Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sci Fi Skirmish- Warehouse Hulk

My latest Hirst Arts Project is a Sci Fi Skirmish board, similar to my Dungeon board its 2' x 2". Unlike the Dungeon Board however, I'm trying to make it modular so you can make several different designs out out it. In its entirety its two sections, A large warehouse/ cargo bay that's 12" x 18", with a second story, control room (pictured) then the second section which is all hallways and smallers rooms that fit around the larger section. The control room above the cargo bay was my test piece, having never worked with Sci Fi molds before, they are not as forgiving as the fieldstone molds I used for the Dungeon. I figured out how "not" to put it together with this piece and also figured out the paint scheme..I want the whole thing themed as rusted warehouse, perhaps built from a crash spaceship or from parts in an old planet side shipyard. Rusty, dirty, deadly, think..the "Saw" movies for its eventual look.

Here's a good sense of scale for the Warehouse, there is a large overhead door on the camera side of this picture. Its big enough that you can pull a rhino sized APC or small Shuttle type vehicle in through it.. You can see how the control room sits on top with some stairs going up. Nothing is glued up yet other than control and the wall sections that are either 4 inch sections, 6 inch sections or doorways.

Control room came out pretty decent, not happy with the unevenness of some of the blocks along bottom. but given the look I am going for it works. While my casting has gotten leaps better, keeping things straight and tight. remains the biggest challenge It been over 6 months since I built any Hirst., need to get this first piece done so I could visualize the rest of the project.

Looks pretty good from here, I need a good gap filler for these type of blocks my ceramic stucco doesn't work unless I'm going for certain look. I used it in a few area where I was applying rust its a little messy but again fits the overall look. I used quite a bit of rust here, it just felt right. We'll see when I get the whole area complete.

I started out trying to do something in 15mm with these molds, but its just didn't look right so considering I've got tons of generic 28mm sci fi figs and my home brew Sci Fi skirmish rules work for both 15 and 28 mm. .I just went ahead with the 28mm Skirmish build.

I hoping to get the whole thing planned out and cast the next couple weeks. Once Feburary hits, I need to crack down for Adepticon. I might finish the Warehouse section in the next few weeks or just layout the whole thing, not sure yet., Main thing is to get all the casting done outside the odd piece..while I am on a roll.

One of the pitfalls of late nights is you often make mistakes you don't see until your photographing- In this case that 4 inch wall section on the corner has a outside block flipped, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it now..either make another, or just hide somewhere in build where its not so noticeable. The is alot of plaster going into this build, due to wall height. I'll go over casting totals at a later date. More to follow on this for sure, I wanted to get some starting shots posted. No idea on a time line on this one, but consider it my spring project.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Looking even better with paint on it.

What is the paint plan? I want to copy it for a few industrial projects I have on my to do list.

Porky said...

That's spectacular! It has a spooky, run-down, distant future feel. With this, the red planet and the cellars and caves it's absolutely clear you're a terrain building master.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Kind of mish mash going on here paint wise.

Floor are generic Gray, closest to GW Adeptus Battlegrey, I think
Boltgun dry brush on the grate
The some Woodland scenics Raw Umber
to dirty it up, and some generic black wash (thinned craft paint)
the Rust powder. The pipes are GW Scab Red with a blood red highlight.

For the walls I used a couple of Behr house paints thinned about 50/50 for the base coat which is called Spiceberry, but it looks like chocolate. The heavy drybrush is call either Sandal or drift wood, dont recall its not handy.
its a greenish, gray with hint og yellow thou...

Anyway I bought a Quart of each which is way too much even for a full 4 x 8 table of the pieces
so bring a container over and I can give you a pint or so for your own use.

David said...

I wouldn't worry about the flipped panel. It makes it a little more interesting to look at when it isn't all exactly the same.

And I agree with CTF, i like the paint job.

Tim Kulinski said...


Nice work man, I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile now. Keep up the awesome work man and get back to working on LotHS stuff!!


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