Friday, September 19, 2008

To War!...Core Comp 2008

Tomorrow I head out to the Chicago Battle Bunker for the Core Competency tourney brought to you by the guys at You need 40% Core army, an Objective Markers and Painted Dwarf Slayer Pirate as an entry fee. I log alot of hours this week getting my Greatswords painted so I could meet the core requirement with my Knights. I took these pics tonight as I set every thing up to make sure I had it all. Most of this Army is done, I have some base touch ups to do and some detailing on rank and file units but that's about it, I can easily field 3000 points painted now, and, I'll have left to paint are my Flagellants, I want to do a couple Swordsmen detachment and the Empire is put to bed, I am moving on to the next army. Anyways depending on how this list plays will dictate what I run in the Chicago GT in the next few weeks.

The Hochland Border Regiment on the march!!

Playing around with a hand held light gave of this great slightly overexposed effect

Here's my objective marker ( The Empire Treasury and its Monkey!) and Pirate for the Tourney entry requirement.

My Greatswords with a new Warrior Priest...some of the back rank guys are not done as much as I'd like but they pass the table top standard, I normally spend a month on this unit I did it in about 9 days

Oh Helblaster, don't let me down!, Wish me luck guys!


Well it couldn't have went that much better for me at Core Comp. The final head count was 32 players. . I had 50 overall battle points and 62 points on Comp/ Sports/ Painting/ Theme for 112 points overall and 5th place .

I also won best appearance award- winning a cool unit of very nicely painted "Braganzas Besiegers" a nicely painted Dogs of War unit. It was nice vindication of my recent slave painting on the army, I now have the motivation I really need to tune it all up for the Chicago GT. Guess well see how it goes.

Here is a brief rundown on the games.

Game 1- Vs. Tomb Kings- Win

I won first turn and got insanely lucky nailing the screaming skull catapult on turn 1, taking out the game and out of my hair. My opponent was new player and super nice guy..he made a few mistakes that definitely helped me. He deployed his tomb scorpion in his backfield instead of having it burrow up into my backfield and I shredded it with the Helblaster. He also didn't know how detachments worked and charged all my infantry (Swords and Greatswords) with his General in unit of Chariots. Despite a messy 13 impact hits. My troops held strong controlling the left side of table wiping out the chariots and hitting the heavy duty tomb guard. He lost the battle of attrition. On the other side of the table my cavalry didn't do too well they all fled or died. I did kill a bunch of stuff over there. When the smoke cleared I was up by about 500 points more than enough for the win. There was a post game issue where my opponent didn't apply the scenario rules correctly to his chosen unit (which was "stubborn" and Undead had different rules than I did), There was no saying how that would have impacted the game as I had plenty of units to deal the rule change..I could have rear-charged the unit in question..etc. Obviously we had to keep the game as it was played. All in all -a great game.

Game 2 VS Chaos Dwarfs- Win

I had never player the wacky chaos dwarfs before but heard horror stories So I didn't know what to expect. Again I got lucky won first turn and blew up the Earthshaker cannon that had me worried. My greatswords on the left flank took care some Centaur looking dwarf guys, while my knights on the right killed over his Lord on Taurus. My Swordsmen went up the middle and got absolutely cruxified by the Dwarven Blunderbuss unit., it was unreal. I made a risky move charging my General out of the rapidly dying swordsmen into one of the blunderbuss units and join my detachment that was in charge paid off and I took the whole unit down, My other detachment grabbed the scenario objective and ran off the table. The rest of his army marched down of my shooters took some heavy losses before killing off my shooters and artillery. In the end. 1 surviving swordsmen and my other characters saved me alot of points without the "look out sir, rule" I would have lost this game. Additional victory points pushed it way over the top for me. I had a standard, 3 tables quarters and killed his general, that extra 500 points gave me an 800+ point victory. Super well played and tight game.

Game 3 VS Dark Elves- Loss

My opponent Alex, was also 2-0 at this point, he told me he'd been playing Warhammer since 1986 and it showed. His army was very unassuming No shooting, No Magic. Witch Elves, Cauldron of Blood, Dark Riders, Black Guard, Spearmen, 5 furies, Corsairs with General in unit of DE Knights on Cold Ones. I knew how brutal the WE were and tried to deal with it best I could putting my Greatswords and 10 block of knights on that side of table. even with all my muscle on that side of the table, I stupidly took my knights away because I saw a window to get my knights at the cauldron. This was a tactical move by my opponent who bait and switched me to then chase his dark riders while the cauldron moved into the woods. Needless to say the witch elves shredded me, even thou I killed the DE BSB in the process, I got wiped cannon blew up the rest of my artillery and shooters got run down inflicting minimal losses....while my swordsmen played games with his other unit of dark knights and his cold ones. My knights, swordsmen and 3 characters survived, but I only killed his BSB, a unit of Dark Riders, and had the blackguard at 50% all my other kills where negilable. With table quarters and my Greatswords banner he was easily up by +500 or so for the win. My opponent won the Best Sportsman award and came in second place...great guy, great game...and I got schooled.

Felix did very well too with a 1st round win then two draws. coming in 14th place,
He played, Brets, Dwarfs then the Fluffbunny winning Lizardmen "southlands" all Skink Army.


Bill Lim said...

Looks fantastic. From your pics I can't honestly see anything wrong (or less) about the rear ranks of the Great Swords. And the Empire Treasury marker looks cool. Good luck in the tourney!

xenite said...

Wow, your army is one giant wad of Imperial might!! So cool.

Joe Dane said...

Good luck and your army looks great.

Bill Lim said...

Gratz on the results. 5th Overall is pretty damn good. Also best appearence, some nice "vindication" for all your hard work. :)


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