Monday, August 18, 2008

Plastic Legions site update!

Spent some time getting one of those new 3 column templates going for the blog. Allows me to add alot more content without have to scroll down forever. I also added a live Blog Roll, the community feed from Chicago Terrain Factory, galleries to my painted armies and bunch of useful links. I hope you guys like the changes. I am going back and forth about the color scheme and look of the blog as I made a header in photo shop that doesn't work with this scheme. I've got a poll going for the next week in hope to gets some feedback on the future look of the blog. So let me know what you think.

Coming soon.... pics of my Celt Barbarians, Osgiliath Phase two, a couple battle reports, including one you don't see everyday a Battle report for Warhammer Ancient Battles. By popular demand there is another Mighty Empire campaign is the works, seems we got a lot of new people turned onto fantasy battles at our local shop as we have six new players..this one's going to be short and bloody.


RonSaikowski said...

I like the new look for the site. I think the color scheme works well too.

The Hammer said...

John, the new look is awesome! Keep it up. Oh and the Dark Elves are coming along. Soon, my friend. Soon.

Scott said...

Oh, man! Is everyone redesigning their sites? I guess I better do mine, too.

Seriously, nice work, John.

Bill said...

I agree with the others, new site design looks great. I like the overall style and colors, perhaps change your header to match. I enjoy the fact that the blog is still very readable, yet not colors you see every day.

keep it up,

Inquisitor Goody said...

It looks good, I want to try a 3 colum look on my blog for the same reason but not sure where to start.


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