Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warbands -Post Wrap

(The bulk of my Warbands unit for Adepticon, the rest being some Handgunners and Huntsmen using old models at this point, but hope to get two new units done for my Pirate Militia Warband, my Captain being the Saratosa Pirate Captain..not sure which wizard I'm using yet...this works one thou with any generic lore)

The Warbands tourney was a big success from my perspective we 16- 500 point games over 4 hours. I assume its going to work similarly at Adepticon this year. recaps of my games were as follows.

Game 1 vs Wood Elves..
Chris had alot of shooting, including a hero with the "Hail of Doom" arrow which is like a potential Vindicator Cannon at this points level, Lost almost half my block of 25 on it, unfortunately for Chris that was his biggest strike against me...huntsmen thinned small units as much as they could fleeing every chance they had trying to draw dryads into range of the Handgunners. My Wizard did most of the work with strong 3 die fireballs (thanks to the wizards staff a great 10 point item that lets you throw one more die than normal at a spell, so my level 1 can cast as if he's a level 2) Chris charged my black on multiple sides but thank to number of attacks I had back and good hero at this level he broke and fled...some off the board, some to be caught. eventually my block was wiped by some strong late shooting from 5 - glade guard left, but my captain ran one group down, leaving chris with only 2 glade guard on the table versus, my Captain, 5 huntsmen and all my handgunners.- WIN

(We went terrain heavy on the setups, lots of terrain on the 4x4's here are 3 of the 5 tables we used)

Game 2 Vs Warriors of Chaos
Choosing to make a Marauder Champion his Warband Commander, rich took 10 Chaos Warriors instead of a Hero was good choice, Rich ending winning the event with a formidable force. I was luckly and rolled a "4" on my spell, "fire blast" the 2d6, Str 4 hit Fireball, I got a couple of them off doing serious damage, taking one unit of Fast one shot, and the second to low enough where some shooting finished them off. My wizard then miscast, losing his level so being level one wasnt a wizard anymore. knowing I was out classed in combat...I shot Rich up best I could before engaging, winning a combat against some of the warriors and killing them off. I ended up killing all the warriors, but lost my captain, my huntsman failed a big rally..I was still in pretty good shape at the end but rich had 3 table the end which made the game just barely a draw, close but not close enough. - DRAW

Game 3 vs Vampire Counts-
Bill had 2 units of Ghouls, a corpse cart and block of skellys with a Vampire Hero with and extra magic level, Thankfully Bill got stuck with summon the horde which isnt useful at this points level, simply invocation everything I killed. My shooting was very good this game, but my magic which I needed badly, decided to take the game off, which was a drag as I took the lore of Light and hoped to put those ghould down with Str 6 Burning Gazes. I got nothing and again Miscast, just losing the turn. I thought I did everything tactically right this game but it all went wrong, I end up charged by the Vampire and his Skeleton, with a raised and invocated unit of Zombies on my Flank...thankfully I got lucky because even putting all my attacks into the Vampire paid off I managed to get one wound, and after calculating the # of attacks to front and side, Bill points out I have one guy left who can go to the front...he basing the vamp hero so I put the attacks into him get lucky and get that second wound!, Bill fails the armor save..and the Vampire I still lose and the whole block gets run down...but Bill Starts crumbling, this was the bottom of turn 4, I still had my Huntsmen grab the building in the center of the table, while my handgunners just start shooting at crumbling turn 6, all Bill has left is his Corpse Cart, I've got 2 full units..I win +105 points.. +76 being the win.- WIN

Game 4- VS Orcs and Goblins-
my pal Anthony is probably the best Orc and Goblin player out there, at normal point levels, although he did drop one game in this event, he rarely ever loses..and I have never beaten him People who say the O&G arent competitive haven't played Anthony but since he works for GW you won't see him on the competitive scene. Anyway Anth brought a comp friendly list with no magic, with Black Orc Boss on a Pig being the toughest thing. Things just went terrible for me, I roll two Irresistables on fireballs hitting key units and fail to score even a single wound both times, my shooting just totally wiffed. I did kill a small unit of wolf riders, but other than than he just marched across the table and wiped me out in turn 4, it was pretty comical. Anthony remarked.."I'm not one to usual put much into bad luck, but that was some bad luck dude". regardless of the spanking- these where all great at 2-1-1- I was fine with my Army's performance- LOSS

Overall this was a great time and recomend the Warbands rules and 500 point games to Veterans and new players alike, give it a try sometime!.


DictatorGames said...

It's cool to see someone do the warband tournament, I think the low points games are gaining in popularity as some of the more potent books have downgraded comp and thus lower points seems to even the field a bit. Bravo on the batreps. I'll be watching with a keen eye for more

ahschmidt said...

Wow, that unit is looking great! What type of static grass is that, it looks really sharp. I would like to do more warband games, or another 'tournament' like that some day.


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