Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tourney Season

It's tourney season for me, I missed Games Day for good reason (the birth of my second daughter) but I've got three tournaments planned in the next six weeks. Everything else is on "hold" right now as I need to get my Empire Army spruced up for the Chicago GT on 10/5. The 1st of the three I mention is at the Chicago Battle Bunker, next saturday. It's called Core Competency and one of the stipulations is that you need to field 900 point of core troops. I couldn't field 900 core unless I made all my Knight's core (instead of inner circle which is the Special choice, I usually run). I had to either run Flagellants or my Greatswords, which are both unpainted..after a test run of my Flaggies last week, (see sidebar) I opted for my Greatswords, as with a Warrior Priest and an item, I can make them Fearless, have Hatred and Stubborn, plus I can run detachments. I couldn't fill the list out they way wanted with Flagellants as this works better. Well see how it goes next saturday as my GT list will be based on my results there. I still have alot of painting to do, I have 8 done so far, and hope to do 3 more today...leaving my weeknights after the kids go to bed to finish 9 more models and an objective marker, No doubt I will be painting late friday night. Having this an off week for our campaign will help alot.

The Chicago GT has no composition scoring like I am used with the local scene, I expect to see every special character and his dragon mount out in full force. While I am tempted to run Karl Franz even on a Warhorse, the points sink is big in a 2250 game, which makes me cautious
I will defintely run the Empire Hero, Luthor Huss...but outside of that I am leaning toward more troops over expensive characters, will see.

The third tourney is small local one, I am going to run myself in late October. Taking place in my basement It will have four tables / eight players.. four rounds, featuring two special scenarios and two pitched battles, just an excuse to get the boys from the shop over and use the grill before packing it up for the winter.


Bill Lim said...

looking good. Quick question about your magnetized basing. Do you use both magnets on the figure and magnets on the movement tray? Or do you use Magnets on one and steel on the other? I ask cause I have found that unless you set the troops up the exact same way each time sometimes the magnets don't attract squarely...which is kinda annoying but work-around-able.

John@Plastic Legions said...

I haven't had a problem with that
Magnets on the figures, Steel sheeting on the tray..

Billy said...

The trouble with magnet-to-magnet is that the magnetic tape stuff that you stick to bases doesn't seem to quite have proper polarity like a bar or horseshoe magnet does. Steel to magnet isn't QUITE as strong, but much less squirrely.

John@Plastic Legions said...

For sure- using the magnet setup that I use isn't very safe where metal minis are concerned they'll stay ranked up in a tray fine but tilt them while your moving from table to case and they are on the floor..plastic you can pretty much hold upside down and it will hold..I supplemented some of my metal characters and standards with extra rare magnets I just make sure the polarity is right and stick to the sticky side of the litko base then on to the mini base..its works better.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking army, really like the colour scheme.


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