Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Sunday Tourney

@ Games Workshop, Oak Park

I had the rare oppurtunity to get out on a Sunday afternoon and actually do some gaming so I headed over to my Local GW to participate in one their 1000 point WFB tourneys they run once a month. I figure at 1000 pts, no restrictions..people be running some pretty tough lists. I saw a rare opportunity to run my Daemons of Chaos, as there are just way too many choices with Empire at 1000 points to think about. Using Daemons of Chaos at 1000 points I have pretty "dum dum" bullet proof list.

15 Bloodletters Full Command
15 Bloodletters Full Command
6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
2 Bloodcrushers, Champion, Musician
1000 pts.

No heralds, No BSB, no Magic.....just one hero, lots of combat muscle and magic resistance. I figured yeah DoC are broken but this list would be a good match up for VC, DE, various gunlines, or monster lists I expected at 1000 points. So I show up at shop and couple guys I know are playing both running Skaven (getting amped for the new book) another pair of guys playing High Elves and then Wood Elf players. Small event, three games. It will only take an afternoon. Surpised at the army selection and I'm the guy brings Daemons??, ok here goes.

Game 1 Vs Skaven
3 Engineers (one is the General)
20+ Clan Rats
Warp Lightning Cannon
2 Poison Globe Throwers
10 Jezzails

Shooting is the bane of the DoC especially if you get into an avg/poor dice funk. My Magic Res is saving me big time here. Joe is throwing Warp Lightning at me 5 times a turn early on. My Fleshhounds dodge a bullet and are into the Jezzails in round 2, but not before both my Bloodcrushers are fried off the board. I eat up the Jezzails and Skulltaker and 1 unit of Letters go after the clan rats, while other goes after the WLC. I run the cannon off the board, get tied up with the rats and get clobbered by more Warp lightings and the Engineers pistols..not having to make panic checks is sure nice. I eat up the Rats but his engineers are hitting me hard, finally I get my dogs on them but the globe throwers are also a pain and Skulltaker goes down to shooting in the end I have 3 Dogs and 1 lone Bloodletter hold the unit standard and a captured standard. Skaven had only the Globe throwers left. I win with minor victory...close game

Game 2 Vs High Elves
Noble on Eagle (General)
28 Spearmen FC (ranked 7 x 4)
12 Swordmasters
10 Archers
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers.

Whenever I see Swordmasters at less than 3000 points, I have to wonder what these HE guys are thinking- Phoenix Guard are better for the price and for 180+ points a pair of normal chariots or a Lion Chariot and bunch more archers would have been way more useful. No matter- the massive block of Spears threatening 3 deep was some what intimidating. The Fleshhounds quickly chew up one Bolt Thrower, get around back and chase the other crew off the board, finally coming an rear charging the Spears. The HE general takes on the blood crushers single handedly and dies quickly (he does kill one). The Swordmasters charge one unit of letters..I figured I lose the charge hold them a turn and get the freed up Bloodcrusher in the flank. Nope Kevin my opponet has some wretched dice...loses combat, breaks and is run down. On turn 4 I have both blocks engaged with Skulltaker in the front, one unit of the flank and 4 dogs to the rear. Despite the 21 attacks to the front...I stay above half and they get slaughtered. The 10 archers try to kill the lone bloodcrusher..I make a bunch of lucky saves the lone unit breaks them. Tabled on turn 6 no last licks for the Elves. Massacre 2-0

Game 3 Vs Wood Elves
Spellsinger (General)
10 Dryads
10 Dryads
12 Glade Guard
5 Wild Riders FC

Will's a good player and also 2-0 at this point having played him before I know it will be a good game. I have my hounds and Bloodcrushers on each flank, Both units of letters up the middle. He has Dryads in the middle, he treeman on the one flank and the GG on the hill. he also get's his extra 6' forest template and on 3 x 4 table with a large forest in the middle its going to be tough. Wills got two treesinging's happening and with only two core dispel dice...I can't stop both ofter..will is moving the extra forest around blocking my advance...My Hounds make down the flank and get flank charged by some dryads..They hold the depsited being flanked and my Bloodletters come in on their flank and they get run dogs make it all the way back to Archers on the hill. there are only two left, but I and making alot great rolls for Demonic instabilty or just making my 5+ save. Will gets the Treeman in the forest and moving the forest around makes me take skulltaker out of the unit and moves over to the bloodcrushers ( I am trying to get Skulltaker against the Treeman because of the Flaming attacks) will knows this and it trying to keep Skulltaker the hell away from his tree. Finally the Treeman charges Bloodletters who are in the forest with him, I block two treesinging's and win combat by 1,
The treeman is breaktesting on a stubborn 9 and rolls an eleven and gets cuttdown by 12 Letters...OUCH. That was pretty much game right there. The other unit of dryads Flanked my other unit of Bloodletter..they got weeded down to the lone standard bearer but couldnt close the deal when everything else came charging in turn 6...even had the one lone fleshhound sticking it out against the archers solo..finally he died...but once the other unit of Dryads went down..I still had both Bloodcrushers, Skulltaker and about adozen Bloodletters against 5 Glade Guard and the Spellsinger. Game over, Wil concedes. (either a Solid or a Massacre we didn't compute it) closer game then it ended up -the treeman running was a fluke but its happened before. Ending at 3-0 , I win the tourney and get a $30 box as a prize. All in all a great afternoon...still doing with it Daemons, is somewhat bittersweet. Fleshhounds are so ridiculously overpowered for their cost it isn't funny, its like having a unit of mini heroes from another army (WS5, S4, T4, two wounds) running around at move 8 with MR 3, the Magic Resistance 3 is just pouring salt in the wound they were definitely the MVP of the day..and did all the heavy lifting....Stupid Daemons....


Bill Lim said...

Gratz on the win, how was the overall turnout? Hopefully I'll get in there with my VC one of these days and give you a run for your money....maybe. :)


Conspyre said...

Gotta say, I have to disagree on your assessment of Swordmasters vs. Phoenix Guard. They fulfill very different army roles- Phoenix Guard are much more sustainable, but they can't come within a mile of the Swordmasters' damage output. The trick is their low Toughness and saves, but if you can escort them in between some troop blocks, they hit like a ton of bricks.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Maybe that's it then billy, I just havent played anybody who uses them correctly..everyone tries to strike them out as a solo unit, they either get shot to death, or softened up enough that cant pull of a direct assault even with ADF S6, for the money I rather go defensive and take Phoenix guard..leaving the offense to magic and maneuverable things like cav and chariots, in my experiences Swordsmaster always die hard, while PG are always still on the table in turn 6...

ahschmidt said...

I'm working on my first 1k of Mortals of Chaos. I would like to take on your demons in addition to your Empire army soon! I will have to check out the monthly tournament - sounds fun. Is the kiddie factor bad during those?

John@Plastic Legions said...

Kiddie factor was medium, the two kids in the tourney (17,14) are both good players who have been around since the shop opened. They know whats up. there we lots of other kids in the store on sunday doing other stuff..Everyone else in the tourney event were guys from the old club night so it was a reunion for me ( I hadnt seen Bob since like march...if I didnt know anyone it might have been a little off putting, best thing is follow up with Joe at the shop and find out when there is alot of people signed up..I'll try to hit the next one if you want to do it
maybe bill and billy will too...then it will be a party! LOL

Conspyre said...

I've been sticking to the 40K events, but once the Skaven army book comes out, we'll see... Have to test it somewhere, right?


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