Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mighty Empires IV - Fields of Blood

(The new map and 12 start locations)

We are about to start our 4th Mighty Empires campaign over at my local GW shop ( Oak Park).
After the overall player lethargy that had set in after the last campaign I had thought we'd be awhile before a new one came to be but, nope. The demand was there big time, 1/2 the old crew was ready to go and we no problem filling up the extra 6 slots. If fact if the store was bigger and could accommodate more games..I think we could fill out 16, maybe even up to 20 players.

It's a good commentary on Warhammer Fantasy as a game that it can draw people in long term and continually promote itself by simply existing and being played in a public arena. I just don't see that longevity and constant player growth with the other game systems. While 40K may be GW's Cash Cow, WFB seems to just build long term steady growth that as a gamer you can't help but appreciate.

Given the past experiences, I took the pro's and con's of our preceding three campaigns into account. We are using a much smaller map this time with more resources per player than ever before. This is short 6 round campaign over the next 8 weeks and we stripped out alot of the rules We found cumbersome in the previous campaign and in short, I think this is going to be the best amended Mighty Empire ruleset yet. This one is going to quick and bloody folks. With everyones army's scraping for territories from the start of round 1. While a small map and limited scope of this campaign doesn't leave room for much fluff, I'd like to start focusing on more of a story rather than just chronicle a bunch of linked games between players. You'll being seeing more info this time around in the campaign logs about the Armies and their battles each week, and while what we have here doesn't provide much of a link to the Warhammer World- I definitely want to work up to that for the "next" campaign (Creating a scenario based campaign somewhere in the Warhammer World.) So there you have it -this cliche but aptly named campaign, "Fields of Blood" is the first under a now well tested custom rule set and will predicate where we go in the future. Like I said its going to be fast and bloody, so here are the first two participants:

The Empire - 1st Expeditionary Force led by General Elric Von Draks
From the heart of Talabheim it's mission is to seek out new lands and claim them in the name
of the Emperor!

Tomb Kings- Imatra's Undying Legions led by King Imatra of Kurast.
Evervigilant in protecting the Lands of the Dead from any and all invaders.

Vampire Counts- Drakenhoff Diplomat and Emissary Wilhelm Von Carstein and Retinue
A diplomatic force dispatched by Lord Mannfred Von Carstein of castle Drakenhoff to "negotiate" with Sylvania's neighbors & act as wardens "protecting" the Von Carstein Lands.

(the more creative text should trickle in over the next couple days but the remaining armies are:)

Vampire Counts
High Elves X 2
Night Goblins
Dark Elves
Warriors of Chaos
Beasts of Chaos

Speaking of Mighty Empires and the World of Warhammer check out what I stumbled upon on Youtube. The entire world, yes- that's the entire World of Warhammer made out of Mighty Empire tiles...I don't want to think of what went into that, well actually I do. They say its roughly 10,000 tiles...that's 208 ME boxes @ $45.00 a shot retailing out at $9375.00 before paints and labor...hope they got the employee discount..if that's at Warhammer time I am in the UK, I am making the special trip just to see that.


Bill said...

I'm excited about the new campaign. It will defenately force the attack, with the map being so much smaller and all.

Come everyone else, check in here and post up your General/Armies. :)

Billy said...

Next campaign- the entire world... Although I feel like my High Elves wouldn't get many battles, everything is pretty far away from Ulthuan.


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