Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Painting Challenge- Round 2

12/9 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Round 2- 1000 points

Good showing tonight...everyone played 2, 1000 point games, scenario was "escort"
new photos of updated armies coming in the gallery as soon as I can resize and upload them.
With the Holidays coming we pushed the 1500 point round out to January lots of painting time between no and then..We lost two players and picked up one..thanks to Anthony for running the ringer army..the store orcs!

Bill- Wood Elves
Completion Score 4
Game 1 - Solid Victory vs Skaven
Game 2- Solid Victory vs Daemons of Chaos
Round 1 Score -13
Round 2 Score-12


Chris- Bretonnians
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Loss to Daemons of Chaos
Game 2- Solid Victory vs Skaven
Round 1 Score- 11
Round 2- 8


Billy- Skaven
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Loss to Wood Elves
Game 2- Loss to Bretonnians
Round 1 Score- 13
Round 2 Score- 5


John - Daemons of Chaos
Completion Score 2
Game 1 - Massacre vs Bretonnians
Game 2- Loss to Wood Elves
Round 1 Score -10
Round 2 Score- 8


Bob- Ogres
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Loss to Beasts of Chaos
Game 2- Massacre Vs Lizards
Round 1 Score - 4
Round 2 Score-9


Andre- Beasts of Chaos
Completion Score 1
Game 1- Massacre vs Ogres
Game 2- Loss to Orcs (Ringer)
Round 1 Score 3
Round 2 Score 7


Nate- Lizardmen
Completion Score 1
Game 1- Loss to Orcs (ringer)
Game 2- Loss to Ogres
Round 2 Score 3



Bill Sullivan said...

Neither of the games vs. Skaven were Massacres... They were both Solid Victories- draws prior to the objective bonus points, even.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Sorry Bill, corrected!..

Bill Lim said...

This has been a lot of fun, and basically everyone actually doing the paint challange of it. That last scenerio was fun, if a little strange. Looking forward to cranking things up to 1500.

John@Plastic Legions said...

thats a pretty standard scenario I've seen at tourneys..the problem was I left it at too many should have 100 or 150 max..points on scenarios should only be enough to sway the game one victory category maybe 2 if totally max out on all the other stuff..there shouldn't be enough points to throw the game from a solid draw to almost a massacre as happened in both your against me and was an oversight on my part...but I like the scenario.

Bill Sullivan said...

Thanks for fixing the scores... I feel like the 250 point difference wouldn't be quite as devastating if general-kills and table quarters still scored as they do in standard games- I very nearly tabled Chris Kutill (he had a single model left), yet was at basically a draw prior to the objective, because points for his general were lessened, and there were no TQ points. While sticking to the objective is an important part of strategy, I don't think that it should be that close when someone gets kicked that hard. (I still had most of a unit of Plague Monks left, and something else, I forget what)


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