Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Give it up for the Pirates!!

Plastic Legions -Club Night 4/14

We had a great turn out tonight for our 1st meeting of Tuesday club night since we were excommunicated from the store. Head count was 8, We were missing some notable characters from the group, but hopefully we'll see them next time. A couple notable local bloggers were in attendance Rich, who brought his awesome Pirate Castle terrain over (that many of you saw at this years Adepticon) and we threw down with some Legends of the High Seas, and then Jeff put his foot in water playing Hordes with a couple of the guys..Of course we had our obligatory Warhammer Fantasy games...Chaos vs Wood Elves, and Chris G. and I played a crazy 1250 pt match Daemons vs Wood Elves as the final match of the evening. Definitely had plenty of room and I think we can easily go to 12 people and not feel crowded. Lots of talk going on about doing some events, a Campaign and alot of interest in Historical gaming which is cool. Next meeting is in two weeks. Three cheers for the basement!.

One my pirate crew "ol savage" keeps an eye out for rich's sea dogs.

Some of Rich's Privateers guard the prisoner

My Pirate ship on the beach head, lots of work to still do on it -

Two of my crew attack one of Rich's men, a pistol in the face works.

My Captain "Lucky Jack" wasn't so lucky, after using up his Fame during the fighting
I used my 2 re-rolls (Lucky-archtype) on two courage re-rolls...finally I fail his Courage test and the rest of his men routed
the end of our third game this evening.


Wildhermit said...

Inspiring pirates there. Love the terrain too. What game is this? Is it a custom Mordeheim?

Felix said...

Wildhermit: It's Legends of the High Seas.

John. The game mechanics are still d6 to hit, d6 to wound, d6 to save, right?

Cawshis Clay said...

Awesome! For some reason I thought the pirate armies would be larger...but it seems like this is a small skirmish.

The pirate ship is amazing! Well done!

oni said...

Looks like fun. I'm not familiar with the 'Pirates' game, but that is indeed some very nice terrain.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

High Seas uses the Lord of the Rings combat system - d6 to hit and d6 to wound. Defense (toughness and armor) is factored into the wound roll.

Starting crew size is about 10-12. If played in a campaign, I would think a successful crew could grow to be 20+ pirates strong.

Peter said...

Yarr ye scurvy dogs! I hope ye be enjoyin' yer new vessle there me laddies!

No! Bad pirate! off my laptop! Hope you're enjoying the...err...basment. Our club hasn't met proparly for a month but I have a battle report to write up, away!

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice pictures, I am glad to see Richs terrain getting used again, it was pretty cool to play on.

Its also cool to read about folks playing with Legends of the High Seas, I hear the author can be a bit of a jerk ;-)

BlueSide said...

Where did you get that ship? And what type of pirate models were you using, brand that is. Foundry?

John@Plastic Legions said...


The Ship is a heavily modified "pirates of the caribbean" was cheap remote control model I think it was $20

My models in these shots are Artizan
and Crusader, Rich's models are converted GW free company, I do have lot of foundry pirates..see the Spanish Main campaign pages.


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