Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Battle Recaps

12/7 @ Plastic Legions HQ.

My pal Felix came by yesterday afternoon and we had the chance to play a couple games with his new High Elf army. As I am short on time this week, and since I apparently set my camera incorrectly in my rush to take pictures and alot of my pictures didn't come out.I am going to amend my plans for full battle reports and just do a couple brief Battle Recaps.

In other news...I am have about 4 hours into my "Realm of Battle" table and I am still "6 hour" claim isn't going to happen...its more likely a 10 hour project although I am pretty anal about details..I am liking the paint job enough that I debating not flocking it and leaving it more a windswept dustbowl scheme....we'll see.

Also still plugging away on my next 500 of Daemons for tuesday's round 2 of the Painting Challenge. My Herald of Slannesh took way too long and I am behind schedule a bit...not to mention that trying to focus on a disciplined hobby schedule this time of year is pretty tough..anyway I am sure I will get it but don't see myself getting more that the same "2" completion score that I had in round 1, anyway on with the battle recaps.

Game 1 Empire vs High Elves 2250 points

Empire List - General/ BSB/ Luthor Huss / Battle Wizard
28 Swordsmen/ FC, 9 Free Company Detachments x 2
10- Handgunners X 2. 5 Knights w/ musician, 9 Knights /FC with Steel Standard
Great Cannon x 2, 5 Pistoliers, 19 Greatswords FC/ w 9- Swordsmen Detachment
Helblaster Volley Gun.

High Elf List- Arch Mage/ BSB w/ Banner of Battle
20- Spearmen/ FC, 10- Archers, 20- Phoenix Guard, 5 Reavers, 5 Swordmasters,
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers. 14 White Lions, 5 Dragon Princes FC., Eagle.

This was the battle of game...The HE "Banner of Battle" is a game changer!

Knowing that if my big blocks got flanked by either the White Lion, Phoenix Guard or Dragon Princes I was in deep trouble I deployed my Swordsmen and Greatswords and Detachments to the right side while putting all my knights to the left. All my Guns went right up the middle.
Felix decided to leave my blocks alone and deployed his Special troops up the middle with his Dragon Princes w/ BSB facing off against my Knights. My plan was to make two sweeping motions from each side and catch him in the middle. We both pretty much did what we wanted to do. His Phoenix Guard and White Lions ate up all my guns and those 4+ Ward saves came in handy versus all the shooting and both units ended the game standing in my Deployment zone,(I took the Phoenix guard down to 1/2, but the Lions kept the numbers to deny any scoring)

The Helblaster Volley Gun isn't too intimidating in situations like this!

My infantry swallowed up his Reavers, Archers, the bolt throwers and the 5 Swordmasters protecting them. The big battle came down to my Knights versus his Dragon Princes...I ended up eating the charge...and his BSB killed Luthor Huss..However even with the Banner of Battle I managed to roll the "4" I needed to hold so my other unit of knights could flank charge the combat next turn. On following turn -I win the combat but he holds, on next turn (4, I believe) I Kill everyone left but the lone BSB and I am up +6 on CR...he rolls a damn "6" with Banner of Battle so he end up with a "+7" and I LOSE!!...even thou he's outnumbered 12 to 1...I need "7's" to stick and of course roll "9"'s twice and both units run.. The lone BSB cuts down my 7 remaining Full Command knights..while my other unit of Knights runs off in the forest. That was so huge for felix and basically balance out the game in which I was ahead. My knights ended up staying tangled up in the woods..( I left them there to contest TQ's). The game ended up +190 in his favor or a DRAW.

The Arch Mage didn't have the opportunity to do to much damage and I used my Dispel dice to roll off a couple of nasty magic missles and some protection spells...My Wizard also survived long enough to use both Dispel scrolls and be useful.-

Game 2 Daemons of Chaos vs High Elves 1000 points

D0C- Skulltaker, 14 Bloodletters/ FC Icon of Endless War,10 Bloodletters/ FC, Herald of Slannesh- lv 1 Wiz/ Multi Armed Mon/ BSB- Banner of Greater Sundering, 15 Daemonettes/ FC

my WIP Daemons-

High Elves- Lv 2 Mage, Elf Noble, 15 Phoenix Guard, 14 Spearmen, 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers.
6 White Lions

Felix's HE line

Much different style of plan was deploy in the middle and march straight ahead right at him...I won first turn and Marched felix held and unloaded his magic and shooting.
Felix's mage rolled "flames of the phoenix", which absolutely devastated me, Its a fire spell that works like VC curse of years and since I seemed incapable of making my 5+ ward save at all, between the spells and the Bolt Throwers even with a 12" march my Daemonettes got completely wiped out before I got into CC. the Bloodletter fared alot better...but I got Flanked and rolled some high Demonic Instability the end Skulltaker stood alone...while I wiped out the Phoenix Guard most of the White lions and his Noble...his Shooting and Magic did me in
with a couple of flubbed rolls two wounds don't last too long..we didnt bother to add it up
but its was most like a Solid Victory for Felix. I'll have to Keep this in mind as I play daemons..they are tough but not invincible..and High Elves can kick their ass!


Bill Lim said...

Neat reports John...

Did you get your "realm of battle" finished for these games? It didn't look like it from the pictures.

Hows your 1000pts coming along for our painting challange tomorrow? I only have 5 models left and they are all base coated already...we'll see. I'm not going to kill myself trying to get them finished, but would really like to. Hopefully the others are keeping up with their painting.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Re: Realm- hell no, I need to base paint 2 more tiles and detail 4 more then its whether to flock on not to plan is too finish it this weekend.

Re: Painting Challenge-
I got my second hero about 85% done
Daemonettes, I got 5 more built and painted to the standard of last round (about 1/2) same with the second unit of letters so I am about a 1/2 of where I want to be
Thinking I am going to extend the next round due Holidays and allow some catch up time for 1500...I really want to see all painted armies for the it stands the only person in the campaign who wont be painted is probably kenny. I'll email you details.

Felix said...

I think I cheated. Tallying points up now I think I was 34 points over.


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