Monday, October 4, 2010

Core Competency- Day 1

10/2 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

Core Competency 2400 points w/ 900 point Core requirement 5 rounds

Game 1 vs. Jeff Wood Elves - Draw
Two Treeman, 60 Glade Guard, level 4 mage (Lore of Life), level 2 mage,(Fey Magic) Wood Elf ,10 Dryads, 8 Wardancers Glade Riders. obviously shooting took its toll...Got the Steam Tank ran the Dryads off the board early and got charged by one Treeman early but it broke with one would left and I couldn't get the last wound for the points. The other treeman never got into combat as I played chicken with it with my knights. I did my infantry line across the field quick getting into those 6 glade guard units..eventually killing 4 of the 6 units. A big volley from some handgunners shot his glade riders out from under his wizard...leaving her an easy target. We both left tons of points on the board at the end of the game...Each getting around 500 vp there was small difference either way so about as much a dead heat as you can get a total Draw. Jeff hadn't played too games on of 8th and there were several quirky things that came up the required time consuming rules reviews. We only managed to finish 4 turns. If we had gotten the full game in some one would have clearly won, for sure.

Game 2 vs Scott, Wood Elves- Loss
Treeman, 6 Treekin, Waywatchers..36 Glade Guard..3 Units of Dryads, Warhawk Riders, Level 4 Spellweaver ( Lore of Beasts) Noble BSB.

Scott and I have played before, I knew this was going to a tough match. the game started out with one of the worst starts for me of any game in recent memory Scott went first and got off an irresistable "Amber Spear on Steam Tank and rolled 6 the time I healed the Stank enough to get it moving the game was over. Waywatcher's landed 3 killing blows on my knights in the first shooting phases and on my follow up turn I just had to charge them thru some woods which and I lose 4!! on the difficult terrain test.I end up engaged with 2 Knights and my Warrior Priest and in the resulting combat .The Waywatchers kills my other two Knights..I still do kill enough of them to win and break them and my Warrior Priest runs into a full unit of Dryads and is subsequently killed. I did do a good job and getting rid of his Warhawk Riders, I shedded and broke a units of Dryads with Gunfire and I put all my Infantry and magic in fighting the treeman and treekin.I broke the tree kin and ran them down..and my General killed the treeman outright. Scott had some glade guard and his characters bunked up in a building and I was trying to kill em all of with my Cannon which was working well..except his character kept making their ward the bottom of turn 5 we where out of time, with no knights or pistoliers alive..I had now of finishing of 3 dryads routing, 2 glade guard, routing and 1 glade routings...I hit the building with a cannon scott again makes his 4+ and 5+ ward., we add it up and he's ahead by 225 ish points....He's got 400 points routing and either on his characters fails a save I win, or in 7th a edition..a Draw...not in 8th edition I lose....a bitter loss, but Scotts a great guy and player- so it's all good.

A pile of wound counters like this before your first turn is never a good thing!

Last turn I put a cannon ball into the building, Killing the Glade Guard, but Scotts pull of there
4+ and 5+ wards...

Game 3 Vs Chris, Orcs- Win

Warboss. Great Shaman, Big Boss, 50 boyz, 44 Night goblins, 20 Black Orcs, 2 Rock Lobbers, 2 Doom Divers, 2 Chariots, 10 Wolf Riders.
Chris is a friend and we had played basically identical lists in practice, so we both knew what we had in store for each other. Deployment really cost Chris the game or hurt his chances because terrain placement put a wall of forests and building in line on the half of the table where he set up his infantry so he had to go thru the forests which of course turned out to be a wild wood and venom thicket...I wisely used my Seal of Destruction turn 1 getting "Gorks Warpath" out of the game..because I knew he'd use his power scroll to force the irresistible "Waaggh" Spell. on turn 2 he did, but I kept my distance and with some luck of the dice he was short on most of the charges....allowing me to dictate the charges the following round....except he put a big unit of boyz and them the Chariot into the Stank to hold it up. Unfortuately my own Deployment screw up forced me to get my BSB out of his unit and his own to try to get a ward save on him, but a lucky fantatic hit and killed him.Chris's Stone Thrower also blew up my Cannon first turn. Everything else the could have went wrong for him did..and he was basically tabled in the End..with a few small units left and both his characters dead. I got all the objectives from the scenario here for maximum points. Chris was a great sport about the game and he knew how it was since he did the same thing to me last time we played.

Good shot of turn 3 Deployment...Orc just bumrushed the woods and called out the "Waaagh" it just didnt pan out this time...

At 1 win, 1 loss, and draw...I headed home for some dinner and movie having a great time on the day.


Anonymous said...

" obviously shooting took its toll" I won't lie. This makes me a little happy to read. :D


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