Thursday, September 30, 2010

Battle Recaps- Core Comp Practice

More Core Comp practice Tuesday night where I got a game and half in and the last practice before the 5 games over two days that is 2010's Core Competency tournament. My first game against Steve and his Lizards. Steve wanted to run his 7th ed style MSU lizardman list with Lord on Carnosaur and an Engine of Gods. This was great list in 7th and Steve got alot of milage out of it. With the new artillery rules in 8th being so much more consistently deadly, he saw quickly why its a bit risky. I got 1st turn and without the Engines 5+ ward My Cannon trashed the Engine..killing the priest, 2 crewman and 3 wounds on the Steg, eliminating the threat of the Engine before he even got to go.New Cannon rules are brutal against mounted single monsters. Anyway it went down hill from there, I am sure Steve would have made a decent game out of it but with no magic phase and some fluky failed cold blooded panic checks (his general twice) its was a seriously up hill battle for Steve and we called it.

Game 2 versus Chris's Warriors of Chaos was a knock down drag out where I didnt win the game for sure until turn 6. Chris has great MSU warrior list that is perfect for Core Comp. Yes despite the all talk of gigantic blocks are the way to go in 8th, MSU is still extremely viable in the hands of a competent player with enough smaller threats on the table you can take your opponent focus off the huge block of Warriors, until its too late and they crush you.or pay the price. Magic was nuts in the game with 4 big miscasts, 2 per side. (including me rolling double 6's on two dice throwing a crappy magic missle at fodder, which reduced my level 4 to a level 1, thankfully this was in turn 5) in terms of a Battle Report or Recap. I'm going to try a slightly different format here where I list each unit in both lists with a brief recap of its Performance throughout the game. A more detailed Recap, than full on report...I just haven't had the time needed to a full on turn by turn write up yet.
(games where 2400 point with 900 points of core for the tournament requirement)

This went very well for the Empire..spell on the card is "Shield of Thorns"

The Empire

General of Empire - Killed by Exhalted Hero Riding with Chaos Knights..when I failed 3 out 4 Ward Saves he's didn't do much other than provide that great "9" leadership and give me a extra banner, sometime, thats
Wizard Lord
- (Lore of Life) Reduced to Level 1 turn 5 via miscast, had another miscast that killed a Chaos Knight in contact with him as well. He did get off one Dwellers Below on the Mauraders on foot..but only killed 8 Rundown and Killed by Three Surviving Chaos Knights with my Swordsmen
Warrior Priest- Rode with my Knights..took out the Chaos Chariot and forced feeling marauder horse off the board
Captain, Battle Standard Bearer.- Attached with Free Company- defeated and broke 10 marauder horse, finished off some dogs, broke and ran down remaining foot marauders to rear charge the Sorceror Lord and remaining Knights for the Win.

28 Swordsmen- Hung in for 3 turns but eventually broke and run down in combat with Chaos Knights
10 Handgunners- Entered tower turn 2, shooting turns 3-6 help thin out units and killed broken/ fleeing stragglers (forsaken, dogs)
10 Handgunners 2- Killed by Forsaken, some shooting kills
30 Free Company- with BSB see above, game MVP
9 Core Knights- see Warrior Pries above.
20 Flagellants- Tarpitted the Warriors and Sorceror Lord most of the game thanks to an un-maximized contact forced by the Tower in the center of the board. that only allowed 4 models per side to engage..1 Flaggy lived keeping the points on the board.
5 Pistoliers- Had good luck this day..lots of small shooting kills and finishing off flee units...survived the game..a rarity
Great Cannon- Misfired and exploded while trying grape shot incoming forsaken turn 5.
Mortar -Charged and Destroyed by Forsaken turn 3
Steam Tank -malfunctioned turn1 going for 5SP, the got it together ran down 10 warriors with Halberds. took its licks from combat abd magic, having 5 wounds on it but a gamble for 3 Steam Points turn 6, pays off with and lucky "1" and the tank charged the Chaos Sorceror Lord and his Warriors for the win.

10 hounds and 10 forsaken is a good flank rush

Chris got lucky on the Chariot with 4 kills on impact against a 1+ save..but he should have charged the pistoliers.

Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Sorceror Lord...with the extra Spell and using the Lore of Shadow, he had plenty of magic ammo to throw at me, Miasma, the Mindrazor, Pendulum and The Withering all went off, Pit of Shades never Chris had some bad luck with magic dice where he missed casting the spell by 1 and ending the magic phase early at least two big miscasts that killed alot of his warriors. His Lord was broken and rundown at games end.
Exhalted Hero BSB- rode with the Choas Knights..Killed my General, Broken and Ran down my swordsmen and wizard late game survive with two Chaos Knights.
30 Chaos Warriors- With Sorceror Lord..took alot of shooting and magic casualties before taking 6 kills from the Stank in the end 5 or 6 remained and were broken and caught by Free Company
33 Marauders ( foot w/ Flails)- Shot up, hit with Dwellers Below significantly softened up before charging my Free Company and BSB, losing and running and getting caught on subsequent charge
10 Warriors Halberds...Run over by the Stank, 3 stragglers shoot down by Pistoliers
10 Forsaken- Took numerous shooting casualties but still took out my mortar and unit of handgunners before being shoot down by my handgunners
10 Hounds- shot up, hit by a mortar..crushed by the flagellants..the over of which put my Flaggies into contact with the Chaos Warriors
10 Hounds (scaly skin) shot down by guns...(hand, and pistol)
10 Marauder Horse- Charged by my Free Company horde and BSB, lost..broken troops run off board by my Knights
Chaos Chariot...destroyed by Knights but did kill 4 on impact and 1 more in combat for 5 earned it points back.

A good game to Chris that could have easily went the other way, I'll be back next week with a full write and report on the Core Competency event.

good shot of my turn three, right before all the major engagements began


Dean said...

"killing the priest, 2 crewman and 3 wounds on the Steg"

Did you roll a "6" for the D6 Wounds? Or am I missing something on how canon's work now.... just getting back into WFB and trying to understand.....

John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey there Dean
under the new rules, Single Monsters with riders all take the hit, no more in this case
I rolled to hit, the steg, the priest, and each crew member. I rolled a couple 1's for the crewman..everyone else was hit and each took D6 wounds...its brutal..cannons are the bane of single monsters with riders more so, now than ever.

Mike Howell said...

I am floored by how awesome your table looks.

Now I'll go back and actually read the words of your post. ;-)


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