Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Blessing of Sigmar

The Blessing of Sigmar, while I have had this model for sometime, I never quite figured out what to do with it. Here it is as my 40mm objective marker for my Sigmarite themed Empire army I've been playing of late. It just the stock 2 models on a standard 40mm square with a piece of plastic card over it and a left over section from the Pegasus Hobbies gothic ruins kit in the back . Shield is from the General kit. I'm quite happy with the way this came out, I may touch it up a bit if I get the nerve to enter it in the Adepticon Rogue Daemon or something but otherwise its good to go.


Dean said...

I like it, nice work!

ahschmidt said...

Wow! Fantastic work! Where is this model from? I have never seen it before. Is the background part of it, or is that a build of yours? Great work! Def. enter it in some of the Demons.

John@Plastic Legions said...

its a collectors model that came out in 2008, it comes with just the two models on a 20mm x 40mm base, I put it on a 40mm square and built the back section, etc

Bill Lim said...

Looks good, though the pics are a bit yellow so its hard to get a true feel for it.

The piece overall has good movement. By that I mean the eye travels. Obviously I was first attracted to the models, but soon after my eye traveled up the windows to the shield and back down to the models again. Its this sort of movement (weather it was intentional or not) that I believe makes the best dioramas.

No real criticisms from me, other than a small gripe about the yellowness of the photos...but hey I know I'll get to see this in person soon-ish :D

Great job,

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic!

Domus said...

You should absolutely enter it into the Rogue Demon. Maybe look at adding some 'stained glass' to the windows to liven it up even more. (Just paint on clear plastic - like a blister pack- and cut to size)

Nicely done!

Conspyre said...

Very nice! Another good trick I've seen for doing leaded glass is to find a suitable image (or create one), and print it onto transparency film.
For the lighting, a quick fix you might try is just a cheap-o clip lamp with a GE Reveal bulb. Not as good as the proper full-spectrum bulbs, but it's only a couple of bucks and you can find them at the hardware store, if not Target. The light I use when I'm actually taking time to take photos is a drafting lamp with a circular fluorescent bulb and a regular incandescent to balance it out, but it's kinda overkill most of the time.


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