greeting my new girl or be at the Hospital waiting. All the great tables and games at Games Day last year got me pretty psyched to get my Marines on the table and I had good time in the Combat Patrol tourney. No such luck this year (as if I was there I'd be playing in the Fantasy GT anyway) but I'm not getting any extra motivation from the event.

I've been pretty mired down in a variety of other games and projects at the moment, including both my Legends of the High Seas Pirates and my pirate ship, as well my new LotR Mordor force. as well as new gaming table comprised of mostly Hirst Arts buildings. I am really liking both those games quite a alot as they have low model counts and a good rulesets with lots of campaign detail. I also have Celts on the back burner for Ancient Battles (if my models ever get released from Wargames Factory) and of course Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts and I am even thinking of trying a all Goblin Army just for laughs as I have 1000+ points alreadly built and they would be very easy to fill out ( I think I mentioned in a previous post my VC are going to be a very tedious build) So you might actually see Goblins before VC, we will see. Point is- all of this is keeping 40K and my Ultramarines from getting any love, I like the models, I like the game- I just can seem to wrap my head around liking the rules. Hell if they release a $200 Thunderhawk Gunship, I'll be the first guy at our shop to pre order it- the question is will I ever game with it or will stare back at me from the shelf collecting dust like my Marines?...I am really hoping the new SM codex in September lights a fire under my ass or I'll be the guy that says..yeah I play all GW's games- except it's most popular one. I know I need to play more the problem is with all I have going on 40K games need to rock me from the get go and they just are not.


The Hammer said...


Congrats on the upcoming arrival of the new little one.

I've been checking your blog and read the Empire vs. Vamp Counts report. Your models are coming along nicely.

I picked up my Dark Elf Spearhead the other day I'm actually working on them quite diligently. Even more so than the high elves that I put aside. Let's get a game in with my new Dark Elves in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be returning to work at the beginning of August, but now that's softball is over, I'll have a few evenings free.


Plastic Legions said...

Thanks Jeff!
when you get time drop me a line
either Dark Elves or Lord of the Rings...if you bring your dark elves..I might even bust out my Night Goblin Army on you...LOL!

The Hammer said...

The Gobbos would be awesome, I've never played against them.

Dude, you gotta show me the pirate game you posted. Those are frikkin' great. I was just looking into the Pirates of the Broken Coast from Privateer Press (Warmachine Supplement)

Billy said...

Pirates of the Broken Coast is very, very cool, a friend of mine is working on a force of them right now.

TLOS ended up doing some fairly nasty things on our board at Games Day. The Tau players that managed to wipe out the Guard were the ones that noticed that they could see the Command Squad past the defending infantry squads, and just lit up the smaller group with pulse rifle fire... With the new wound allocation, it's hard for a small unit to protect individual models from large numbers of shots. As for the wounding hidden models thing, I think it was in the GW podcast with Alessio where he mentions that it's kind of like removing models from the rear in Fantasy- it's representing guys stepping up to hold the relevant part of the terrain- the part where you can shoot the other guy! I've found that for the most part, all the changes made for 5th (except to vehicles, which are just irritating) were to try to redress the balance between shooting and close combat- CC is deadlier, but faster, and shooting happens much, much more. If you want to borrow the vehicles you're missing for your Ultramarines and get a game in sometime, I'd be happy to, I have plenty of blue tanks to spare, and I haven't played against loyalist marines with my Guard in quite a while.

Plastic Legions said...

Thanks Billy, I will probably take you up on that, because despite my hesitations- the more I read new battle reports the more I want to play!


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