Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adepticon Checklist

If you noticed in the left sidebar I posted some brief details on my WIP toward Adepticon. I've been pretty busy of late and not much time for the hobby or blog, but with 42 days and counting I need to get serious about what needs to be done. I've been fiddling around all last weekend with non-GW related models and terrain (more on that later) but last light got cracking on my Adepticon to-do list. So if only for my own benefit here goes:

1. Lord of Rings, Championship (Friday AM) Models -done, Display Base- Done,
Objective Marker- Not Done..(this is kind of thing that gets overlooked until its to late.)

2. Warhammer Warbands (Friday PM) Models 45, Built 45, Painted 35 need to paint 10 converted handgunners..the entire warband is built from the Empire Militia box, except the 2 characters.

3. WFB Championships (Saturday) Models 120, Built 110, new models to build 10, models to paint around 15, The Stirland Deathjacks will be joining my Hochland/Talabecland Force
considering there color scheme matches perfectly, making good use of that new archer kit..a few new models (unit standard bearer, converted mortar) and new General (on foot) spice things up.

4. Display tray- at 120 models I can't do much with my tray other than try to spruce up the back panel with some Empire style graphics..some gothic text or something to really add to the army presentation as a whole would be nice.. I talked about this last year, ran out of time and now start thinking about it again when the clock is ticking..I plan on getting my models done this month or 1st week of March at the I should have two weeks to something for my display..we'll see..oh the procrastination!

5. Practice games..practice continues..thankfully I can try my 2k list out in our Campaign games
as it meets all the campaign criteria..I dont have the option for extra units in the campaign thou so it not ideal and everyone elses army isn't WPS Comp, but it's better than nothing. Steve and I had that rematch I talked about in the Playtesting post, Empire vs Lizardmen WPS 15 for me and 21 for him and the result was DRAW...good to know..looking forward to the Adepticon Primer hosted by the guys at on Feb 20...should give me a good idea where my Empire list is going to sit. a couple more 500 point warband games would be nice as well!

I seriously need to play some Lord of the Rings..I am cold turkey on it and was just getting a good feel for the game in the last primer I played in and havent played since. I wish I had my act together to attend Gathering in the Desert with Tim, Brent and the guys...but life is just too complicated to do it all. Hopefully I can convince some the club guys to throw down some LotR with me for a few games before I go into the Championships at Adepticon!. LOL..I'm going to get creamed!.

I think that covers my Adepticon preplist..if you've got your own lets hear it .I love hearing
the crazy ones and them seeing them actually get done!


Tim Kulinski said...


What you need to do for your display board is build a 3D looking backdrop, something like a Castle Wall & Gate. I used to build 3D backdrops for some guys back in CA for the Model Railroads. They only need to be about an inch wide and can really dress up a display.

As for my to do list, I still need to finish my LotR army, have about 16 more models to paint and then do my display board.

I also have a 2000 pt WAB Army that has to be painted with about 20 figures done out of 100+! It's going to be tough but I think I can pull it off!


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