Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Spanish Main

Here are some more shots of what I have been working on post-Adepticon. After the success of our last club meeting. Legend of the High Seas has really hit high gear. The smaller Historical skirmish games are much easier to get started with than say Warhammer Ancient Battles due that you only need 10 models or so..There are a plethora of great miniatures by a whole bunch of companies out there for for both Legends of the High Seas and Legends of the Old West...we will be playing both here at Plastic Legions, but LotHS has won priority.

You saw Rich's awesome Pirate Castle last week, and here is some of my new creations. The Spanish round fort and tropic vegetation are converted from the "Weapons and Warriors" pirate toy set..long out of print from pressman games in the mid 1990's. You can get lucky like I did and find a complete one on ebay for around $25. there is ton of useful props included about a dozen ship cannons, several boats, the fort, the trees, artillery, all scales up well in 25/28mm. (The Spanish flag is from the WFB Empire State Troops box..I always hated the standard that came with that box and I finally found a way to convert it make all kinds of useful banners)

There square building is the sand series by Miniature Sceney Aus I have four of these buildings the rest are still on the paint bench by should be done by the weekend. I'm not sure why these kits are not more popular, as of right now there are my favorite terrain piece to work on...I have quite of bit of their stuff and you'll be seeing it show up everywhere on my tables. From the stucco style buildings here (coincidentally perfect for Old West) to their Pantheon Series which works from everything as San Juan Prison to the Walls of Osgiliath.

On may 15th I am hosting a one day Campaign for LotHS...unoriginally titled "The Spanish Main" It will be four rounds as up to Eight Crews try to gain the wealth and experience to go after Blackbeards Treasure, all the while trying to outwit or outright kill the competition while avoiding the Royal Navy, Cannibals, and whatever else I throw at them. Where using 6 scenarios from the rule book over about a dozen games concluding with a huge FFA version of "X" marks the spot at the Pirate Castle on a 4 x 8 with everyone involved "The Spanish Main" has its own blog for the players of the campaign and will layout the narrative any special rules and basically track the goings on until the event. results will be posted there and I will leave it for awhile until we do another one. We may run something similar on our club night...This one day, one shot campaign is an experiment for this type of event as long as you've got lots of terrain and the space..I can see it happening for several of the skrimish games..Old West, even LotR SBG. This first one is on a friday that means we are breaking out the Ale!

I'll you guys with some shots of the my Pirates...I have about 40 or so...
sadly only the crew you see here is painted..but I am working on that.


Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures! Are these from a game, or just 'staged' shots?

Either way, they definitily make me want to play Legends of the High Seas. ;)

Bill Lim said...

Your Miniature Scenery AUS building looks top notch. Great pics as usual. Hopefully I can get my Chinese "Tong" painted up.

Tim Kulinski said...


Nice pictures man, its funny, I have the Same Weapons & Warriors set and modified the tower as well.

I also like your idea for a single day Campaign Day for LotHS as well as LotOW. I think I will do something like that here with my group.

Keep up the great work and by the way, the Cannibals will be on there way on Monday to you as well as a few other surprises!

Dean said...

"The Spanish Main" sounds like its gonna be a good time. I sent you a PM on IWFB whenever you have a moment to get to it.

John@Plastic Legions said...

@Steve..thanks man..they are staged pics..I was playing around with lighting which is why some pics are more dynamic the regular "in-game" shots

@Bill...thanks buddy

@Tim...I dont recall but it may have been you or someone on the yahoo forums that turned me on to the set to begin with. I sent your box out today, I put a couple of extra things in there I know you can you can use!

@Dean..thanks I PM'd you too.

The Hammer said...

Picked up some pirates, and I'm working on my crew. I'll see how many I can paint by next meeting.


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